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At this casual dinner, she not only invited Nan Xiao but also Tong Lu, Deng Lan and Wan Yue.

“Can Deng Lan be the same as him”

Nan Xiao asked.

“Why is it different”

Shi Ning was baffled.

Nan Xiao looked viciously at Wan Yue who was sitting over there.

“Deng Lan wouldn’t dare to have any wolf ambition for you, this kid is different.”

Shi Ning gave him a silent look.

“You’re really bored.”

Shi Ning went to help her mother in the kitchen while the rest of the group played in the house all knowing each other, except him.

He was bored sitting around, earlier Shi Ning said there was a gym and recreation room upstairs so he simply went up to check it out.

When he went upstairs and walked around the corner, he collided with someone.


Wan Yue uttered ab apology.

His breath froze for a moment as he got a good look at the person’s face.

It was Shi Chen, the grown-up version of the pile of photos in Cao Shu’s phone.

It was also the same boy who was sitting next to Shi Ning that day.

Shi Ning had told him in advance who was coming to her birthday so Shi Chen wasn’t surprise to Wan Yue.

“You’re Ning Ning’s classmate, right I’m her brother, why are you up here alone”

Wan Yue smiled and sai.

“I just transferred over in my second year of high school, except for Shi Ning I’m not familiar with everyone so sitting there is awkward.

Shi Ning said upstairs I can play so I came up to see.”

Shi Chen bent down at this time and picked up an object from the ground.

“You dropped something.”

Wan Yue took it and said thank you, then put the wallet back into his pocket.

When Shi Chen looked at him again, his gaze was meaningful.

“Tell you what, I’ll go up there with you and have some fun.”

Wan Yue didn’t push back and answered back.

“Sounds good.”

He said as he lifted his leg and continued to walk forward, Shi Chen followed him.

His heart tumbling with thoughts.

He had impression of this boy, who he and Shi Ning met in the restaurant before.

According to the description of the waiter and Shi Ning, he should be poor.

But just now when he picked up his walled for him.

Shi Chen vaguely saw a diamond card with a limit of five million the crevice.

This was not something that a poor student could have.


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