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When they were silent, Shi Ning looked at her brother and then at her father she then said.

“Dad, why are you here today, where is the driver, Uncle Zhang”

Shi Pingzhan smiled at her at his daughter.

“Uncle Zhang is at home, I didn’t ask him to come.

Dad wanted to pick you guys up today, so I drove myself over.”

“Oh~” Shi Ning nodded and inclined her head to look at her brother.

Shi Chen just lowered his head and did not say anything.

After arriving home, Lin Xuemuo personally came over to open the door for them, she gave them a pair of slippers placed in front of them and softly said.

“Your back, come and wash your hands to eat!”

Seeing Shi Chen’s luggage in his hand she wanted to help him carry it in and ask someone to put it back in his room.

But when she stretched out her hand on the trunk bar, Shi Chen looked at her.

Lin Xuemo thought that he might not like her touching his things, and was about to take back her hand.

Seeing her reaction, Shi Chen whispered.

“Sorry to trouble you.”

Lin Xuemuo was shocked and didn’t expect Shi Chen’s attitude towards her.

She thought he would be too disgusted by her.

“No trouble, no trouble!”

She was a bit flattered and said hurriedly.

“You should go inside.

The meal is ready!”

After saying that Lin Xuemuo carried Shi Chen’s suitcase in, and because of excitement she directly carried Shi Chen’s luggage all the way back to his room.

The family sat at the table.

Because of that incident, Shi Chen has become the key concern of the whole family that whenever he moves his chopsticks to eat Shi Pingzhan and Lin Xuemo would intently watch him.

Lin Xuemo looked at Shi Chen eating slowly and aptly with his still indifferent expression.

Seeing his stepson weighing down all his emotions in his heart, she couldn’t help but blamed herself a little.

All these years, she was the one who didn’t do enough to impress her stepson.

Shi Chen was also a child she watched grow up.

She loved this house and this family, and of course, that includes Shi Chen.

Although the child didn’t like her, she regarded him as her son from the bottom of her heart.

She always felt that she had done wrong and failed to let Shi Chen feel maternal love from her, so he developed this kind of lonely and paranoid temperament.

Now that he encountered this kind of problem with his character, she and her husband were worried he gets into trouble.

He was such an excellent child.

How could his mother have the heart to hurt him

Lin Xuemo learned from Shi Ning that Cao Shu not only cheated in marriage but also had another child outside without telling everyone.

“Eat more food, Auntie specially asked the kitchen to make it for you, all the things you love to eat.”

Lin Xuemo felt a little distressed seeing Shi Chen burying his head as he eats but don’t have much food on his plate so she stood up and served him several dishes.

The bowl was piled up into a small mountain, and the dishes Lin Xuemuo gave him were among the few he loved to eat.

Shi Chen pulled out a smile.

“You know all about it, so why wouldn’t she.”

“Huh Know what” Lin Xuemou asked when she heard it.

Shi Chen: “Nothing.”

He bowed his head and ate a few bites of food, hesitated a few times, and finally said the words.

“Aunt Lin, thank you for all these years.”

And, I’m sorry.

He didn’t have the face to say the latter sentence and recited it silently in his heart instead.

After knowing the truth, he suddenly remembered how capricious he was in this family.

It was clear that his stepmother had done nothing wrong, tolerated him in every way, and cared for him carefully.

He, on the other hand, would only put himself in full armor, not accepting any of her concerns, and even bad-mouthing her.

In those days when they were at peace, he didn’t bother her just because of Shi Ning.

He always saw Lin Xuemuo as the destroyer of his family, believing that it was his father who forced his mother away with this woman.

Who knows.

The person he has been defending was the one who made mistakes.

For the first time, he felt ashamed at home because of guilt.

Lin Xuemo was stunned for a moment but she reacted and immediately said.

“What are you talking about this child, why say thank you to me, we are a family ah.

What’s there to thank.”

“Your aunt is right, we are a family, even if something happens, we will be there for you.”

Shi Pingzhan also picked up the line.

He has long wanted to comfort his son, but the two usually use cold words and end up arguing so when he wanted to say a few comforting words to Shi Chen he couldn’t say it but had to borrow the words of his wife.


In the past, Shi Chen felt that this word was a bit ironic when used on him.

In his opinion, this family, except Shi Ning, were all traitors, and he looked down on them from the bottom of his heart.

Now, however, the word made him feel a little warm.

After eating, Shi Chen put down the bowl and chopsticks.

“I’ll go up first, I’m done eating.”

Shi Pingzhan: “After a while, you come to me in the study dad wants to talk to you.”

Shi Chen guessed that Shi Pingzhan would look for him so he nodded as an answer.

Shi Ning on the other hand was supposed to review her math questions and work exercise after eating now that she was home.

But for the first time, she couldn’t concentrate on her studies, her mind was full of other things.

Shi Ning and Shi Chen’s rooms were on the third floor while her dad and mom live on the second floor.

She couldn’t help run to the next door after flipping through her books to see if he was still talking to her brother or if her brother was already back.


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