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Shi Chen followed up and walked next to him.

“What do you want to play”

Wan Yue: “Anything.”

“Can you play billiard”

“Know a little.”

Shi Chen took him to the billiard room.

“You go first.”

Wan Yue smiled, took the club, postured himself and then hit the ball.

Shi Chen observed the way he held the club and his posture, and could see that he was not a novice.

After the ball was pocketed, Wan Yue said to Shi Chen.

“It’s your turn.”

Shi Chen: “You play well, have you learned before”

Wan Yue truthfully said.

“Not really studied, but I was working part-time at billiard city.

The more I see the little I learn.”

Shi Chen gripped the club, aimed at the ball and hit it.

The ball collided and went into the pocket easily.

“I heard Shi Ning said that you just transferred here, I wonder where you studied before”

“Linjiang, a small county that is not famous.

You probably do not know.”

Shi Chen smiled and did not say anything, he really did not know that place.

“Where are your parents, they also came with you here in Yangchen”

Wan Yue: “How can it be, Yangcheng is an expensive place.

I rely on school scholarship to study in Yangchuan.

My father went early, there is only my mother at home.

Now she is still in Linjiang.”

“Is that so.”

Shi Chen said thoughtfully.

Wan Yue stopped hitting the ball.

“Young Master Shi Chen is investigating me”

He opened his arms wide and let him take a look.

“Do I look like some suspicious person”

Shi Chen: “That’s not true, just asking.

Just chatting, don’t be nervous.”

The two of them stopped at this point, and did not talk about this matter and just focused on playing.

After a while the door of the billiard room was opened.

Shi Ning stuck out her head.

“Brother, Wan Yue, stop playing and go down to eat.”


Shi Chen answered, dropped his cue and followed Shi Ning out.

Seeing this, Wan Yue also followed along and went out.

The restaurant had a large table full of dishes, with generous amount.

When it was time for dinner, Shi Pingzhan also deliberately put down things in the company and rushed back to celebrate his daughter’s birthday.

A room full of people sitting at a table, Shi Ning also invited Aunt Zhang whom she treated like a family and let her sat down to eat.

When Shi Pingzhan sat down, the children greeted him one by one.

His eye swept around the crowd, in addition to a few children of the family he knew there were three children were fresh-face in his eyes.

“This is the first time these children come to our home, don’t be restrained, eat a little more!”

“In the past except for her childhood friends I didn’t see her bringing a friend home, but now seeing three new faces here, this uncle is happy!”

Shi Pingzhan smiled and asked.

“What are you called”

Tong Lu answered first.

“Uncle, my name is Tong Lu.”

She looked sweet and well-behaved and looked like she was the most pleasing to look in the eyes of the parents.

Shi Pingzhan nodded with a smile.

Deng Lan: “Uncle, my name is Deng Lan, I was Shi Ning’s desks mate in fresh man year in high school.”

Nan Xiao looked at him coldly.

“You remember wrong, Shi Ning’s desk mate at freshman year is clearly me.”

That’s because you rob it from me!

Deng Lan was miserable, under the pressure of Nan Xiao he did not dare to refute.

Wan Yue followed Deng Lan’s words.

“Uncle, I’m none other than Shi Ning’s current tablemate.

Shi Ning is very nice and takes care of me a lot.”

When he said this, he also deliberately looked at Shi Ning twice which made Shi Ning slow down on what she was doing.

Thinking that it was difficult to secretly helped him these days.

Did he notice

Shi Pingzhan’s eyes fell on Wan Yue’s face.

“This young man looks quite spirited.”

Shi Ning added.

“My Dad, at this age, when they compliment people with quite energetic that’s them saying handsome.”

Wan Yue smiled.

“Thank You Uncle.”


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