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The school attaches great importance to this competition and allocated sufficient funds to the team teacher, allowing him to bring a few students to the Imperial City to meet the highest standard for food, clothing, accommodation, and transportation.

The hotel where they stayed this time was also a five-star hotel level.

The two girls, Shi Ning and Zhang Qing live in a suite with a common living room and two different small rooms.

And Lin Suno and Zhuang Zixue took two rooms.

After checking in, Shi Ning took her luggage back to her room and took out the test papers she had done to read.

Not long after, a person came into her room.

It’s Zhang Qing.

Zhang Qing: “I was bored after putting things away, so I came to find you.

I didn’t expect you to open the study mode just after landing.”

Shi Ning greeted her over and sat down, pointed to the test paper, and said to her.

“I always feel that the memory and efficiency are not as good as before the test, so I wanted to review with a much more relax time.”

“Do you want to see it”

Zhang Qing sat beside her and looked at her test paper.

Shi Ning’s study habits were very good, and every wrong question was annotated on top of the test paper.

“Do you have confidence in this competition” Zhang Qing asked.

Shi Ning: “What confidence are you referring to Actually, my goal this time is to think that it would be good to make it to nationals, and who knows about the rest.”

“You’re in the national tournament and don’t want to get a national one”

“Want ah, so let’s do our best.” Shi Ning said.

Zhang Qing felt bored watching Shi Ning reviewing alone, so she simply also brought her materials over and reviewed with Shi Ning.

After reviewing the paper, Shi Ning took out two more notebooks to look at.

Zhang Qing had a sharp eye and noticed that she had a notebook that was not her own.

“This handwriting, why does it look so much like Lin Suno’s.”

Shi Ning generously admitted.

“It’s his ah, he asked me to take a look, I think it’s quite useful, you can also read it later.”

“OK…” Zhang Qing answered, smiling reluctantly.

Although Lin Suno talks little, he usually answers when his classmates ask him questions.

But he doesn’t like to lend his things to others for too long.

She had asked him for his notes before and wanted to borrow them and take them back for a few days, but Lin Suno refused.

He said, “I’m sorry, I get uncomfortable when my stuff stays with other people for a long time.”

There was even a time when she borrowed his test papers and take them to her desk to read them, and when she returned them to him after reading them, Lin Suno said.

“No need to return them, just throw them away when you’re done.”

Just as he doesn’t want to sit with people every day, he keeps a distance from everyone.

Even with his things, he does not want to be tainted with the smell of others.

But Shi Ning was the only one who was not subject to his law of distance.

She could sit beside him, use his book, and pen, and eat the same bag of potato chips with him.

He would stay up late to write notes for her, take off his coat, and cover it for her when she falls asleep after class.

He would also keep an eye on her safety in the crowd.

Zhang Qing looks at Shi Ning with unspeakable envy.

Her eyes were always on Lin Suno, but Lin Suno’s eyes were always on Shi Ning.

The exam was only one day, but the national competition requires a personal visit to collect the results and awards, and the results were announced three days after the exam was completed.

So although they finished the exam, they had to stay in Teikyo for another three days.

After the exam, they were asked how they did on the test.

Shi Ning: “The questions of the national competition are the hardest, how well I did on the test will be known only when the results come out.”

Zhuang Zixue: “I think I should do pretty well on the exam, 60% chance of getting a National One!”

The teacher smiled and nodded.

“Now more and more attention is paid to the transparency of scores.

The proportion of extra points in the college entrance exams is not as good as the previous years.

Some schools even canceled the independent enrollment plan this year.”

“Our school also decided not to organize to participate in math competitions after senior year, so that you all focus on the college entrance examination.”

“So, this may be your last year to participate in the competition.

It would be best if you can get the first national one.

After all, the policy can still add 20 points to those who got in the national one this year.”

As the teacher finished saying this, she looked at Lin Suno and Zhang Qing.

“What about you two, how did the exam go this time.”

“It’s okay.”

Lin Suno always looks like this after the exam, he couldn’t see whether he did well or not.

Compared with the other three people, Zhang Qing’s face was much uglier.

She kept her head down after coming out of the examination room.

She didn’t say a word when everyone was talking.

Everyone saw her look and knew she must not have done well in the exam this time.

The teacher noticed and didn’t ask any further questions and patted her shoulder comfortingly.

“The title of the national competition is really difficult, but it is also difficult not only for you but for everyone as well.

Don’t be too discouraged.

Wait until the results come out.”

Zhang Qing’s voice had a few choked sobs.

“But I didn’t get a lot of questions.”

“Maybe other people’s situations are not much better than yours, and besides, even if you don’t do well in the exams, the competition is just the icing on the cake.

You still have the college entrance exams.”

After they finished the test, the teacher said she was going to take them to a big dinner.

Zhang Qing ended up not even going to eat and went back to her room early.


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