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Shi Ning looked at Gao Min blankly and said.

“I won’t go even if you sign up for me, I’m not interested.”

She liked her future crowned to be No.1 in their year, or and no.1 in liberal arts in the future but not this school flower, it was not interesting.

“Why ah, the qualification is not for everyone.

The student council school forum organization voted for the five campus popular goddess.

And you are one of the chosen, it’s just a show boss! Didn’t you learn how to dance, why not go and just dance.”

As a family’s precious daughter, the original owner did learn to dance for a period of time when she was child and she herself knows how to dance.

But that doesn’t mean she wanted to compete for any school flower.

Besides, the dance move of the original owner were common, there was nothing else to see.

She estimated that it was just as simple as running on the field.

It was meaningless and a waste of her time.

“If you want to go, you go, I’m not interested anyway.”

Shi Ning dropped the sentence and turned around, thinking she needed to go to the toilet.

“Yu Chuyao is also going, boss!”

Gao Min, as Shi Ning’s most loyal follower, naturally knows about Shi Ning’s like the back of her hand.

Since the last time Class A went to out on a trip, everyone said that Shi Ning and Yu Chuyao, the pair of sisters, had completely torn their face apart and were now incompatible with each other.

Shi Ning’s footsteps towards the restroom paused.

Gao Min thought there was room to turn things around and looked at her expectantly.

But Shi Ning only said.

“Oh, let her go then.”

She was not interested in competing with Yu Chuyao for such hollow name as school flower.

After leaving Gao Min, Shi Ning headed to the toilet.

Who knew that halfway, she happened to run into Yu Chuyao.

Since the last incident, Yu Chuyao really believed that Shi Ning was no longer the little sister who she could easily fooled like in the past.

And the relationship between the two could no longer be repaired and nurse back.

So she no longer deliberately ingratiated herself and pretended to have any sisterly affection.

Shi Ning was trying to make a detour.

Yu Chuyao however took the initiative to talk to her.

“Just now Gao Min was looking for you.”

“How did you know”

“I saw it, so I purposely followed you to this side of the bathroom to look for you.”

Yu Chuyao said bluntly.

Tut, after tearing her mask, she made a lot of straight forward remarks.

Shi Ning felt that it was much better that her original affection.

Seeing that Yu Chuyao has no plan on speaking, she continued.

“I saw Gao Min holding the popular goddess PK propaganda poster, and then asked the students sitting on the door, they said you refused to participate in this competition after hearing that I will also participate.”

The students in her class were really something, spreading the words like this, wanting Yu Chuyao pick on her again and then let them watched a big drama of the two sister tearing each other apart.

It seems that the homework assigned by Lao Yang is still too little recently.

“Whether you participate in this completion or not, I will not go.

I’m not interested in stage talent shows and I’m not even less interested in name like school flower.”

After she finished saying this, she pass through Yu Chuyao planning to leave.

“You’re not interested in any of this, so are you interested in the F4”

Yu Chuyao said from behind her.

Shi Ning turned her head, puzzled.

“What does this have to do with them”

Yu Chuyao revealed a smile.

“You don’t really think that F4 is just called out, do you As a joint establishment of the heirs of the four big families, F4 is already a recognized institution in the school.

They enjoy too many privileges given by the school and the admiration of all their classmates.

So they occasionally need to fulfil a little obligation.”

“I heard that the popular goddess who wins this time has the right to make a request to any one of the F4.”

“Who do you think I’ll mention for the request Nan Xiao or Suno”

Shi Ning was speechless.

“Aren’t you very close with Sihan recently, there were even rumors that you are already together.”

“So I don’t even need to take advantage of the competition to ask him ah, anyway no matter what I say he will agree to me.”

The corner of her lips curved up, as she show a happy full face and satisfied expression, while looking at Shi Ning with a bit of smug in her eyes.

Shi Ning was disgusted by her villainous appearance as she also knew that Yu Chuyao came her to provoke her and then stimulate her to participate in the competition as well.

She was good at studying but in singing and dancing, she and the original Shi Ning could not compete with Yu Chuyao.

Yu Chuyao just wanted to prove herself by beating her in the stage openly.

Although Shi Ning was not used to seeing this disgusting face of Yu Chuyao, but at the same time she would not let her words and action sway her judgment.

In this game, she won’t go in this competition if she doesn’t want to.

She could give her blessing to her and Nan Xiao if that’ what she want.

Shi Ning did not want to say any word with her anymore, she raised her legs and continued to walk forward.

“I originally wanted to make request with Nan Xiao but then I turned around and thought I still prefer brother Shi Chen…”

Yu Chuyao slowly added behind her back.


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