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After Shi Ning returned to the room, her heartbeat had not yet completely calmed down.

This was not the first time she had been confessed to, but it was certainly the first time she had felt confessed to.

Suno actually, liked her.

And since high school

She thought that a well behaved and pretty baby like him must have been concentrating on his studies in high school.

“Ning Ning, what’s wrong with you, why does your face look so red”

Ji Ling, who was in the same room, asked.

“Nothing, it’s probably just a little hot out.” She said.

Ji Ling was dumbfounded, pointing out the wind-blown trees outside creaking.

“It’s so windy tonight, are you sure it’s hot out there”

“I feel hot.

I’ll take a bath first.”

Right after saying this, Shi Ning went into the bathroom.

When she finished showering and blowing out her hair, Yan Fei has just returned to the room.

At this moment Shi Ning saw her and had a few moments of embarrassment.

This embarrassment was especially magnified after Lin Suno confessed to her.

Introducing a boy who likes her to her roommate.

Shi Ning walked up and said to Yan Fei.

“Fei Fei, can we go out on the balcony for a chat”

“Sure.” Yan Fei agreed in one breath and didn’t see any awkwardness.

“Oh, why are you two whispering, what is there to hide that we can’t listen to” Ji Ling joked.

Yan Fei looked at Shi Ning raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“I think our Ning Ning ah, has a relationship problem and wants to consult me.

It’s useless to tell you about this kind of thing.

After all, among the four of us, only me has experience.”

Ji Ling He Song Xue were all interested.

Ji Ling: “Dang, is that really true, is it with the president of the Calligraphy Club”

He Songxue: “I want to hear it too I want to hear it too.”

“Go away, it’s not what you think.”

After sending off her roommate, Shi Ning pulled Yan Fei and the two of them went to the balcony outside the room.

“Feifei, I’m sorry about tonight.” Shi Ning apologized.

Yan Fei watched with interest as her normally serious roommate apologized to her.

“To be honest, you two look good together but I can only blame myself, who told me to like a handsome man who already has someone in his heart.

And I believe you, when you agreed to help me with the introduction, you must not have known that he liked you.”

When Yan Fei said this, Shi Ning felt that she didn’t even have to explain.

“Do you believe in me so much Is my image so good in your mind”

Yan Fei: “You think too much, I just think that if such a great handsome man likes me, I will not introduce him to others even if you kill me.

So do you.”

“Anyway, I owe you this time.

I will buy the tickets for the movies you want to see this semester.” Shi Ning said.

Yan Fei: “Wow, if I have a boyfriend in the future, will you also take his share After all, I can’t watch a movie alone.”

“Okay.” Shi Ning agreed.

Yan Fei looked her up and down.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, so happy Looks like you’re in a good mood.

Sure enough, when I’m frustrated someone is happy, how is it After chasing you out, did he confess his love to you, did he hug you as soon as he rushed up”

Yan Fei’s mind flashed through countless novel plots.

Shi Ning: “Drop that, does he look like such a person No matter what he does, he is patient and restrained.”

Especially in love.

Thinking about what happened tonight, Shi Ning again unconsciously blushed slightly.

Yan Fei: “from your expression, I know that even without the plot of those idol dramas, he must have shown his heart to you.”

Shi Ning nodded slightly.

“Did you say yes to him”

Shi Ning shook her head slightly.

“Dang, you rejected him This is the first time I’ve encountered this kind of high-quality product, and you don’t even cherish it” Yan Fei was shocked.

“I didn’t say no, I just, I’ve been friends with him for many years and couldn’t adapt to the change in status all of a sudden.

And he waited for so many years, I can’t be too hasty, I always feel as if I am not good and worthy of his love.

I’m also afraid that I don’t like him as much, and I’ll let him down.”

She still feels heartbroken when she recalls his confession.

Yan Fei looked at her incomprehensibly.

“It’s not marriage, so why make it so complicated Just ask the simplest question: do you like him”

Shi Ning: “Like is like, but I’m not sure that my like is his kind of like.

I just know that he is a very important person to me.”

What a piece of wood! No wonder the handsome boy has to wait so many years.


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