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Shi Chen put down his chopsticks.

“I’m done.”

Cao Shu was talking enthusiastically but her son gave her this finishing blow and stop eating.

“You don’t want to eat anymore But you haven’t eaten much.”

“I have no appetite.”

He got up from his seat and saw his mother open her mouth to say something so he hurriedly said.

“Mom, if there’s nothing else I’ll go home first.”

Cao Shu frowned.

“Why are you leaving already when you just arrived”

Shi Chen pulled his lips and smiled.

“Your son is afraid that if he stays too long he will say something you don’t want to hear so it’s better to go.”

“You! Why are you acting like this Did Shi Pingzhan teach you this way”

Shi Chen: “Do you think I will listen to him”

Cao Shu: “Then it’s your sister Shi Ning, right I see that the more she grows up the more scheming she becomes.

Did she teach you to disobey me and alienate me, your mother!”

Seeing his mother like this, Shi Chen felt fed up.

“You’re overthinking, you’re my mother who would ask me to alienate you.”

“Who else could it be if not her Have you forgotten how she treated you when you were little mom still remembers visiting you at Shi’s house when you were little and you were crying in my arms asking me why your sister didn’t like you.”

“Xiao Chen you can’t give your heart to her just because she’s good to you now.

Why don’t you think about whey she’s suddenly being nice to you now when she was like that to you before.”

“And Yu Chuyao, yes, she has done a lot of wrong things, but didn’t she used to be close to Shi Ning like a sister Look at how Shi Ning treated her after she tore up her face, and Chuyao was still kicked out of the Shi family by her.”

“This child’s heart is too deep, mom is afraid that you will be hurt by her in the future.”

“That’s enough!”

Shi Chen interrupted her.

He turned his head to look at Cao Shu.

“Mom in your mind, am I particularly stupid and dumb”

“How! You’re mommy’s proudest son!”

With Shi Chen, even after divorce no one in the celebrity circle would dare to look down on her.

Shi Chen smiled sarcastically.

“If not, then how can I not even see who is sincere and who is false to me”

Cao Shu froze.

Shi Chen looked at the large half of the dishes on the dining table that he had not touched.

“Also, mom in this big table full of foods you’ve cook today there are several dishes I don’t eat and there’s even one that I’m allergic to.”

“It’s hard for you, in the future when your son comes over to see you the dishes don’t have to be prepared.”

Shi Chen turned to go outside after saying this.

Cao Shu saw that something was wrong and pulled him back.

“Xiao Chen, it’s mommy’s fault.

For so many years mommy was busy working and had no time for you, that home…..that home has bad memories of mommy and mommy didn’t dare to go over for a long time even if I saw you I would remember those painful memories that your father brought to me.”

“But mommy really loves you to, I’m afraid that you will be hurt even just a little in that family.

After all that woman hurt me in the beginning and I don’t was her daughter to hurt my son again.”

“Xiao Xhen can you understand mommy’s good intentions.”

Cao Shu said and her voice at the end was almost choked.

Shi Chen finally could not bear it in his hear and turned his head, he gently patted the back of his mother’s hand.

“Mom, I know it’s not easy for you to be alone all these years.

Since I am your son I will be your lifelong dependence, no one will hurt you in the future.”

Cao Shu looked at her son with teary eyes and nodded in relief.

“Mom knows, mom knows that Xiao Chen still loves mom in her heart.”

This son of hers, as it turns out has always been a softie rather than hard.

“It’s just Mom, Shi Ning is my sister and I don’t want to hear a single bad word about her from you in the future.”

“I have to suffer if she treats me badly and I am blessed if she treats me well.”

After finishing the sentence, Shi Chen pushed her hand away and walked out of the villa.

After Shi Chen left, Cao Shu’s face was no longer look concerned.

She grumpily picked up the remote control on the table and slammed it directly onto the floor.

Now Shi Chen seems to be poisoned by Shi Ning, she hasn’t seen her son treat anyone so well.

If this goes on, if Shi Ning wants to monopolize the Shi family’s estate in the future would her son also give it up and become a doctor in peace and quiet (T/N: hell yeah!! And gladly at that.

Sorry can’t bear not to comment)

No way! She couldn’t let Shi Pingzhan and that woman be so proud.

What they owe her she would have to make them pay back one day.

Just when Cao Shu was extremely annoyed her phone rang.


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