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His words were more lethal than saying I like you directly.

Shi Ning looked at him in disbelief.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes and heard it with her own ears, she couldn’t have imagined that the person who said such things was Lin Suno.

He has been held high by everyone, and he should be proud and even arrogant.

His target was her all along.

But how could he say, “I’m afraid that if you don’t like me, you won’t want me.”

Such lowly words.

Shi Ning’s heart was a mess.

If the object of his confession was not her, but another person, she would certainly rush to find that girl and argue with her.

Why should Nono’s club be so humble It was too much.

But that person was herself.

She froze in her tracks and her mind went blank.

“How long” She asked.

Lin Suno: “in the first year of senior high school, after you suddenly changed, I found that my eyes gradually couldn’t leave you.”

He thought that his feelings for her began very early, and it was not until he really liked her that he realized that those feelings he had in the past were just pure friendship.

He gradually understood that the wayward and domineering eldest lady in the past, he only wanted to take care of her and was accustomed to her because he regarded her as a younger sister.

But the person in front of him, as soon as she appears all his attention was focused on her, and all his happiness, sorrow, anger, and joy were drawn by her

Hearing this, Shi Ning felt a little relieved.

Fortunately, Suno likes her now.

Otherwise, if he likes the original Shi Ning, won’t she occupy the body of his sweetheart

Shi Ning fell silent.

For the first time, she felt that her brain could not think right.

What should I do now

Does she need to respond to him

But how should she respond

Before today, she only regarded him as a friend.

Even if there was a throbbing in her heart, she never really put any meaning towards it nor think about it that way.

Being caught off guard by Lin Suno’s confession telling her he had liked her several years ago, and that there was a second option in their relationship besides friendship…

“I think we, both of us, are in the more rational category.

So ……”

“So you’re going to reject me” He asked, unable to hide the dejection in his eyes.

After thinking about the result of his confession, Lin Suno never dared to open his mouth, scared that the two of them would walk into a dead end.

“Can’t you just hear me out When did I ever say I was going to say no to you”

Shi Ning couldn’t stand this gesture of his saying such words, she felt more distressed for him than he did.

When she said this, his eyes lit up instantly and staring straight at her.

Shi Ning blushed and heartbeat at his blazing gaze.

Surely after the confession, something has changed, how could Lin Suno look at her with a straightforward gaze before.

“I mean, you and I are both rational people, so we need to be more cautious.

I have never been in love.

Let me tell you the truth, many girls regard falling in love as the top priority in their lives.

But for me, falling in love is not so important.

There are many things more important and meaningful than it, such as studying, such as accompanying relatives.”

“I know.” Lin Suno said.

If not, she wouldn’t have had the three of them around her for so many years, and she didn’t take them too seriously.

“But once the relationship is established, it’s different.”

She doesn’t start a relationship easily, so she needs to be cautious.

Behind rationality was the ultimate sensibility.

Once she chooses this person, she would also invest all of herself.

In particular, this person was Lin Suno.

Before they could become a couple, he was already a very important person to her.

“So can you just give me some time to think about it”

She said softly.

“Of course, you can.”

Since she didn’t reject him directly, it means she has feelings for him, and it’s not realistic to determine the relationship at once.

Shi Ning said she could think about it and he was already delighted.

“Sorry, I’m so oblivious.”

She was the one who was too oblivious to make him wait so long.

The person across her had his eyebrows fluttered and his eyes were full of emotions.

He walked towards her, and the shadows of the two on the ground grew closer and gradually mingled.

“It didn’t take long.”

He stood in front of her and whispered.

“I would have been prepared to wait even longer.”

Shi Ning’s nose soured, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

“Wait longer Are you stupid”

People don’t last longer than a lifetime.

In this life, he was always in pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of the ultimate.

If he couldn’t wait for her, he would rather not wait for others.

But he didn’t say it, after noticing that she was feeling sorry for him.


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