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Finally, under the threat and inducement of Shi Ning, Shi Chen drank the full cup of milk.


Strangely enough, the milk didn’t seem so bad this time.


Shi Ning satisfyingly looked at the empty cup and showed a sweet smile.

“I don’t mean to bully you.

I just feel like –“


She looked at her brother, who was a head taller than her, and reached for the soft top of his hair.

”My brother is so smart.

I have to catch up.”


The dim and warm light in the room shone on the girl’s quiet and soft profile.


Shi Chen finally understood why a word like siscon existed.


A sister like this…who was so cute and adorable could cure everything.


After the two brothers and sisters chatted, Shi Ning took Shi Chen and went downstairs together.


“I have explained to father last time, and he regretted scolding you.

But you know father’s temper, he certainly can’t apologize to save face.

If both your tone is good, you won’t quarrel like last time” Shi Ning said.


“There is no overnight feud between us.

We have been fighting for more than ten years.” Shi Chen said.


Shi Ning: “…”


Shi Zhanping: “The day after tomorrow is the weekend.

It’s the holiday.

You should know what the day means.”


Shi Ning did not make a sound when Shi Chen said: “My mother’s birthday.”


Shi Zhanping looked at him.

“All you know is your mother.

Have you forgotten your grandmother”


Shi Ning just remembered Shi Chen’s mother Cao Shu and Grandmother Shi’s birthday are the same.


Shi Zhanping said to them, “Ok, your mother came back recently.

She should have contacted you.

Your grandmother has always liked your mother very much, so your grandmother wants to have this birthday with your mother.”




What was this situation Treating an ex-wife as a daughter-in-law


She was speechless about Grandmother Shi’s birthday plan.

Thinking about it.

It’s both unreasonable and reasonable.


The Cao family and the Shi family were also close friends.

Cao Shu and Shi Zhanping grew up in childhood.

Before marrying Shi Zhanping, Cao Shu had a good relationship with Grandmother Shi.

After the two families joined, they became even more intimate.


Grandmother Shi still recognized Cao Shu as her daughter-in-law, even if she was divorced, she was treated as a daughter.


“It’s just a family dinner, not a formal banquet.

I have to go on a business trip these days.

Your mother will follow me, too, so you may be staying at Grandma’s house this time.” Shi Zhanping said.


“Okay.” Shi Chen naturally had no opinion.


Shi Zhanping looked at Shi Ning and remembered that his daughter had a bad relationship with both her grandmother and Cao Shu.

Now that his ex-wife would be there, Shi Zhangping was afraid that Shi Ning would not go.


“Ning Ning, what about you”


Shi Ning handed the cut pear to Shi Zhanping.


“I don’t have a problem.

I haven’t seen my grandmother for a long time.

I’ll this opportunity to spend more time with her and brother.”


Shi Zhanping was relieved and said with a smile, “Your sister Yu Chuyao has come back.

She came back with Shi Chen’s mother.

You have someone to play with.”


Shi Ning said in her heart that she did not want to play with Yu Chuyao.


Because of an emergency, Shi Zhanping and Mo Xue took the plane and left at night.


The next morning, there was a knock on Shi Ning’s door.

She opened the door to see Shi Chen who was dressed neatly.


Shi Chen looked especially handsome, wearing his favorite pair of shoes.


“We’re going to grandma’s house.” Shi Chen said.


Shi Ning: “Okay, wait for me.”


As she said this, she was about to close the door to change her clothes, when Shi Chen opened his mouth again, “Wait a minute…I want to tell you something.”


Shi Ning looked at him with puzzled eyes.


“It’s my mother who will pick us up later.” Shi Chen said.



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