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In this kind of school where rich and noble children were everywhere students without money were trying to cover up their background.

So he was the first student they encounter who took the initiative to tell the teacher that they don’t have any money yet for school uniform.

Teacher Liu coughed and said.

“This student, Wan Yue is indeed different from everyone else.

He is an excellent student and is free of charge and doesn’t have to pay tuition fees.”

Wan Yue nodded and smiled.

“Please rest assured although I don’t have money I still pass the grading system here and will definitely not delay your study as the top liberal arts student.

Otherwise I won’t be recommend to your school from a crappy school in a small town, right”

The group of boys looked at him with meaningful eyes.

Wan Yue walked up to Shi Ning.

“Wow this Yangchuan really did not come for nothing, classmate you are so good-looking.”

Shi Ning has never encountered someone who act so familiar with her, they met for the first time but he already given her a straightforward compliment.

Wan Yue smiled at her and sat directly next to her.

The women in the class were deflated.

Sure enough handsome men were all around Shi Ning, they were doomed not to have this blessing.

On the first day of school, naturally there were no classes and several boys in the class were arranged by the teacher to receive textbook and then distributed to each of the students.

The rest of the students just stayed and sat in the classroom.

Since first year of the freshman year in high school Shi Ning’s basic skills have been practiced very solidly.

She had read all the books about her major while she was still a freshman.

As for the literature synthesis she was not in a hurry, she would just learn well with the teacher’s progress at that time.

Since summer all her time was spent on the math competition, she was able to finish two books and the topic has really become more and more interesting.

When the new books were distributed, Shi Ning took out the competition books.

Wan Yue propped up one hand and looked at her, staring at her for awhile without Shi Ning noticing.

Or rather even if she noticed, she didn’t care at all.

And the whole person was immersed in the topic.

Until the book was issued, she seemed to have done a few questions in hand.

Shi Ning then began to count the book she has.

Wan Yue’s hand reached over and turned the questions she had done.

“Competition book You’re actually working on math competition”

Shi Ning: “En, what’s wrong”

Wan Yue re-flipped to the page she had just done, he said.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that this is the first time I’ve seen it.”

Shi Ning smiled politely, and after ordering the title, wrote her name on each book she once again started to continue with the questions.

The boy beside her seemed more interested in her, lying on the table with his head turned towards her.

“What the hell is that kid He’s just a transfer student, I heard his from a countryside.

He even need a financial aid and he dares to be crazy.”

“Yes ah, and good grades How can they be better than Lin Suno Can be better than Shi Ning If I don’t know these beforehand I’m afraid I’ve never seen mount Tai.”

“Say aren’t those tuition free excellent students we met in school were cowardly, timid and coward as a mouse but he on the first day even came to school late.”

“He didn’t just fight back with the teacher, but also **ing dare to sit next to the goddess! So shameless I can’t even look at him unless I find someone to clean him up.”

Several boys from the class of literature still felt uncomfortable and stood in front of the class cursing.

“Who do you want to clean up”

A voice came to their ears, and several people turned their heads to look.

Their faces changed slightly and they shouted respectfully.

“Brother Nan Xiao.”

Nan Xiao looked into the classroom, Shi Ning sat by the innermost window of the classroom just as he expected.

The first day of school was like their free time but she on the other hand was not free at all, she should be reviewing and solving question as soon as she was free.

“Go in and call out Shi Ning for me.”

Nan Xiao said.

The boys looked at each other and gave each other a wink.

“Brother Xiao, have you seen the boy sitting next to Shi Ning”

Nan Xiao frowned at once, he just looked at Shi Ning and didn’t mind the surrounding.

At this moment he notice that there was a man lying on the table next to Shi Ning and from the hairstyle he was a man.

“There aren’t many guys in your class, so how is she sitting with the boy.”

Nan Xiao’s cold voice sounded.

“This kid is new and wild, Brother Xiao you don’t like him too”

The boy asked.

“Yes there is no decency, gangster and as soon as he met her.

She praised our school goddess as good looking.”

Another boy added.

“His from a country side, don’t have any insight and was easily surprised to meet a fairy like Shi Ning’s level and wanted to eat swan meat!1”

Seeing Nan Xiao’s face getting worse the voice of several people talking was getting smaller and smaller.

One of them said.

“Nan Xiao I’d better go and call out Shi Ning for you first.”

Nan Xiao stopped him.

“No, I’ll go and find her myself.”


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