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PE teacher: “The key should be taken from the teacher in charge, but I left the door open so there is no need for a key.

You can close the door after you put it.”


After the PE class was Mr.

Lao Liu’s math class.

After calling out the names of the students, he found that the seat next to Shi Ning was empty.

“Shi Ning, where did your tablemate go”


Liu asked.

Shi Ning shook her head.

“I don’t know, I just saw him in the PE class.”

A boy in the class said.

“Pest, what else is he doing He probably haven’t have enough playing and forget that the next class is math.”

“I think so too, isn’t this kid a hour late to class on the first day Usually, he often sleeps in class too and his study attitude is not serious at all.

He is totally capable of doing such things.”


Liu didn’t you always teach us that it’s more important to have good attitude than to having good grades A student with such bad attitude deserves a scholarship Does the school really only look at good grades”

“That’s right teacher, I study much more seriously than him or you can give me this scholarship!”

The boys in the class united together and began to target Wan Yue.


Liu’s face also looked ugly.

If this kind of things was put on ordinary students it may be a criticism and education treatment but Wan Yue as a full exemption, special promotion student and skipping class was a serious violation of classroom discipline.

If it was more serious the school may even cancel his scholarship.

“Things are even clear, how do you know Wan Yue will not come Maybe he ran into something and couldn’t come.”

Shi Ning said at this time.

“What could have happened I think he just doesn’t want to go to class.”

Shi Ning said to the class teacher.

“Teacher, why don’t I go look for him and see if I can find him.”


Liu nodded.

“Okay, you’re his tablemate.

You two know each other better, go find out where he might be and call someone back to me.”

Shi Ning didn’t even have to think about where Wan Yue might have gone, she went straight to the equipment room in the basement.

The door was close.

Shi Ning tapped on the door and tried to call out.

“Wan Yue, are you in Wan Yue”

Some quickly responded.”

“Shi Ning”

Shi Ning guessed that he was really here, but the door was unlocked and she didn’t have the key.

“The boys in our class put you in here”

Wan Yue laughed.

“As expected of my tablemate, really smart.”

“At this time, you’re still smiling.

Do you know that the next class is math class They put you inside and are telling Mr.

Liu that you have a bad attitude and want to cancel your scholarship.”

Shi Ning really give it to him, he could still laughed after being fooled by others.

“I thought I was going to be locked until the next PE class to get things in the equipment room but I didn’t expect you to save me.”

His still has a smile in his tone as if the occurrence was nothing to him.

“But when you put it like that, it’s pretty scary.

Without scholarship I definitely can’t afford to go to this school.

Other than that it’s just the thought of not being able to be at the same table as you again is a little hard to bear.”

Wan Yue leaned on the door and said.

Even if she couldn’t see it, Shi Ning rolled her eyes in his direction.

“Save your energy by saying less hypocritical things, wait for me to get the key and get you out.”

Shi Ning went to the teacher in charge of the key and asked for the key to released Wan Yue.”

Wan Yue was fine, it seems that that the group of boys just shut him inside.

Shi Ning looked at him standing in front of her, his face don’t have a hint of impatience or anger but instead there was a faint smile as he looked at her.

Shi Ning spat out.

“Despite being locked in, you look like you’re in a good mood”

Wan Yue: “It’s okay there’s nothing wrong with it except that it’s a little darker and there’s a bench I just lay on it and slept.

You called me before I woke up.”

“You are really broad-minded.”

Shi Ning said.

The two walked together toward the classroom.

Shi Ning: “I asked the teacher who took the key, they did not go to her to get key which means that even if you say you were locked up by them, there is no evidence.”

“Aren’t you a witness”

“I can only testify that you were locked in there, not testify it was them who locked you up.”

Although she guessed it was the boys in the class, she couldn’t testify for Wan Yue without seeing it with her own eyes.

After the two returned to the room, the group of boys were still a little afraid of Shi Ning and when they sat saw that she was the one who brought him back they didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

Class teacher, Mr.

Liu asked in a stern voice.

“Wan Yue where have you been, do you know that class is already starting!”

Wan Yue: “Teacher I was locked into the equipment room and couldn’t come out, Shi Ning can testify for me.”

Shi Ning nodded.


Liu’s expression became more unsightly.

“Who trapped you in”

Wan Yue: “Just now, Shi Ning and I have gone to the monitoring to retrieve the video, fortunately there is monitoring just above the equipment room.

These students were filmed clearly—”

He paused and looked at the few boys in the class who were sitting down their expression all looked terrified.

“Wan Peng, Li Yang and you guys, why did you all lock me up”


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