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Once she saw her brother, the fatigue from the trip was all swept away.

Shi Ning felt like her whole body came to life.

She quickly walked towards Shi Chen, and said surprisingly.

“Brother why are you here Don’t you have class today”

Shi Chen smiled.

“Today is Sunday, little fool.”

Yang Chuan was a very humane high school.

During first and second year of senior high school, they have normal 5 days school 2 days off, and on their third year in senior year they have 6 days school and one day off.

Shi Chen fastened the helmet on Shi Ning.

“Come on up.”

Shi Ning hop on the off road motorbike and grabbed Shi Chen’s windbreaker.

“I’m getting on.”

After waiting for Shi Ning to sit on, Jin Sihan joked.

“Brother Chen, I think you still have enough space for one person.

Why don’t you take me as well”

Shi Chen lightly glance at him.

“That’s a pipe dream, I only keep the back seat for Ningning.”

This was one of Shi Chen’s favorite motorbike, and usually no one else was allowed to touch it.

He also never used it to drive people except Shi Ning.

Shi Ning who was not happy with Jin Sihan’s attitude towards Yu Chuyao, after hearing what he said she poke her head out from the Shi Chen’s back and said.

“Sihan  in my brother’s eyes you may not be as good as this motorcycle.”

“…..you two siblings, sometime are too much.”

Ignoring what Jin Sihan said, Shi Chen glance at Shi Ning in the mirror and said.

“Let’s go.”

Shi Chen then immediately start the engine and a loud sound could be hear on the spacious ground.

After maneuvering, the off road motorbike dashed out, away from everyone’s sight and only its dust and the shadow of the handsome driver.

The idol like scene really happened in front of everyone’s eyes.

The girls who witness this all thinks that the private car that was parked were not pleasing to the eyes.

“Motorbikes are so cool, unlike the cars, they don’t look nothing at all.”

“Today is another day Shi Chen grace us with his handsome presence.

Shi Ning’s life is so good ah.

If I have such brother I don’t even want a boyfriend!”

“Yes ah, who doesn’t want that kind of brother I have a brother myself too.

When I was child we always fought each other and now that we are all grown up all he did is to chase after girls.

Brother like Shi Chen is probably extinct.”

This was the second time Shi Ning rides in her brother’s motorbike.

Unlike last time Shi Chen drove very smoothly this time.

Shi Ning smiled, she hugged her brother’s waist and then leaned her head at his back.

After returning home, Shi Ning followed her brother to his room.

Shi Chen’s room was the typical boy’s style, the decorations were simple.

There was a large bookshelves beside the desks, and beside the bookshelves was a cabinet that was made to order for his action figure anime’s.

When Shi Ning looked the action figures, she felt that they were nice, she picked one and place it on her palm to inspect it more.

While Shi Chen sat down and watched his sister fiddling with his action figures.

“How does it feel to go out with your classmates”

Shi Chen asked.

“It was okay.”

“Why did you guys come back early, I remember originally you should be back this evening”

Shi Chen asked again in passing.

Shi Ning put down the action figure from her hands, she then sat down face to face with her brother and chatted with his brother about the things she had done in the past few days.

After hearing that Shi Ning almost drowned, Shi Chen’s face instantly darkened.

“You said Yu Chuyao pushed you in the water”

Shi Ning nodded.

“Although I could swim when I was a child, I haven’t swam for a long time.

When I went to the pool this time I found that I was a little afraid of the water.

So I didn’t go down but still had the swimming ring with me.

Who knew she would suddenly pushed me I was really scared to death at that time.”

Shi Ning recalled and narrated, she then patted her chest with a look of lingering fear.

Shi Chen wrinkled his eyebrows and said.

“She unexpectedly can do such thing, her courage is really big ah.”

“Yes, although she maybe just joking, it almost cost her sister’s life.”

Shi Ning strike while the iron was hot.

“A joke Who dares to make a joke about your life I’ll make sure she won’t laugh for the rest of her life.”

Shi Chen said in a cold voice.

He then glance at Shi Ning.

“Fortunately, you’re okay.”

Otherwise even if the Old Lady Shi and his mother protect Yu Chuyao he would never let her go unscathed.

She was just adopted daughter, how dare she make a move against Shi Ning.

Shi Ning was a little move, in her impression Shi Chen also considered Yu Chuyao as his half-sister.

She thought that after saying this, even if Shi Chen consoled her he would not blamed Yu Chuyao too much.

Unexpectedly Shi Chen was completely on her side, and he stood side with his sister.

She was even dumbfounded by expression which was telling, you touched my sister I’ll hunt you and your ancestor till grave. And doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Brother don’t you have a good relationship with Yu Chuyao”

“That’s only because grandma, mom… and most all of you like her.”

When he said this, Shi Chen turned his head and his expression was a bit awkward.

Shi Ning couldn’t help but laugh.

Her brother was just too—a little too cute.

He clearly cared for his sister deep down to his bone! If it wasn’t for the original owner who didn’t like to see him before she didn’t know how long could her hide this sister complex.

But now it was completely exposed in front of her.

She propped up her face, full of smiles and her black grape-like almond eyes looked up at Shi Chen.

“Brother, is it true that if I don’t like someone, you won’t like them either”

“I believe you have your own reason for hating someone, and your brother is willing to help you remove all things you don’t like.

Except your brother’s bottom line.”

The bottom line presumably was referring to his mother.

Shi Ning knew she could defeat Yu Chuyao but it would be hard to shake the importance of Cao Shu in Shi Chen’s heart.

If she could, she would want what was written in the book to be false.

After all, after crossing this world was not exactly the same as what she read in the book.

She also saw many people who did not exist in the book, such as each of her classmates.

They all vividly existed, with their own names and families.

The world was unmistakably real and was not cold and simple black and white text.

She really hopes that Cao Shu could not have to be as bad as in the book, so that her brother would not be hurt.


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