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Translated by: Parfait


At this time, Nan Xiao, Jin Sihan, and Lin Suno passed by her.


Jin Sihan smiled at them, revealing two sharp little teeth.

“Sister Yu Chuyao has come back.

I haven’t seen you for a long time.

You’ve become beautiful again.”


Yu Chuyao: “You’re a sweet talker.”


Her eyes fell on Nan Xiao, and in return, Nan Xiao nodded to her.


Then he looked at Shi Ning, who was sitting there, and a sentence came out of his mouth “You came back.

She must be very happy.”


After that, he regretted it.

He didn’t know what was going on with him.

He even started talking to Shi Ning.


After careful calculation, he realized they hadn’t spoken for several days already.


Happy I’m so happy.


Yu Chuyao’s return was not a good thing.

She wished she didn’t come back.


Shi Ning was too lazy to answer.


The feeling of being ignored was uncomfortable.

Jin Sihan looked at Nan Xiao’s increasingly desperate face and hurriedly came to the rescue, “Ning Ning is obviously happy.

Who does not know that she and Yu Chuyao are like sisters”


Shi Ning looked up and said something seriously.

“I have only a brother and no sisters.”


This is undoubtedly a direct hit on Yu Chuyao’s face, which became even paler.


Nanxiao frowned at her: “What’s the matter with you recently”


Yu Chuyao groaned: “Nan Xiao, did you bully Ning Ning again when I was away”


“Who bullied her Didn’t you see she’s acting almighty than me now” Nanxiao sarcastically said.


They were so noisy that Shi Ning’s thoughts regarding the exercise problems were completely disrupted and couldn’t solve it.


She looked at Lin Suno, the quietest of them.


“Lin Suno, can I ask you a question” Shi Ning opened her mouth.


It was quiet for a second.


“Wow, Ning Ning, you don’t pay much attention to us, but you take the initiative to talk to Lin Suno.

You don’t like Suno the most.” Jin Sihan said.


Indeed, in Shi Ning’s memory, she liked Nan Xiao and had a good relationship with Yu Chuyao.

Jin Sihan was lively and pleasant and had a good relationship with her.


The only thing she didn’t like most was the introverted and the god of learning–Lin Suno.


In the past, Shi Ning would only say to him: “You have good grades yet you still study.

Plus, your face is expressionless and cold.

It’s as if someone owes you.”


“It’s no fun to play with you since you only know how to read.  I don’t like nerds.”


Now, Shi Ning, who hated this bookworm the most, began to ask Lin Suno for advice.


Lin Suno himself did not expect her to ask him, his long eyelashes slightly quivered, revealing water mist in his eyes, looking a little puzzled.


“Is it okay” Shi Ning asked again


Lin Suno nodded, “Yes.”


Shi Ning cleaned up the books on the table, stood up, and said to him, “it’s a bit noisy here.

Let’s talk about it from your seat.”


After they sat there, they began to discuss the topic seriously.


Jin Sihan shuddered and put his hand on his valiant brother’s shoulder.

“Don’t tell me…Ning Ning looks like a book tyrant now.”


“Brother, look at the quarantine area of the bookworms.”


Nan Xiao turned his head.

Jin Sihan then met his Brother Xiao’s murderous eyes and silently retracted his hand. 


Then he secretly looked at Yu Chuyao while everyone was not paying attention.


Lin Suno looked at the question Shi Ning asked him and was a little surprised.


“This is question was prepared for the physics contest.

Have you started doing this kind of problem”


Shi Ning nodded.


“The things in the book are so simple that I can read it several times.

I want to try the competition questions.

It’s interesting to solve them.”


Lin Suno, like the others, did not question her much after being surprised.

He began to explain the topic to her.


To his surprise, Shi Ning is very smart.

She could understand a lot of problems only by asking him a little.


“You see here, its acceleration…”


When they seriously discussed the topic, Shi Ning casually raised her head and saw the young man sitting in front of her.


No wonder people in Yangchuan say that Lin Suno is like the immortal god in this world.


He’s so beautiful.


His brows drooped and his lips slightly open while teaching her the problems.


He was cold and quiet.


It’s hard to read his mood.

He was always peaceful, alienated, and was hard to get close to. 


Coupled with his IQ, people would suspect that he was not human.

It may be that some immortal from the nine heavens came down to earth to cross the catastrophe.


“Do you understand it” Lin Suno finished teaching the paragraph and asked.


The moment he looked up, he noticed that she was looking at him.



Shi Ning also realized that she had been staring at the handsome boy for too long.

She apologized while smiling,  “I’m sorry, you’re so good-looking.

I couldn’t help but stare at you.”


Lin Suno’s hand moved and the pen pricked the paper.


Then his face turned red at the speed visible to the naked eye.


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