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As soon as the crew heard that the investor had come they immediately put down their work and with the director’s lead and lead actor went over and greeted Jin Shang.

Jin Shang raised his hand, signaling everyone to stop moving.

He walked along to the scene, the villain who played the enemy prince changed his arrogant appearance after seeing Jin Shang.

His face was full of pleasing smile, nodded his head and said.

“Hello, Mr.


Jin Shang’s eyes skipped over him to look down directly at Jin Sihan.

Jin Sihan has been sitting down since he finished the scene and only saw Jin Shang now, did he stand up.

His brow knitted as he wondered why his brother was there, or why was he an investor in this drama.

Jin Shang walked up to him and reached out to touch the red swelling on his face.

“Is your group acting this kind of drama, are they all real fights”

The director immediately replied.

“Not necessarily, depending on the effect of the shot and the will of the actors but real fight shot certainly give more a real feeling so we try to use real fight scenes.”


Jin Shang paused, turned around and swept his gaze around the crowd.

Looking at Lin Feng who played the first male in this drama.

“You’re Lin Feng right I’ve heard of you, you are the male lead actor in this drama, you the most popular too.”

Lin Feng immediately smiled and said.

“I dare not, everyone is a very good actor.”

Jin Shang asked again.

“You were really beaten in the shooting too”

Lin Feng froze for a moment and answered truthfully.

“That….not really.”

He really doesn’t have to suffer for what he could do in the later stage and with doubles.

Jin Shang smiled at this point.

“So that’s how it is, the big fight scene is fake fight.

But only new actors will.”

Once he said this, the whole set fell into a silent embarrassment.

Especially the director.

The director really does not understand how this investor was so busybody, new actors were treated less than popular stars.

This was already the default rule in the industry.

Besides, the beating was not for the sake of filming.

Newcomers should be hone more, this plays the third male Jin Sihan, who was personally recommended by the producer.

Looking at his superior appearance and acting skills he agreed, to tell the truth he plan to give this male number three to Zhou He, who was now taking the role of the enemy prince, actor Zhuo He whether seniority or popularity were much higher than the new actor Jin Sihan.

Zhou He liked the male number three also but he finally gave the role of male number three to Jin Sihan.

He knew that Zhou He was dissatisfied, for the sake of the harmony of the crew as long as he didn’t go too far the director turned a blind eye to his suppression of the newcomer through filming.

Thinking of these the director did notice the producer desperately winking at him.

Brother do you really think that I recommend this 15 or 16 year old brother to you as the lead because he has potential

There are a lot of potential indeed!

Because he has a backer, he has someone behind!

“New actors lacks acting skills, will and have shortcomings while shooting.

They can’t shoot skillfully, they can only rely on the most natural reaction at the moment when the event really happened.”

“Therefore after asking Jin Sihan’s own opinion they all use real fight scenes.”

Jin Shang’s eyes narrowed as he listened and he turned his head to look at Jin Sihan.

“Is this the kind of entertainer you want to be A beaten up, beaten down, beaten down bag”

Face with his brother’s outburst of sarcasm, Jin Sihan didn’t have the good grace and muttered angrily.

“I’m dedicating myself to art, you don’t understand.”

Jin Shang sneered contemptuously.

“Want to dedicate by being beaten up”

The conversation between the two of them, people surrounding were not too fool not to notice the relationship between the two.

Coupled with the similar handsome appearance of the two men, as well as surname it was soon guessed that the two might be brothers.

Relying on their own qualifications they always bully the newcomer, as a result the newcomer was in fact someone with a backing.

What was happening in the crew was more exciting than what was written on the script.

The people in the group immediately changed to an expression of eating melons online.

The second male Zhou He, who played the enemy prince heard Jin Shang say these words and turned blue.

Looking at Jin Shang with disbelief.

From the first day Jin Sihan came to the group he looked at him with displeasure.

He initially saw the role of the third male as a very pleasing position and wanted to play the role.

However the director ended up giving the role to a new actor who had not yet made his debut, so how could he not be angry

Even so he could only take advantage of the shooting to let out his anger.

But what Mr.

Jin doing now was bullying him too blatantly!

Jin Sihan frowned slightly.

“This beating is not that real, we are colleagues after all.

And in the future if we meet again we are already in harmony.”

Zhou He was relieved hearing him say that.

This Jin Shang was a crazy person but fortunately Jin Sihan was still an understanding person.

Unexpectedly Jin Sihan looked at him and then added.

“But it seems to me that Senior Zhou is not very comfortable in this scene.

He had NG several times, why don’t we try it again and I’ll play the villain Maybe you’ll find inspiration”

Zhou He was shocked and immediately protested.

“I refused, everyone just play their own role properly and there is nothing to change! Director, if you agreed to such unreasonable requests I will not shoot!”

The director wrinkled his brow.

He couldn’t accept the tyranny was running roughshod over him, and was about to say something when the producer came up to him and pulled him back.

“You can shut up! Mr.

Jin Shang is the biggest investor in our film.

This investment project for him is just for fun but for us the money it the key to the project ah, if you piss him off the film will you take charge”

Jin Shang: “If you don’t want to shoot you can pay the liquidated damages and tomorrow the news of bullying newcomers and all kinds of black material on your set will be on major news and hot search.”

“Don’t be surprised that you can also make headlines and hot search, I bought it for you.”

In the end, in order to continue to mix in this circle Zhou He still obediently shot this counter-rotation scene.

To everyone’s surprise, this young brother who usually looked well behaved took picture of a ruthless villain perfectly but did not violate the peace.

Though he was much more ruthless than Zhou He and deeply interprets a pervert who has been depressed for a long time.


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