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Chapter 33


The place where she was born was poor and destitute, yet surprisingly there were many talented and excellent people living in the area.

Though her level of painting was far worse than those who had studied painting their whole life—she just learned a little bits of their talent.


“It’s not big of a deal to be awesome Could it be that you are hiding a much bigger surprise” Jin Sihan asked.


Shi Ning looked at him and said,


“Don’t everyone have a mysterious side with them Just like you Sihan.”


What she said was very meaningful.

Jin Sihan’s radiant smile froze for a second, a trace of complex emotions flashed in his eyes but then managed to smile back joyfully.


“Ningning what are you talking about I don’t understand.”


Shi Ning refused to talk more.

The performance she did in front of Grandmother Shi earlier used up all of her energy, she was a little bit tired and wanted to take a rest.


Walking upstairs Shi Ning saw Lin Suno standing not far away, she walked towards him and handed the drawing she had drawn on the spot.


“Thank you for believing in me.”


When so many people were skeptical he was willing to stand up and believe in her—Shi Ning was very moved by his trust.


Lin Suno was frozen for a moment then took the drawing in her hand and looked at her in the eyes,


“You’re welcome.”


No matter how many time she looked at Lin Suno’s face, she is always felt amaze.


‘It is completely favored by God—how can a man be so beautiful.’


Shi Ning sighed again.


“You go and play.

I need to rest first.”


After talking to Lin Suno, Shi Ning went upstairs alone.


Nan Xiao, who hadn’t spoken from beginning to end looked at her departing figure and squinted his eyes slightly.


From the moment Shi Ning arrived, none of the boys present could looked away from her.

Today, she was too beautiful, completely different from the past.


And at the banquet, her performance was also amazing.


The shocked she cause was beyond any words to describe.


How should he put it, it was obviously the same face but it seems to be a different person.


And he has to say, since she started ignoring him, this woman began to attract his attention.


This feeling made him irritable.


While Shi Ning was walking upstairs, she saw Shu Chen and Yu Chuyao in the corridor on the second floor.





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