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Inside the cinema, she looked at the huge silver screen alone and couldn’t help but smile to herself.

I thought I was here to find a date, but it turned out I was the assistant.

Since this little brother has the courage to chase after her, it’s not far for him to take out the courage to confess.

It was really hard for him to guard the elm tree with only study on her mind for so long, he should be extremely cautious.

When he met other girls who gave him goodwill signals, he was able to run toward Shi Ning without caring about the person’s face.

Ning, you should cherish it.


After putting down the phone, Shi Ning finally caught up with Lin Suno’s pace.

She recalled what Yan Fei said just now.

And a conclusion comes to mind.

Could it be that she meant that Suno liked her

But it’s not like they’ve known each other for a day or two.

If he likes her, why doesn’t he talk to her about it

She does not like guessing games when comes to this topic, so even if there have been moments of ambiguity, in order not to affect this friendship, she must think more about it.

But today, he chased her out.

Although she blamed him for leaving Yan Fei alone in the cinema, she actually had to admit that she was pleasantly surprised at the moment she saw him.

“Suno why are you angry today”

She asked.

“Mad at me for lying to you, or mad at me for introducing you to girls.”

“I’m not angry.”

“Don’t be stubborn, if you’re not angry then why are you cold to me”

“I usually also like this.”

“But you don’t usually do that to me.”

He stopped walking forward, turned his head, and laughed out loud in an inaudible manner.

“So you know, too, that I treat you differently than I treat others.”

The thin layer of window paper that separates the two has faint signs of being poked through.

Shi Ning was nervous like never before and bit her lip.

“I am the kind of person that doesn’t like to beat around the bush.

If you don’t tell me, I can’t guess what you really think.

The more I care about people, the more I don’t dare to think about it.

I’m afraid that if I think wrong, I’ll lose a very, very good friend.”

“So now I want to ask you a question, do you, do you like me”

There was a distance of two steps between them.

Shi Ning waited for a full minute but did not hear his answer.

“Well, you can pretend I never asked.”

Every second after asking the question, she was embarrassed as hell.

It’s all because of Yan Fei, that girl, who said those things to her for a good reason, so she couldn’t resist asking directly out of her mouth.

Shi Ning wanted to pretend that nothing happened in general and quickly pass the person who was ahead of her.

Before she had a chance to go, her arm was pulled.

“I care more than you do.”

He said.

“You’re just afraid of losing a good friend, and I’m afraid that if you knew I liked you, you wouldn’t want me.”

Then what he lost would be all.

He knew it was bad.

But he knows better than anyone else that in his life, apart from her, he could no longer like anyone else.


TL: kyaaahh my heart!!~ bitter-sweet confession… I hope to eat dog food next keke


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