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Until it was time for dinner, Shi Ning had never been out of the hotel room.

A day without seeing his person would always make Lin Suno feel uneasy.

He called Shi Ning on his phone, the call went through, but no one answered.

This was already ten o’clock in the evening, usually at this time, according to Shi Ning’s strict study plan implementation to the extent of being almost over the top, she would usually read a book to brush the problem and then do the listening training before bed.

It was impossible to think that she sleeps so early.

And the whole day he did not see her come down from her room to eat—could it be that because he bought her too many snacks during the day, she lost her appetite for dinner

With this thought, Lin Suno was finally relieved.

He walked to her room and knock on the door.

The person who opened the door was Zhang Qing, who had just showered and changed into her pajamas, her hair was still a little wet.

A hint of surprise flashed across her face when she saw Lin Suno.

“Why are you here, what’s the matter”

“Where is Shi Ning”

Sure enough, when he opened his mouth, Shi Ning was always the one he cared about.

Zhang Qing suppressed her heart’s frustration and pretended to be unconcerned.

“Shi Ning, she should be uncomfortable with a cold, she stayed in her room all day today and did not come out.”

Lin Suno frowned when he heard this.

“She hasn’t been out all day Have you seen her”

“Yes, of course.

I also went to buy her medicine.

She went to bed after eating.

I thought she was sick and needed a rest, so I didn’t bother her anymore.”

When he asked him this question, a feeling of guilt came up again.

Zhang Qing was a little flustered and his words were full of hesitation.

And this was all seen by Lin Suno.

“I’ll go in and see her.”

He said and was about to go to the room, but Zhang Qing stopped him.

“This is not good, right, Shi Ning is not yet up, you barging into a girl’s room like this will not be good.”

“Step aside.”

His cold voice was devoid of emotion and inexplicably gives people a sense of suppression.

It was the first time Zhang Qing had seen him so serious and nervous.

Before she could react, Lin Suno pushed her away and walked directly into Shi Ning’s room.

Shi Ning was still sleeping on the bed not moving, still unaware that Lin Suno had already opened the door and walked in.

As soon as Lin Suno walked in and saw Shi Ning was just sleeping on the bed, his heart was finally relieved.

“Why are you still asleep”

“Aren’t you hungry”

Shi Ning did not respond to him, her eyes closed, unmoved.

Lin Suno sat by her bedside and watched her quietly.

There were very few times when he can gaze at her feely without hiding his emotions.

“I should have known better than to buy you so much food.

Look at you, you are too lazy to go downstairs to eat.”

“Little lazy pig, don’t you want to get up yet.”

After he spoke to her for a while, Shi Ning’s eyelashes finally flickered twice.

She opened her eyes and saw the figure in front of her.

The whole world spun around, and she vaguely recognized his silhouette in the dazzling and unexplained lines of light and shadow.


She opened her lips and her throat was obscure.

Lin Suno noticed something was wrong with her.

He first notices her face was flushed with red but just thought it was due to sleeping too long.

Now it seems that it was not that simple.

He reached out to touch Shi Ning’s forehead and felt his palm was hot.

“Why do you have a fever”

Shi Ning: “I don’t know, I feel so uncomfortable.”

She slept all the time after taking the medicine and had countless nightmares in her sleep, the pain in her dreams all seemed unbelievably real and happened to her, then she woke up and saw him.

He clenched his fist when he heard her say she was uncomfortable and looked like she was having a hard time.

“You can’t do this.

I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Right after he finished saying this, he stood up and took Shi Ning’s coat inside the bedroom, helped her put it on, and then without saying a word directly picked her up.

“I, I can walk by myself.”

This move was too intimate and even if Shi Ning was not clear-headed, she knows this move seems to be inappropriate.

Struggling, she walks down by herself, but even before she could stand up she was already wobbling.

“You are already this sick but you can’t be more obedient.”

Lin Suno ignored her protests and walked out with the person directly in his arms.

Zhang Qing was surprised to see the scene of Shi Ning being carried out.

“What’s wrong with her”

Lin Suno: “Fever, I’m taking her to the hospital now, you help me call a cab on your phone.”

“Okay.” Zhang Qing hurriedly used her phone to call for a cab.

After carrying Shi Ning in the cab, Lin Suno reported the hospital address.

“I’ll go with you.”

“No, I’ll go with her, you go and inform the teacher.”

After saying this, he immediately closed the car door.

Shortly after Lin Suno arrived at the hospital, his teacher and Zhuang Zixue together with Zhang Qing all rushed over.

The teacher asked, “How is Shi Ning”

Lin Suno: “Fever is 38.5 degrees, she is now receiving a drip inside.”

Zhang Qing: “She only has a fever, there’s nothing else going on, right”


Zhang Qing breathed a sigh of relief.



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