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Sure enough after Yu Chuyao finished this sentence, she manage to make Shi Ning stopped on her tracks.

She slowly turned around.

“You want me to enter in this competition that badly”

Yu Chuyao smiled.

“I just want to enjoy this together with you sister.”

“There’s no one else is here, you don’t need to pretend.

I’m just curious why do you think you can beat me in this competition.

I didn’t want to compete with you for this, isn’t it good to have one less competitor”

Yu Chuyao walked a few steps towards her and said with a light smile.

“What’s the point of having a stage without you I don’t pay attention to other people at all, my attention is all for you.

As for my confidence you will know when you lose to me.”

Shi Ning could clearly see in her expression that she was determined to win 100% over her.

Yu Chuyao looked at her and continued.

“You’ve really change completely now.

Nan Xiao is so pitiful, you abandoned him too soon.

It seems that he doesn’t weight much as your brother.”

She slightly bent over, hand on her back and a pair of large eyes that look so innocent said.

“You did not like Brother Shi Chen before, why pretend to be good to him now, he’s been deceived by you.”

“And you even speak ill of me in front of brother Shi Chen.”

Yu Chuyao said while smiling then suddenly her expression become so gloomy and eyes full of hatred.

These days, whether she sees Shi Chen at school or at the Shi family residence, she always takes the initiative to greet him.

Shi Chen may not be eager to greet her back but he would still care, however recently that was not the case.

“Your disgusting, that’s my own brother.”

Shi Ning said.

“If I speak ill of you, so what Didn’t you do the same Also even if you were present I will still dare say it.

If you have the ability, go to brother Shi Chen now and tell him bad things about me! But think first if he would believe me his sister or you who was picked up from the orphanage.”

The words picked up from the orphanage obviously irritated Yu Chuyao.

Yu Chuyao’s eyes were staring at her full of hatred, hating that she could put a hole a hole on Shi Ning’s face.

Seeing her expression crumble.

Shi Ning heart was a little better, dare to take her brother just stimulate her, then she must return a greater stimulation back.

Shi Ning then this time smiled and said.

“If a picked child wants to be seen and valued in the Shi family, she must be completely compared to the other girl in the Shi family.

So over the years, you constantly encourage me to pursue Nan Xiao and do all kinds of idiotic things, so as to highlight your kindness and excellence.

To put it bluntly your good reputation was gained by stepping on me all these years.”

Yu Chuyao’s face showed a shock expression, not expecting Shi Ning to point out her thoughts in the open.

Shi Ning then said.

“In fact even if you win, what if you ask my brother My brother is willing give face to the school, it is his business but if he is in the bad mood, his face will not be sold1.

I have the ability to make my brother dislike you now and I have the ability to make my brother refuse you in public on that day, but I’m afraid you will be more embarrassed at that time.”

Yu Chuyao laughed coldly.

“After all this talk, you don’t dare to fight for fear of losing to me! You had nothing.

What do you have to look down on people!”

Shi Ning shook her head.

“No you’re wrong, I was planning to participate.”

Shi Ning then walked away.

Since Yu Chuyao has made too much effort, she at least need give her face.

After returning to class, Shi Ning sat on her seat and thought of the whole thing back for three minutes.

She hits her mouth after realizing what she had done.

Why did I say yes to her on impulse!

Now that the words was out, she had to participate in this event.

Talent show—probably singing and dancing and so on.

While thinking, Shi Ning remembered that the original owner does not know how to sing, but could sing a few folklore songs.

Isn’t folk song a bit too rustic

Then why not dance..

But with the half-assed dance the original owner know, even if she practiced hard these days she would not wow the audience.

Yu Chuyao has been following Cao Shu for a long time, and her strength and stage experience had long exceeded the level of ordinary high school students so if she couldn’t amaze the audience the she won’t be able to surpass her.

Reason told her that there was no need to go through this mess, but once she heard Yu Chuyao bringing her brother out to stimulate her, Shi Ning had the urge to beat her face up in public.

If I want to hit other people’s face I still need to have strength ah.

Now what should I do

Shi Ning hang her head on the desk lost in her thoughts.

“Shi Ning what’s wrong with you.”

Deng Lan saw the sullen expression of his desk mate and couldn’t help but ask out loud.

During this period of time, this desk mate was doing everything calmly and freely, it was his first time seeing her reveal a distressed look.

Shi Ning turned her head and asked him.

“Deng Lan, do you think I can win over Yu Chuyao if I perform on the stage”

“Are you talking about the campus school flower PK acitivity right This kind of activity is Yu Chuyao’s strong point.

She grew up studying music and also studied under the domestic famous violinist Cao Shu, if you go on stage and compared music with her, you will definitely to be able to compete ah.”

This affirmative tone made Shi Ning even more absent minded.

“But you can perform something else, there is no regulation on the form of performance.

I heard that the last school flower gave a comical skit.

I heard from an elder sister that the skit talked about s*x ah.

Audience laugh too hard they all collapsed from their chairs.

Compared with her, the next few popular goddess performed dance, singing and so on, it seems nothing new the audience response was mediocre.”

After Deng Ln finished saying this, he looked at Shi Ning’s eyes and sincerely asked.

“Do you know how to do a comical skit”


TL: sorry late upload (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

My brother is willing give face to the school, it is his business but if he is in the bad mood, his face will not be sold1 – Shi Chen could still go with the flow and respect the school arrangements but if he is not in the mood he will not do anything even if the school asked him


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