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Zhuang Zixue followed him for a long time, and he knew that what he was saying was not true.

No wonder, when he asked him to teach him to do the problem, he said he was not available recently, so he was busy because of this

These were his new notes, but for what reason

He doesn’t need it.



If he doesn’t need it, then who will.

An answer came to Zhuang Zixue’s mind.

He hurriedly picked up his pace and walked up.

“This thing, it’s not for you to use, you’re writing it for Shi Ning, right”

Lin Suno did not reply and continued to walk while flipping through his notebook, pondering if there was anything he had missed that he had not written.

Zhuang Zixue continued to stop him from moving forward.

“You don’t have to hide it from me, it’s for her.”

Lin Suno closed his notebook, his expression was cold, and his thin lips were slightly pursed.

“What am I hiding from you This is none of your business in the first place.”

By saying so, he was acquiescing.

Zhuang Zixue continued to be bitter and hateful.

“I knew it, I knew it, she’ll definitely distract you from your studies when she comes.

Look how much effort you’re putting into helping her now!”

“Lin Suno, you’re the most focused person I’ve ever seen studying and you’ve always been my role model, how can you hold yourself back from studying because of a girl!”

Lin Suno didn’t pay attention to him at all.

He felt that Shi Ning was right, Zhuang Zixue was acting abnormally recently.

Seeing that Lin Suno had ignored him Zhuang Zixue chase him again and said.

“I have been friends with you for so many years, so I’ll give you some advice, do not fall in love and affect your studies! Those promising students who had good grades ruined their college entrance examination because of love, didn’t the teacher tell us this”

“You are a person with such strong self-control how can you confuse your feelings The notes are meaningless to you, how much time did you spend helping her It’s should enough for you to brush up on several sets of competition questions!”

“I’m not in a relationship with her.” He said in a cold voice

Zhuang Zixue continued.

“Oh, since Shi Ning transferred to our class, people in the class said you were good to her because you grew up together and like her as childhood friends.

They don’t believe that you, Lin Suno have a mortal heart like them.

But I know you, you—you are in love with her! ”

As soon as he said this, he immediately received cold arrow-like stern eyes from Lin Suno.

“How did you know”

Under the pressure of Lin Suno that could kill people with his stare, Zhuang Zixue continued to say.

“I could see that you were often upset whenever something happens in Shi Ning’s family.”

In the whole school, the only person he could look up to was Lin Suno, and he doesn’t have any other friends, much less girls, which he thinks were meaningless.

His only concern was to study, and his role model and goal was the god of study, Lin Suno.

So he always pays extra attention to Lin Suno.

“That day, I saw you write on several pieces of paper in a class and throw them into the drawer.

After that, everyone in our class went to physical education class and no one noticed.”

“I was beginning to think it was some overwhelming problem that could have troubled you like this.”

“But when I took out those scraps of paper from your drawer that you had crumpled into a ball and opened it, the drawer that was full of papers has actually only had two words.”

When he said this, Lin Suno’s face became more and more ugly.

“It’s all Shi Ning.” Zhuang Zixue continued.

He was stunned, and if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he couldn’t have imagined that this was something Lin Suno would have done.

How much does he like and possessive was he to be writing her name all over the sheet of paper when he couldn’t see her and making him anxious.

Zhuang Zixue was stared at by Lin Suno’s cold and stern gaze, and his mouth couldn’t help but say something.

“So, so you don’t deny it, I think you just like her!”

Lin Suno coldly looked at him for a long time, Zhuang Zixue thought he was going to collapse under his death glare.


His thin lips twitched slightly, rising slightly toward the left.

Faced with the rare smile of the ten-thousand-year-old iceberg face, Zhuang Zixue had a sense of foreboding.

Lin Suno’s icy gaze fell on him and said word by word.

“That’s right, I just like her.

So what”


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