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Shi Ning’s family didn’t know about her visit to Beijing and took a leave of absence from school by herself.

And since the school didn’t notify her parents, they thought Shi Ning was going on the autumn trip.

In the past two days while Shi Ning was with her brother she saw Shi Chen’s phone occasionally ring, calls he get from his family.

Shi Chen only pretends he didn’t hear nor see it every time and let the phone ring until it stop.

And during this time, whenever the Shi family couldn’t get through Shi Chen, they would call Shi Ning.

Shi Ning took advantage of her brother’s absence to secretly answer the phone and tell them that she was with him to reassure them.

“Your brother looks cold.

In fact, he is very sentimental.

I know his mother’s weight in his heart, so I don’t want to break Cao Shu’s image, but I didn’t expect the child to check it himself.

Now that he knows the truth, he can’t accept it.

Just stay there with him.

He will listen to you.”

On the phone, her father said to her earnestly.


Shi Ning answered and said again.

“Dad, don’t worry about brother.

He will come out.”

Two days passed, and it was time for Shi Ning to go back to school.

At dinner that day, Shi Chen looked at the ticket on his phone.

“You’re supposed to be in class tomorrow, right I’ll book a flight for you in the afternoon and take you to the airport after dinner.”

When Shi Ning heard this, she immediately shook her head in a hurry.

“In fact, our autumn outing has five days.

I think I can stay here for two more days.”

Shi Chen knows that this sister of his was worried about him and want to stay by his side for a little longer.

He was touched, but his mouth says different things and reproached her.

“You think brother did not go to high school Yangchuan annual autumn trip is three days, it never happened to be five days.”

Shi Ning pouted as she hung her head down, stirring the food in the bowl with her chopsticks feeling a little depressed.

After dinner, Shi Chen said she had to go back to the dormitory first, and then take her home.

Shi Ning also followed him to the dormitory.

Several boys in the dormitory were very happy to see Shi Ning, and each one showed special enthusiasm.

“Wow, sister, you’re here again.”

“How did you enjoy the past two days in Beijing In fact, besides the famous scenic spots, we also have some fun places here.

If your brother let us play with you, I would have taken you there!”

Shi Chen’s desire to protect his sister was great.

They wanted to take his sister out to play, but all of them were rejected by someone.

Shi Ning smiled.

“Thank you guys, but I’m leaving today.”

“Ah, so soon Then when will you come back later”

Such a lovely girl, the thought of not seeing her they couldn’t help feeling melancholy.

Shi Chen couldn’t bear it hearing these clowns jumping around his sister and picked up a few pens to threw at them.

“You guys, will you give me a break.”

The roommates touched their heads that the pens had smashed into and whispered to Shi Ning.

“Sister, it’s hard to fall in love with such a brother”

They were regarded as a thorn in the eyes by Shi Chen to this extent, what more for those boys who were chasing her.

Wouldn’t Shi Chen annihilate all of them

Shi Ning didn’t care and said.

“It’s better to have my brother.

No one will dare to chase me, so it’s peaceful.”




Can anyone enter this family

These two siblings are both divine faces and divine minds.

Pure heart and few desires and have no yearning for love.

Shi Chen on the other hand finally packed up his things, he pulled the suitcase and walked in front of Shi Ning, his tall figure obstructed the sight of her and the three giant wolves in the dormitory.

“Let’s go.”

Shi Ning looked at the suitcase his brother was carrying.

“Brother, it’s me going back and not you going back, but why ……”

Her widened eyes look at Shi Chen in surprise.

“Are you going back with me, too”

“I have to send you back safely to feel assured.” Shi Chen said.

“And, I should also go back.”

Hearing this, Shi Chen’s roommates came up to him and said.

“We still have classes tomorrow! Aren’t you going to class again”

Shi Chen: “No, help me answer for the roll call.”

“No we can’t, because you’re looks are so outstanding, even the teacher of the general class can remember you.

The last time I helped you to answer in the elective class, the female teacher asked me directly—”

Then Zhang Ziqi began to imitate the voice of the female teacher.

“You’re Shi Chen Did you go for plastic surgery How come you’re still getting uglier and uglier”

The class burst out in laughter.

At that time, Zhang Ziqi wanted to find a hole to drill in and scolded Shi Chen eight thousand times in his heart.

Shi Chen glanced at him with indifferent eyes and nodded with approval.

“Ah yes, it’s too much of a stretch to ask you to impersonate me.”

Zhang Ziqi: “”

What the brother you can’t be too much!

After arriving at the airport, Shi Ning sent a message to her parents and told them that she and her brother would be back today.

After getting off the plane, Shi Ning received a call from his father and asked if they had arrived.

Shi Ning said into the phone.

“Brother and I just got off the plane and are on our way home.”

Shi Pingzhan: “I’ll wait for you at the exit.”

After hanging up, Shi Ning said to Shi Chen.

“Dad has come to pick us up.”


Shi Chen responded without saying anything more.

The two went out and saw Shi Pingzhan’s car parked outside.

Shi Ning sat in the back and deliberately left the co-pilot to his brother.

Who knew that Shi Chen also followed her on the back to behind.

After getting on the car, Shi Pingzhan glanced at Shi Chen.



“Have you eaten”


“Ningning’s mother cooked dinner and go home to eat.”

This was a brief conversation between father and son.



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