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Because of classes, Shi Chen only stayed for two days before returning to school.

When he returned to the dormitory, once the boys in the dormitory heard him open the door they all froze.

The topic they were talking about was abruptly, and they hurriedly began to pack up the take-out and garbage in the dormitory.

The stuffs and the socks, lying and piled on the bed were shoved at the bottom of the bed.

Even so, they still felt the disgust on Shi Chen’s delicate expression after he enters the bedroom.

“Did you guys not throw your take-out and wash your socks again during the two days I was away.”

His roommates laughed awkwardly.

“Shi Chen, why is your nose so good.”

Shi Chen: “It’s not that I have a good nose, it’s that the dorm room smells.”

“Which male dormitory does not have some smell ah.

You, being a clean freak one you should cure instead.”

Shi Chen’s light-colored eyes swept over them.

The three men in the bedroom thought that they had no money and they to borrow from him.

Not to mention they were crazy about playing games and had to ask him to copy his homework, or else they couldn’t do the experiment.

They still had to ask Shi Chen for help at the critical time.

It’s really hard to have a clean freak roommate in the dorm.

These three immediately moved.

“Collect immediately clean immediately!”

“You give us half an hour, we will immediately return to you a warm and tidy home.”


Just when the roommates were soldiering on to clean up the dorm room, a two-colored Muppet walked towards him with elegant steps.

Its pink nose rubbed against Shi Chen’s leg and sniffed, then took its head to rub against him.

Shi Chen picked up the cat on the ground.

Stroke its head.

“Huahua, you have suffered these days when brother was away.”

Shi Chen, who picked up the cat, turned from a cool strict clean freak to a warm brother in a second, with straight and slender fingers gently stroking through the cat’s hair.


Hua Hua slightly lifted its chin and nestled in his arms with a look of enjoyment.

When a roommate picked up the trash, he could not help but make complaints about it.

“Shi Chen, that cat is only gentle to you.”

Cats followed suit, as if agreeing.

“That’s right, I see that my family Hua Hua is about to become his cat.

I was the one who brought him over from outside, but I got the cold treatment instead.”

Shi Chen hugged the cat and didn’t even bother to look at them.

“Do you know why”

The roommates spoke in unison, “Why”

“Because in this dorm room, I’m the cleanest.”

Roommates: “….”

It’s a reason they couldn’t even refute.

At this time, Shi Chen’s cell phone rang.

He put Hua Hua on the floor and picked up the phone.

“Young master, the information you asked for was found.

I sent the file in your email, you can read it.”

The person on the phone said to him.

Shi Chen responded.

“OK, you work hard.”

The person on the phone added.

“This person you want to check out seems to have some relationship with your mother, just a short time ago, he had met your mother.”

When Shi Chen heard this, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Okay, I got it.”

After hanging up the phone, he boarded his computer.

In the computer, the information of Wan Yue’s family was displayed.

As he said, his father’s information could be found almost nothing, and his mother and guardian, was named Wan Qing.

Shi Chen always felt that Wan Qing’s name was familiar.

Seeing the photos and hearing what the person who called just now told him.

Wan Yue and Cao Shu had met.

Shi Chen remembered that his Aunt Zhang had told him.

In the past, there was a nanny named aunt Qing who had a good relationship with her mother.

She followed her from her mother’s house to Shi’s house.

After his mother divorced his father, this aunt Qing also followed her mother to leave Shi’s house.

After his mother divorced his father, this aunt Qing also followed her mother to leave Shi’s house.

Now it seems that this Wan Qing should be the same Aunt Qing that Aunt Zhang mentioned with her own mouth.

Otherwise, Cao Shu has no reason to meet Wan Yue.

But this Aunt Qing, after leaving Cao Shu has also been in Linjiang County to open a grocery store, doins some small business.

There was no way she could have a credit card with a $5 million overdraft available to Wan Yue.

But his mother has this ability.


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