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In high school, it’s all about studying and taking exams.

One week after the national holiday, the school organized another monthly test.

The moment the results come out.

Wan Yue looked at the report card and fell into deep thought.

“Before I met you, everyone called me a genius, a prodigy but after I met you, I’m not a god at all.”

He finally understood why Shi Ning would be blown up to the altar by everyone.

Awesome people, are indeed awesome.

He considers himself to have an excellent memory and a perfect comprehension since he was a child, and because he could write well, he has never failed in exams.

Even in Yangchuan, he was the second in his grade.

It’s just that the first place was ceiling high—a little too high from where he was.

Shi Ning was more than 30 points higher than him, who was in second place.

The more he goes up, the more difficult it was to improve the score.

He wanted to test Shi Ning with his score, but it turned out he was way more too far behind from her!

She was used to being the first in every exam after the division of Arts and Sciences.

Every time her grades came out, Shi Ning just breathed a sigh of relief.

“If you study wholeheartedly, you won’t be worse than me.”

Shi Ning said to him.

Wan Yue smiled.

“That’s not good.

I have a lot of other things to do, people still have to eat.

Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being under you.

I’m willing.”

After saying that, he himself felt it was a little bit wrong, coughed and added a sentence.

“I’m referring to the grades.”

Shi Ning did not understand why he was acting this way and just shook her head and continued to read her test paper.

Wan Yue also went over and looked at it twice.

“I say are you really a liberal arts student, these one hundred and forty-eight math scores is completely unlike a liberal arts student.”

Shi Ning: “Otherwise, do you think I usually spend so much time doing math competition problems all for nothing”

Wan Yue: “Didn’t the school organize a preliminary competition last time You participated in it, right”


“How did you do on the test”

“It’s not bad, I made it to the league.”

“Not bad, is it much better than those in the class competition”

Shi Ning couldn’t figure out why this person was so concerned about her grades.

But since he asked, it doesn’t matter if she tells him.

“I was twelfth in our school in the preliminary round.”

There was a total of twenty people in the class competition, which means that Shi Ning’s performance in this math competition was enough to qualify for the league.

As a liberal arts student, she was able to compete in math competition was already considered excellent.

Shi Ning was shining in front of him.

After talking for a while, Shi Ning quietly went back doing her own things.

They both share the same table these two months, she was always like this, less talk more actions and little by little she becomes better and better.

Perhaps because the girl in front of him was too dazzling, he felt a sourness while hearing his heartbeat.

She was never short of good boys around her.

She was destined to be an unreachable dream for a poor boy like him.

He didn’t even dare to like her.

After this exam, it was time for the annual autumn trip.

This time the school unified on organizing the location and selected Lin Province’s famous scenic area, the length of the tour was a total of three days.

“The main purpose of this autumn trip is still to enhance the relationship between students, and this is also your last autumn trip in high school.

When you reach senior year, you will only study.

Everyone cherish it.

The total cost of this tour is 8888, just pay me directly.

WeChat Alipay, preferably no cash.”

“Teacher, can I not go”

A student in the class said at this time, we can go to this school and are not short in money, but if we don’t join the trip, we can rest for three days.

Some do not like group activities, so naturally they don’t want to participate in this activity.”

Lao Liu: “It’s a group activity after all so in principle everyone has to go.

If you can’t go under special circumstances, you can tell me.”

“Teacher, scholarship does not include the money for autumn outing, right”

Wang Peng said at this time.

The last time when Lao Liu knew about trapping Wan Yue in the instrument room, he invited the students’ parents to the school.

These usually majestic students dared not be pompous in front of their parents who control their finances.

After this time Wang Peng, he was not only beaten by his father, but also had his allowance reduced by half.

And this made him looked at Wan Yue this poor boy more disagreeable.

Lao Liu glared at him.

“What’s it to you Are you eligible for the scholarship now Asking so many questions, I think you wanted to be punish by standing again!”

Wang Peng rolled his eyes.

Because Lao Liu was here, he didn’t ask much.

After class, several boys together with Wang Peng came up to Wan Yue, one of them jumped in front of him and said.

“You don’t have money to participate in the activities of our class If you kneel down and apologize to us, we’ll let bygones be bygones and help you out with the money.”

“It’s not much anyway, just over eight thousand, my pocket money for a week that is.”

“Right no matter how arrogant you are, the poor are still poor.

They don’t even have money to go out to play.

Why are you even here in Yangchuan”

Wan Yue was used to the cynicism from this group of people and has long not taken them seriously, he won’t even bothered to pay attention to them.

But Shi Ning, who heard the phrase “the poor still poor” couldn’t stand it.

She throw the pen in her hand towards the boy who insulted Wan Yue.

“Spending your parents’ money with such peace of mind, waste is still waste.

What’s wrong with being poor People at least rely on themselves.

You’d better pray that your family’s career goes well and you can be a waste for life.”

Shi Ning said coldly.

Why do these people enjoy these resources without working hard for it, and instead they denigrate those who started with nothing and struggled hard.

If that bus hadn’t had an accident in her last life, and she had gone to the big city to study as she wished, wouldn’t she have been ridiculed by them, just like Wan Yue

Just because she’s poor, just because she doesn’t fit in here.

Because of her anger, the volume of her voice was a little higher than usual.

The whole class heard it, and all of them quieted down as they looked at Shi Ning with shocked faces.

Shi Ning usually does not care much about things except for studying, although she was the child with the strongest background in the class, she has a good temper and speaks to people in a gentle voice.

The whole class likes her very much.

Everyone even suspected that the rumors about Shi Ning’s bad temper in earlier years were all made up.

This was the first time they have witnessed ……

Shi Ning cursed someone.

The boys she scolded were dumbfounded.

They wanted to talk back, but remembered Shi Ning said ” You’d better pray that your family’s career goes well and you can be a waste for life” they suddenly shivered.

“Shi, Shi Ning, what do you mean by that, you’re not really going to screw us for this pussy, are you We just don’t like him but we don’t want to have a problem with you!”

In case they really provoke the little princess, with Master Shi’s spoiled daughter’s temper, their family’s business would really have difficulty to continue.

Shi Ning felt sick when she saw that these people who were bullying someone earlier were now submissive and was afraid of hard life.

Wang Peng and them naturally did not dare to argue with her, so these group of people ran away in the jiff.


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