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Translated by: Parfait


“Ah, ah, it’s F4!”

“What luck did we have today Nan Xiao, Lin Suno and Jin Sihan appeared together! They’re so handsome! My god!”

“Hurry up and help me.

Their sexy long legs and peerless beauty…I am going to faint!”

“Young master Nan Xiao is so cool! Suno still looks like a cold untouched god~ Is adorable Sihan smiling at us! I’m dizzy, I’m dizzy!”

“It’s a pity that master Shi Chen is not here.

F4 is really walking together.

Their exquisite beauty is my medicine! The most picturesque scenery of Yangchuan high school!”

The girls cheered the most handsome and wealthy boys in the school with extreme exaggeration.

Not long after their excitement, Shi Ning happened to bump into Nan Xiao.

The girls changed their faces in an instant.

“What, it’s that conniving person again…”

“Even though she’s still the younger sister of master Shi Chen, she is too degrading.

It’s shameful for him.”

“Today is another day that I feel sorry for our Nan Xiao.

Shi Ning wears the deceiving mask, which no one can remove.”

“The daughter of the Shi family is too arrogant.

I’m surprised Nan Xiao can endure her antics to this day.

If she’s from an average family, she would have been expelled long ago.”

“It’s really annoying.

Nan Xiao clearly doesn’t like her, but she’s still sticking to him.

I’m sure that after she bumped into Nan Xiao, she will say that she can’t walk and Nan Xiao will have to carry her to the classroom.”

“What can’t she do It’s Shi Ning.”

Although everyone looked at Shi Ning’s obsession with Nan Xiao, they were still jealous because Shi Ning was still a special person of F4.

After the awkward first encounter of Shi Ning, Jin Sihan bent down and looked at her with big blinking eyes.

“Ning Ning, I heard you committed suicide again” He said in a very relaxed tone, asking as if she had finished her meal.

It’s obvious that Shi Ning’s suicide attempt was a common thing.

Before Shi Ning opened her mouth to answer, Jin Sihan continued.

“I can also say that Nan Xiao went too far.

How can he refuse out little princess in front of so many people! That’s too much! I’ve already scolded him for you.”

Nan Xiao sneered: “You scolded me”

Jin Sihan shrunk his head: “I’m coaxing Shi Ning.

Brother Nan Xiao, why can’t you cooperate”

“I will never commit suicide again.” She looked up and said to the three seriously.

Life itself is precious.

This new life, she would cherish it more than anyone.

“So what other ways will you be doing again to get my attention” Nan Xiao’s posture was cold and arrogant, as if he knew her very well.


Shi Ning was speechless from his shameless words.

If she could, she didn’t want to see him at all.

“Don’t get stuck here.

Send her back to the classroom first.” Lin Suno said.

Nan Xiao gave him an arrogant look before he turned to leave with a sneer.

Lin Suno took his arm and said in a low voice.

“Uncle Shi met your father yesterday.

Think about your unlimited card.

You don’t want it frozen by your father.”

After Nan Xiao heard it, he thought about the grumpy old man at home and to his limited edition sneakers, then he reluctantly turned his head.

He then impatiently stretched out his hand to Shi Ning, who fell to the ground.


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