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Zhuang Zixue continued to think that he could gloss it over, but Lin Suno’s direct reply came without any warning.

I just like her, so what

So what


This sentence played in his mind, looping.

Zhuang Zixue almost die from anger with his reply.

“You’re just going to admit it Aren’t you afraid I’ll tell the class teacher”

“Suit yourself.”

Lin Suno did not want to mind him any longer and continued walking, ignoring him once again.

Zhuang Zixue followed and chased him.

“Hey, how can you do that.

You are abandoning yourself.”

He did not really want to tittle-tattle to the teacher, but only feel sorry for Lin Suno, he had a feeling that after Shi Ning came, most of his attention would be all focused-on Shi Ning.

“Don’t you know how precious our study time is now! Isn’t the most glorious thing about competitions is to top the national competition and enter the national team for training and then be directly guaranteed to Qingbei”

“Our school has been engaged in competition for so many years, there are people who enter the national competition, there are also people who get number one position in the national, but there has never been a person who can enter the national team to train and represent the country in the world competition.

Now all the teachers are putting their hopes on you, how can you be distracted at such a critical time!”

Zhuang Zixue continued to persuade him.

Lin Suno thought he was too noisy, so he glanced at him.

“Why are you talking so much Come back and lecture me when you can pass me.”

This sentence succeeded in shutting up Zhuang Zixue.

Hearing Lin Suno’s reply he told to himself.

Wait, I’ll beat you sooner or later at this rate.


As soon as Shi Ning came to the class, she found that Lin Suno had fallen asleep on his desk.

She came to the classroom early, so early that more than half of the people in the class were not in the room yet.

He came to class early morning just to sleep

And when Shi Ning came to look closely, he seems to be sleeping quite heavily.

Shi Ning put down her bag and sat beside his seat.

Lin Suno’s head was resting on his arm, sleeping on his side towards her.

It was the first time Shi Ning had seen him asleep so close.

Obviously, he was a guy, but his skin was better than that of a girl.

His eyelashes were thick and dense, and it was more obvious when he closed his eyes.

But all of this, the shape of his nose was the best she had ever seen.

The height from the root of the hill to the tip of the nose was just right, both three-dimensional and not abrupt.

When God created him, he must have used 10000 points of effort.

Otherwise, how could he carve every part of him so perfectly

Everyone says that the best-looking part of Lin Suno was his light peach blossom eyes that cover the distant mountains with mist.

But what she liked most about him was his nose.

Especially the arc of the tip of the nose.

While he was sleeping, Shi Ning was tickled for a moment and couldn’t control her hand, her finger touched the tip of his nose.

The person was still fast asleep.

It seems that he didn’t sleep well yesterday, otherwise he wouldn’t have slept so heavily on the table.

Sleeping Suno is still handsome, but this hair is a bit messy.

She does not know what happened to him today but the usually meticulous person goes out today with his hair uncombed.

Shi Ning awoke her mother’s instinct and reached out to help him tidy his hair.

Halfway through the tidying up his hair, a hand grabbed her hand.

Shi Ning looked down, Lin Suno had woken up by this time and opened his eyes.

“What are you doing”

He had just woken up so his voice was deep and hoarse with a hint of lethargy and milky at the same time.

Shi Ning: “I see that your hair is messy so I’m helping you to tidy up.”

After Lin Suno rubbed his eyes and regained his clarity, he took out a notebook from the table and gave it to her.

“This is for you.”

“What is this”

Shi Ning took the notebook and flipped through it, all the knowledge focused on physics and chemistry, and example problems.

The whole half of the notebook was filled with all his writings.

“It’s almost exam time, so you can read this for emergencies first,” Lin Suno said.

Shi Ning herself was considered a school genius, she should be able to understand with a glance the golden writings of Lin Suno.

The content of the notebook was obviously made especially for Shi Ning to use and not Lin Suno’s everyday notes.

“How long have you written this” She asked.

“I’ve written it long before, don’t think too much about it.” He said nonchalantly.

This liar.

Does he think she was a fool The notes written in class must have been around two months, but his notebook was new, not to mention the thickness of the ink was the same indicating that the content of every page comes from the one pen.

It was obviously rushed for her on purpose, but why wouldn’t he admit it

Shi Ning turned her head to look at Lin Suno and finally understood why he was so tired.

It was obvious that he had stayed up all night writing everything.

She suddenly felt that the notebook in her hand weighed a thousand pounds.

“I’ll be sure to review it.”

She said to him.

She would not let herself down and not let him down.

It’s very scary when there was only one thing in a person’s head.

Shi Ning studied day and night and lamented day after day, why there were only twenty-four hours a day as time was always not enough for her.

But she was grateful that she was at the most energetic and physically strongest stage of her time, and with such intensity of study, she was able to pull through.

Shi Ning calculated that she only slept four or five hours a day, and excluding the time for meals, the length of study reached eighteen hours a day.

She transferred to the competition class only half a month to face the big test, in fact, this time, even if she failed the test, no one would say anything to her.

But thinking how gossip was the favorite pastime of the class today, not to mention the contemptuous eyes of people like Zhuang Zixue.

She wanted to prove herself quickly.

Only a miracle would be enough to shock them.

Slow progress was nothing, what she like to happen was a blockbuster hit.


She looked at the thick book of notes that Lin Suno had written for her.

That’s like the biggest encouragement of all.

Someone could do this to help her, so who was she to not put her best foot forward.

On the day of the end of the exam, Shi Ning didn’t care how she did in the exam.

She didn’t even go out and destress and just went straight home.

As soon as she was in the room, she fall back to sleep at home all day.


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