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Shi Chen turned his head to see his younger sister standing behind him.

For a moment, he was a little shaken.


A line of words flashed through his mind.


Fairies came down to earth.


Immortal being…


Shi Chen couldn’t help feeling complacent when he thought that his sister was a little fairy.


Then he thought that his sister would marry sooner or later, and his good mood suddenly disappeared.


The two walked outside and chatted. 


Shi Chen: “Ning Ning, you said you don’t like that boy Nan Xiao, right”




“Do you have any other boys you like”




“Are there any boys at school pestering you”


“Brother, I used to like Nan Xiao.

He is famous in school.

Which boy dares to pester me”


Shi Chen thought it was also reasonable.

The corner of his lips involuntarily moved upward.


“Well, you are still young.

Don’t fall in love with other guys yet.

You should study hard.”


Shi Ning answered: “Don’t worry, brother.

I don’t want to fall in love at all.

I have only one thing in my mind.”


Shi Chen: “What”


Shi Ning: “Is it better for me to study at Tsinghua University or Peking University Or what do you think of Harvard”




Shi Chen was silent for a moment as he touched his sister’s head.


“Let’s not think about things that are too far away.”


Shi Ning: “……”


Her brother still didn’t believe her.


After a short walk, they saw a red Lamborghini parked not far away.


Yu Chuyao stood by the car and waved to them.


Shi Chen: “Your sister Chu Yao is here.

Let’s go.”


And he went straight there.


Shi Ning rolled her eyes and followed.


After they came, Yu Chuyao showed her standard smile and said hello to Shi Ning.

“Ning Ning, you are here.”


Then she looked at Shi Chen and said, “Brother Chen, long time no see.”


Shi Chen nodded his head and said in a low voice, “Welcome back.”


She was used to Shi Chen being cold and being able to make him say “welcome” means that Yu Chuyao had some weight in his heart.


The reason why Shi Chen was good to Chu Yao was very simple.

All the people he likes, love her very much.


Grandma liked her, mom liked her, even his sister who didn’t like him liked her.


Therefore, he was willing to give Yu Chuyao some face.


The door opened and a beautiful woman in fashionable and luxurious clothes stepped out of the car with her long legs.

Because she was wearing a 10 cm high-heeled shoes, except for Shi Chen, she was a little taller than them.


She went straight to Shi Chen, took off her sunglasses, smiled at him before opening her arms.


Shi Chen’s eyes light slightly moved and went to embrace her.




Cao Shu patted her son on the shoulder.


“I miss you, my son.”


After Cao Shu and Shi Chen greet each other, they entered the car door directly as if they didn’t see Shi Ning.


Yu Chuyao said thoughtfully, “Brother Chen, you and aunt Shu haven’t seen each other for a long time.

Please sit in front.

I’ll sit in the back with sister Shi Ning.”


Shi Chen turned his head and asked Shi Ning, “Is that ok”


Noticing his move, Cao Shu’s eyes flashed a little displeasure.


When did he care so much about his sister’s feelings Hadn’t they always been at loggerheads


Shi Ning nodded: “It’s good.”


Cao Shu and Shi Chen, who were sitting in front, chatted.


Yu Chuyao started to talk to her warmly.

Seeing that Shi Ning didn’t pay much attention to her, she didn’t take the initiative to talk to her anymore.

She turned to chat with the two people in the front row.

Shi Ning was silent for a long time from the beginning to the end.


The car drove to the old house of the Shi family.

It had been three years since the death of Grandfather Shi.

After the divorce of Shi Zhanping and Cao Shu, Grandmother Shi also moved out.

In this huge villa, in addition to the servants and maids, Grandmother Shi lived alone.


On her birthday, not only she invited the family but also hosted a banquet for the well-known family members.


Nan Xiao, Lin Suno, and Jin Sihan were here.


After entering the house, Shi Ning saw her grandmother sitting on the throne-like chair.

The old lady was over 60 years old yet her energy and spirits were still very good.

She looked at the whole room with a kind smile.


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