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Chapter 39


When grandmother Shi said she wanted her family to visit her, Shi Ning’s suppressed emotions suddenly overflowed, and couldn’t tell for a moment whether her tears were because of missing, regret, sadness or because of warmth touched and happiness.



Shi Ning has always been strong.

In the past her neighbors would often say’s that Shi Ning from the Li family was smart, sensible and stronger than a man.


But who would wish to be that strong.


All she wanted was to be strong enough to protect her family, and now that she had taken over the old Shi Ning’s body, she would surely not let anyone hurt them.


“Don’t cry, tell grandma who made our Shi Ning sad.”


Grandmother Shi stood up and helped Shi Ning wiped her tears.


Shi Ning bit her lip and shook her head, wiping her tears she said,


“Grandma don’t worry Ningning will come to keep you company whenever I have time and I will bring brother, father and mother with me.”



After losing someone, that’ when you realized that you could have cherished them more, but you could only live in regret.



However with the life given to Shi Ning, she would definitely make up for the original body and cherish every moment so that she would not regret it in the end.



I’ll cherish what I have while I still have it and keep it its best!


Shi Ning promised herself.


Grandmother Shi did not understand why Shi Ning started crying again.

She wiped her tears that keeps on coming out from her granddaughter’s eyes.


But just watching her cry stirred up her emotions, making her a little teary-eyed.


Grandmother Shi held her granddaughter and petted her back to comfort her.


“Stop crying, stop crying, Ningning grandma is here stop crying.”


At this time Yu Chuyao came out to the living room with a violin on her hand, seeing this scene she gritted her teeth.


Usually at this time, as long as she was at home, grandmother Shi would sit in the back garden and would listened to her play her violin before going upstairs to have rest.



But now, Shi Ning stole her limelight.


Shi Ning took everything from her, even her grandmother who cared for her the most.


She knows, although grandmother Shi cared for her, she has never been so closed to her.


Was this the difference between a real granddaughter and the adopted one


Why could Shi Ning get the love from so many people without any effort


“If you can’t even catch Old lady Shi’s attention in this family, you will be forever compared and cast away by Shi Ning.”


Yu Chuyao heard a voice near her ear, she turned her head and saw Cao Shu standing behind her.


She didn’t even notice when Cao Shu had stood there, but surely she also saw Shi Ning and grandmother Shi hugging each other like a loving family.



“I really underestimated her before”


Cao Shu added.


Not only the Old lady Shi, even her son.

She could clearly fee a big change in their attitudes towards Shi Ning.


“I always thought that she was the best one to control.

I didn’t expect that when I came back this time, she would be like a different person.”


Chu Yao whispered, and there was a hint of sadness on her tone.


“Aunt Shu am I really inferior to Shi Ning”


Cao Shu pressed her shoulder.


“Be confident, you are the one I brought here.”


Cao Shu encourages, stroking Yu Chuyao face carefully like a piece of art and added,


“Women never rely on themselves, but on men.

As long as you get close to the Nan family, will your status in the Shi family, be lower than that of Shi Ning”


“But I…”


The person she likes was never Nan Xiao but someone else.


Before she could finished her words, Cao Shu glared at her sharply and Yu Chuyao could only swallowed her words back.


“I’ll listen to Aunt Shu.”




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