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Shi Ning looked at the dishes in the bowl and the white rice in Lin Suno’s bowl.

She hurriedly brought him some dishes.

“Suno, you eat too.”


This scene almost gave Nan Xiao a heart attack.

He clearly came to eat, not to be jealous.

“Shi Ning, what does it make me if you give Suno the food I give to you ” His face was slightly cold.

Shi Ning: “He’s a picky eater.”

Her brother was also a picky eater, he wouldn’t touch any dish at all unless she serves and Shi Ning was used to serving Shi Chen at home.

“I’m a picky eater, too.” Nan Xiao said.

Shi Ning also gave him two types of food.

“Is that all right”

Nan Xiao hooked his lips and smiled in satisfaction.

“That’s about right.”

When the meal was almost finished, Nan Xiao thought of something and said to Shi Ning.

“I got the first place in my class this time.”

In a year, he turned from a perennial snail in the bottom exam scum to the first in the class, and the first person he wanted to share the news with after the achievement was her.

“Really, congratulations.

I told you, you were talented too, right”

Shi Ning was quite happy for him.

Nan Xiao opened his school bag and took out a certificate.

This was issued by their school.

Shi Ning also has it.

“This is the first time I got the certificate for best student.”

Nan Xiao opened the honor certificate and smiled at the award embedded inside.

“Who would have thought that during this semester of my sophomore year, I wouldn’t fight or smoke or skip classes, not a single credit point was deducted, and I ended up with this thing.”

People in the school say that Nan Xiao has now become unlike himself.

Only he knows that he was slowly getting better because of a girl.

Previously, he could not find the path he wanted to take or something to get by, and studying was something he do for a mix of fun.

Now, he has found his guiding light.

His fingers were over the gold-stamped words “Three Good Students”.

Nan Xiao did not expect that this title would one day belong to him.

“You’re kind of a reformed man.” Shi Ning joked.

Nan Xiao closed the certificate book, picked up Shi Ning’s schoolbag behind the stool, opened it, and directly stuffed his certificate of honor into it.

Shi Ning: “You’re putting it on the wrong bag, that’s my school bag.”

Nan Xiao threw the certificate in and re-zipped her school bag.

“That’s right, it’s for you.”

Lin Suno: “Why are you giving it to her, this thing is just a piece of paper.

But if you take it back to Uncle Nan to see, he will be happy that he will send you a watch if you want to.”

Nan Xiao smiled at Shi Ning.

“Just because this is rare for me, that’s why I’m giving it to you.”

“After all, I wouldn’t be like this if it weren’t for Shi Ning.”

He said this to Shi Ning, but his eyes fell on Lin Suno as if deliberately saying this to him.

Lin Suno put down his chopsticks.

“What’s rare”

He turned to Shi Ning and said.

“If you like, my family’s collection can be put together in a box, packaged, and sent to you.”

“……you don’t have to.”

Why are these two suddenly gnawing at each other

Seeing that the two were going to argue again, Shi Ning said.

“I still like, my name for the award.”

It’s not like she doesn’t have one, do they need to compete who would send it first

What a naive child.

Time flew and the winter break passed so quickly starting another school year again.

In the second semester of sophomore year, the speed of learning new knowledge from textbooks was very fast.

Especially Shi Ning who was now in the competition class, the progress was faster than in other classes.

When the second semester of high school was about to end, all the knowledge of the entire school has been learned and the general review begins.

At the same time, the league results came out.

The results of the league were crucial for every one of the competition classes.

Those who could enter the national competition were after all in the minority, and it was extremely beneficial for them to get the provincial one and two to participate in the independent admissions.

Most of the students in the class won awards, the worst of which was a provincial third prize, most of which were provincial second prizes, and a dozen or so who won provincial firsts.

Four more students from Provincial High School have qualified to enter the national competition and would go to Teikyo soon to take the national unified competition exam.

These four people are, respectively, Lin Suno, Zhuang Zixue, Shi Ning, and Zhang Qing.

Except for Shi Ning, the other three were expected.

Shi Ning’s race score was only three points lower than Zhuang Zixue’s, and even ten points higher than Zhang Qing’s.

With such results, who would dare to say that she got into the competition class under her connections

This time, all the sophomores who qualified for the national competition were from the competition class, and there were three more students in the senior class.

The sophomores and juniors do not travel together; the four of them were led to the national competition by a teacher assigned by their grade.


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