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After Shi Ning walked out, she felt a little depressed for no reason.

It was a good thing to help someone pull the red string, so why did she come to feel so melancholy

Was it because she was forced to stop watching the film halfway through, so she felt a little upset

“Shi Ning.”

She hadn’t gone very far when she heard someone calling her name.

Shi Ning turned around and saw Lin Suno.

The streetlight stretched his figure into a slender silhouette, and he looked extremely unhappy with his gloomy expression and furrowed eyebrows.

“You’re here Shouldn’t you be in the movie theater”

Shi Ning was surprised and didn’t expect Lin Suno to follow her out.

“Where is my roommates”

She looked behind him and didn’t see Yan Fei people.

Lin Suno walked up with big steps and said in a cold voice.

“You lied to me didn’t you”

Shi Ning instantly felt guilty.

“I don’t understand what you mean, what did I lie about”

“Give me your phone.”

“What do you want my phone for”

“Didn’t you say that your department notified you of a meeting Let me see if there is such a message.”



Shi Ning was speechless.

Lin Suno frowned: “And you say you’re not lying to me, you’ve been lying to me since you asked me out to dinner tonight.”

Shi Ning did not dare to look him in the eye, lowered her head, and whispered.

“I’m not lying, at most, it’s just a white lie, you’re not happy that I introduce you to a beautiful lady My roommate is a cut girl, she’s lively.

You complement each other.”

“Do you think I’m happy” he asked.

All right.

Not very happy indeed.

He wouldn’t have run out if he was happy.

Hold on…

He ran out.

What about Yan Fei

She’ll be devastated.

“Why did you run out alone, did you talk to Yan Fei You wouldn’t have left someone alone in the cinema, would you”

“Didn’t you leave me alone in the movie theater too”

He asked back.

The tone of his voice was cold, with suppressed anger, but if she listens carefully, she could also detect a few aggravations.

Shi Ning’s heart trembled.

She asked tentatively, “You don’t like it”

“Don’t like it.”

Such a crisp and sharp refusal, Shi Ning was at loss.

“If you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

I won’t introduce you in the future.”

She originally did not like to deal with this kind of thing in the first place, she only agreed to help her roommate because she had been pestering her and she had no choice.

Another reason was that she thinks it’s good to have a suitable girl introduced to him.

After all, with Lin Suno’s temperament, if no one pushes him he would only keep pushing out those girls who like him.

But it seems that her good intentions have turned out to be bad, Shi Ning was a little depressed.

When Lin Suno saw her like this, he knew she didn’t understand what he meant at all and was still thinking he was blaming her for introducing him to someone.

He didn’t know who was upset with anymore and walked ahead without saying a word.

“Eh Are you just going to leave like this It’s not good for us to leave my roommate alone in the cinema like this, right”

Shi Ning shouted behind him, and Lin Suno’s footsteps still didn’t stop.

Shi Ning followed while picking up her phone and calling Yan Fei.

The call connected.

“Fei Fei.”

Before she could say anything, Yan Fei spoke first.

“He went after you, right”


Can you go home alone, we’re on this side of Wanda Plaza, why don’t you come find us.”

Yan Fei laughed on the phone.

“The person is already chasing you, why should I go.”

“Ning Ning, Ji Ling, and others said that you look smart, but when it comes to romance, you’re a fool.

At first, I didn’t believe them but after today they were right.”

“Hey, what are you talking about.”

Shi Ning was confused and for a moment didn’t know what to say.

Yan Fei: “Okay, I’ll be fine alone.

We bought three tickets, there should be at least one of us who has to finish the movie.”

“Well, I’m still at the movie theater and it’s not good to keep talking on the phone, so I’ll hang up.”

Saying that Yan Fei hang up the phone.


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