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Shi Ning originally just want to gossip, who expected this gossip was a gossip about herself.

She couldn’t help but blush.

“Suno, are you being influence by them, how could you follow my joke.”

Lin Suno slightly hooked his lips, as a smile blossomed hidden in the corner of his lips.

“In your mind, I’m that good”

Why else would she say that he was led astray Why didn’t she think that he was actually bad.

Shi Ning: “Of course, if our Suno is not good then else is behaved”

In her heart Lin Suno was the most well-behaved good boy.

His dark eyes dropped, hiding all his emotions.

It seems that Shi Ning has really misunderstood him.

But it’s nothing, she seems to like him this good look but because of this every time he, Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan fight, Shi Ning would invariably favor.

Since she likes it, he would continue to be good.

He was just afraid to wait until the day he couldn’t stand it, and couldn’t not scare her out.

The class bell rang at this time.

Shi Ning said to Lin Suno.

“I’ll go up first.”

After the two separated, Lin Suno walked into the classroom.

Zhuang Zixue, who was still sitting in front of him turned his head.

“I say, you just throw a garbage so how can you out so long, it turned out that you ran into Shi Ning again.”

Lin Suno ignored him and stared to read the question that Shi Ning asked him.

Zhuang Zixue looked at him, sighed and turned his head again.

“Beauty is a curse! Beauty has been a curse since ancient times!”

After school that day, Wan Yue went to the restaurant where he worked part-time as usual.

“Wan Yue, someone is looking for you.”

Not long after he entered, the manager told him that someone had been waiting for him for a long time.

Wan Yue: “Who is looking for me”

The manager pointed behind him.

Wan Yue took a looked at the man and didn’t recognized, he was wearing a black suit a pair of sunglasses looking tall and strong.

“This big brother, you’ve got the wrong person, right We don’t each other.”

Brother in black.

“I’m not looking for you, my lady is looking for you.”

When Wan Yue heard this, the smile on his face instantly disappeared.

He followed the black-clad bodyguard to a car.

The bodyguard opened the back seat of the car for him.


Wan Yue glanced at the car, there was a bright looking and beautiful woman sitting inside the car.

She sat in a dignified and elegant posture.

From her accouris to her jewelry were very elaborate like a noblewoman from the last century oil painting.

He looked at himself again.

Torn jeans, a pair of open-sewn canvas shoes in addition to because he just helped in the kitchen he had a full smell of grease and smoke.

It seems that he doesn’t fit with this luxurious car, if he said he was here to wash the car it would only lowered the class of the car.

Wan Yue’s lips pulled out a mocking smile.

He sat in, his eyes darted around the car and then whistled.

“This car is so luxurious, I usually only see it on TV!”

Cao Shu did not have the time to talk to him about this.

She was full of seriousness and asked directly.

“Why are you here”

Wan Yue crossed his legs and found a more comfortable position to sit in the car.

“I should ask you this, I washing dishes in the restaurant well, did you not call me over”

“I’m asking why are you in Yangcheng! And went to study in Yangchua!”

Cao Shu raised her voice.

Wan Yue inclined his head and pick his ear.

“You are so beautifully dressed, you should also keep up with your speech and mannerism otherwise you will not be consistent with your appearance.

Am I right, Auntie”

Cao Shu was provoked by his words making her face turning from blue to white for a while.

Finally she heard the word aunt and was completely blue.

“What did you just call me”

“Auntie ah, what else can I call you, can I call you mother”

Wan Yue smiled and asked rhetorically, he looked like he was smiling but his eyes were cold.

This name sounds even more harsh in Cao Shu’s ears.

“Forget it, you can shout as much as you like.”

The smile on the corner of Wan Yue’s lips grew even more colder.


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