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Shi Chen walked towards her, took off his jacket, and threw it to her.

“Put it on and remember to check the weather when you go out in the future.”

“Aren’t you cold, brother It’s so windy here.”

“I’m not cold.

Put it on.”

Shi Ning obeyed and put on his coat.

Shi Chen looked at her face flushed due to the cold wind.

“Didn’t you find a place to wait for me Are you stupid, standing here with the cold wind”

He said the words of accusation, but in his heart, he felt guilty.

He was also a fool.

Why did he drink so much wine last night She made so many calls.

He didn’t answer even one call.

He doesn’t know how long Shi Ning has been waiting here.

“You can find me faster by standing here.” Shi Ning whispered.

There was no denying that he felt much better after seeing her.

“Wan Yue talked to you”

She was so worried about him enough to come here alone, the probability was that she knows something.

Shi Ning, who knew the truth, did not know how to tell him about this matter but did not expect Shi Chen to ask first.


She answered and said nothing more.

Shi Chen lowered his gaze slightly at her.

“That’s all”

Shi Ning was surprised: “What’s that’s all”

“You’ve come a long way here, not to comfort me, a yes and you’re okay”

After his mood got a little better, his mouth couldn’t help but make a fool of himself.

Looking at his sister’s face flushed due to the cold wind, Shi Chen wanted to tease her when her apricot eyes open wide looking at him worriedly.

Shi Ning: “Is it not enough that I came I ditched the 8888-autumn tour for you.”

Shi Chen was amused by her phrase 8888 autumn trip.

“That’s enough, it’s enough that you’re here.”

After saying that he took her shoulders, relying on the height advantage, and effortlessly put his arm on her shoulder to nest.

“Later, brother will return you an eighty-eight thousand dollar trip around the world.”

Shi Chen thought a little and set the date.

“Just wait until your high school exams are over.”

The two siblings have a tacit agreement not to mention that matter again, Shi Chen asked Shi Ning where she wanted to go, he could take her to Beijing to have fun.

Shi Ning wanted to go to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, but then she thought that there were so many people there.

Shi Chen hated crowded places when he was in a bad mood.

She thought about it and gave up the idea.

Anyway, she could come here in the future, there was no hurry.

“Brother, I’m a bit tired, why don’t you simply take me to your school for a stroll.”

She was also eager to see what the school of her dreams looked like.

“Okay.” Shi Chen answered.

“Have you eaten yet, if you haven’t eaten, I can take you to try our school’s cafeteria.”


She also wanted to see what the cafeteria of the legendary top-level university was really like.

Everyone has an ideal thought about Tsinghua University.

Seeing it in person, felt like it was more elegant, dignified, and majestic.

The red bricks and black tiles, pavilions were hidden among the weeping willows.

Walking in such a famous school with a history of one hundred years she seems to hear the echo of history.

Shi Chen walked to the school with Shi Ning, while a lot of girls in the school looked at him most of them glanced a couple of extra glances.

Some bold girls would whisper to the person next to her.

“Look, that handsome guy is so beautiful.”

“Really handsome, but I wonder which department is he from.” The girl next to her echoed.

“That girl beside him is also beautiful, these two should be a couple.”

“That girl looks a little small, maybe she’s a sister.”

But since the girls in the university were a lot more reserved, at most they would comment with two words or so but would not do anything out of ordinary.

“Brother, you are also quite popular in the university.”

Shi Chen: “Yes, your brother is here is the male god.”

Shi Ning laughs: “After Suno studies here, you will have a competitor.”

Shi Chen was not happy to hear this.

“What do you mean, when Suno comes here, I’m no longer a male god Is he more beautiful than your brother in your eyes”

Shi Ning answered without thinking.

“Of course, Suno looks good.”

After the words were said she saw the brother’s slightly narrowed eyes, Shi Ning immediately added.

“But brother is the most handsome!”

Lin Suno was the best looking, and his brother was the most handsome.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Shi Chen was relieved to hear this and pulled his lips the corner of his lips into a smile.

“Come on, let’s take you to the cafeteria.”

Shi Ning followed him to the canteen.

Shi Chen asked her what she wanted to eat, Shi Ning picked a few dishes, Shi Chen would then help her type get those then carry the tray to find a spare seat.

“Crap! Isn’t that Shi Chen!”

The people in the same dormitory room saw Shi Chen and immediately waved at him.

“Fourth brother! This way!”

Shi Chen still pretended not to see them.

These three shouted even louder.

“Shi Chen! Your father is here!”

Shi Ning turned her head and said to her brother.

“Brother, it seems that someone is calling you.”

“Ignore them, let’s sit there.”

He took Shi Ning to find a less crowded area.

“Eat.” Shi Chen handed her the chopsticks.


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