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In this life, he was always in pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of the ultimate.

If he couldn’t wait for her, he would rather not wait for others.

But he didn’t say it, after noticing that she was feeling sorry for him.

Those black and bright apricot eyes were filled with tears.

She says he was a rational person, but the truth was he couldn’t control his emotions.

But her saying this, perhaps was the cutest thing about her.

Lin Suno thought that if he said more at this time, about the hidden and various feelings he had been waiting to describe over the years, he could have broken her heart and might nod her head in agreement with his confession.

But he would prefer that she accept him because she really likes him, not because of pity.

“It wasn’t that long, after all, someone, has been anxious to introduce me to someone, right”

He joked.

Guilt and distress instantly surged.

Shi Ning hurriedly explained.

“No! How can I know If you didn’t tell me, how will I know, if I know, I won’t introduce you to someone!”

Lin Suno smiled.

“I remember someone told me just now that I need to find a partner, so I was introduced to her roommate.

Since you won’t introduce me to anyone else, but as you said I need to have someone, in that case, it seems that you can only introduce yourself to me.”



The logic of a genius, she didn’t know how to refute it.

“Well, no one is forcing you to give an answer.

It’s a pleasure for me to like you, and the same goes for waiting.

You don’t need to feel any burden.

Just think about it and follow your heart.”

He said, raising his hand, bending his index finger, and wiping away the tear that had fallen from her eye.

“Anyway, my time is all yours, and you can take your time and think about it.”

He curled his lips and smiled lightly.

Shi Ning met his affectionate eyes.



Getting around her.

This man has simply borderline insanity.

If things go on like this, his rationality would sooner or later run away from home.

“Then let’s go back first.”

Shi Ning blushed and quickly changed the subject.

“Okay, I’ll take you.”

He walked her back to the dormitory building, on the way, the two didn’t speak, and no one mentioned that incident again.

“Here it is, you get an early night’s rest.”

Lin Suno said.

“And say sorry for me and your roommate.”

Even if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t want to hurt others.

“If worst comes to worst, I’ll treat her to watch a movie for a semester to make up for it.”

Shi Ning smiled helplessly.

But it should be okay, Yan Fei’s character dares to love and hate, and Lin Suno could see her better than she could.

When the two talked on the phone, he knew that she had planned to put it down.

“Go up.” He said.


Shi Ning answered and walked towards the dormitory building, after a few steps, she turned back and saw Lin Suno still standing there.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet.”

“I’ll go after I see you go up.” He said with a faint smile.


The words came out differently, a simple sentence like that, and her heart began to beat faster again.

“Why aren’t you leaving”

Lin Suno looked at her standing still and asked.

Shi Ning: “Although I can’t give you a very clear response right now, there is something I can tell you.”

“If someone else had said something like that to me tonight, I wouldn’t have hesitated or hesitated.”

He looked at her steadily and asked in a mute voice.

“What will you do”

“I would reject him outright.”

Only you are the one I can’t refuse.


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