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Translated by: Parfait




There were some things she couldn’t hide even if she wanted to.


She tried to search her mind, and finally realized who these people were.


Like her, these girls were sent to Yangchuan High School by family relationships.


All of them were girls with good family background and no learning skills.

They just want to play.

Under the leadership of Shi Ning, they acted domineering and willful on the campus every day.

They only know how to dress up and fall in love.

They also bully anyone who they want.

All the students in school were afraid of them.


The original owner Shi Ning bestowed their social group a name.


‘Nan Xiao Support Association’.




Thinking about Nan Xiao, she thought of the original owner’s idiotic love.


“Boss, your health is getting better! Is it useful to cut your wrists Did Brother Xiao go to the hospital to see you” The girl with a high ponytail, hair dyed in yellow curls, and big eyes, asked.


Her name is Gao Min, and she was the second-in-command in the ‘Nan Xiao Support Association’ 


When Shi Ning was not present, everyone usually listened to her.


“Yes, yes, I will try this if it works…maybe Suno will notice me too!” another girl said.


“But it hurts.”


“It’s just a stab and it will not kill you, what are you afraid of” 


“That’s right.

If the boss can get Brother Xiao’s attention, then she was not treated in the hospital for nothing!”


“The boss is so cool, he deserves to be our role model!”


They discussed this in unison.


Shi Ning: “…”


This was a group of demons, who could save her!


She coughed, interrupting their enthusiastic discussion.


“Do you really want to try this kind of thing” The group of children with distorted values ​​looked at her excitedly.


Shi Ning: “It’s true that on the day I committed suicide.

I walked in the ghost gate and saw Lord Yama.”


They opened their eyes and looked at her in horror.


Shi Ning continued: “The Lord Yama said that if I don’t study hard in this life and feel sorry for my parents, I have to experience 18 retribution in hell.”


“This, so serious” Gao Min stuttered in fear.

“Then how can you still be alive”


Shi Ning: “I cried for three days and three nights in Lord Yama’s Palace, telling him that I wanted to change my past, and he finally thought that since I am still young and my life is still not over, he decided to let me come back and make up for it.”


Shi Ning told them a lot of vivid details, as if it had actually happened.


These girls were dumbfounded by her.

Their common sense told them that what she said was impossible.


But Shi Ning said it so clearly and animatedly that they somewhat believed.


“So after this time, I decided that I don’t want to think about anything in the future, and I will study hard.” Shi Ning said.


The girls were crying, “Don’t be like that, boss.

It’s so painful to learn.

You won’t take us out to play anymore”


Gao Min: “Yes! Today Nan Xiao is going to fight with the boss in the South City.

We have to cheer him on! What does study even mean Let’s go quickly.

Brother Xiao’s match will be over later.”


Shi Ning shook her head and said, “No.”


Gao Min grieved, “You’re not going” 


Shi Ning nodded firmly.


Gao Min looked at her up and down: “Boss, you have really changed, you don’t look like you anymore.”


It’s because she was not the original Shi Ning.


Shi Ning said, “Oh, right, don’t call me the boss in the future, just call me Shi Ning.”


Gao Min refused.

“That’s not how it works! You are the president of our Nan Xiao Support Association.

Who would be our boss if not you It’s you who established our association.”


Shi Ning: “Then disband, from today, You are also free.”


She said it so lightly that it directly crushed several girls.


“Disband, disband!”


They couldn’t believe their ears.


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