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A passerby told them that the balloon was a limited edition balloon unique to this amusement park, it would take whole afternoon to get it.

They would need to participate in an intelligence and physical game first, not to mention it was difficult.

There were not many people who could pass it, and there were not many people who were willing to spend so much time and energy just to get a balloon.

So the balloon on Shi Ning hand was uncommon.

After Shi Ning learned this, she felt very lucky and wanted to go back and thank the bear.

However by the time she got back, the bear had nowhere to be seen.

“How can there be such a good thing, with so many people coming and going that bear just happened to give you the balloon.

I think eighty percent of them do not have good intentions.”

Nan Xiao said as he looked at Shi Ning’s excited look and pouring a cold water on her.

“What kind of bad intentions are you saying He disappeared, what can he figure out about me when his not even here”

Shi Ning asked rhetorically.

Nan Xiao thought about it.

“You’re pretty, it could a perverted bear.”

Shi Ning was not happy anymore.

“You are not allowed to insult my lucky bear.”

“Okay, whatever you say.”

Nan Xiao curled his lips in indulgence.

These days he was used to seeing Shi Ning’s unperturbed and calm appearance, and only today he found her childish side.

It was weirdly cute.

The two walked for a while, Shi Ning saw several children holding a large string of cotton candy that was shaped particularly beautiful which was different from the cotton candy she usually saw.

She walked over and asked the kid where she bought it.

The child pointed out a place, Shi Ning rushed over when she saw that the old man who made the cotton candy had begun to close his shop.

Shi Ning asked.

“No more cotton candy for today”

The old man smiled and said.

“It’s limited for 300 cotton candy per day, young lady you’re a little late, today’s quota have been sold out.”

“So it’s like that ah…..”

Shi Ning was slightly regretful.

“Grandpa, we can pay double the price.”

Nan Xiao offered.

“It’s useless, even if you offer ten times, just come back tomorrow young man.”

“Let’s do it like this, I’ll buy this store so you can make her one.”

“This old man lives a long years and only my principle can’t be broken.

Today’s sell is already sold out, there are many delicious snack ahead.

Young man you can take your girlfriend to try it.”

These words ‘girlfriend hit Nan Xiao’s head really hard, it was like someone had pressed some button in him making him froze on the spot.

“Grandpa you misunderstood, he and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend.”

The old man laughs.

“I see this young man is quite anxious, and must have like you so much so I thought you were girlfriend and boyfriend.”

Shi Ning gave a sideway glance at Nan Xiao who immediately looked away like he was electrocuted.

“It’s probably because we grew up together and have better relationship.”

Shi Ning explained.

The old man was really too principled, even if Nan Xiao’s price was getting more and more outrageous, but in the end the old man wasn’t move.

Shi Ning was afraid that this would go on until Nan Xiao would buy the whole amusement park, she could only drag him away.

“Why is that old man so stubborn, he doesn’t even want me to give him money.”

“As what I can see that grandpa was dressed very well, his whole appearance was tidy and elegant.

I guess he may be some big guys who wants to come to the amusement park to engage in sideline business but not to make money.”

Nan Xiao bent down to Shi Ning’s eye level.

“What else do you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you.”

Shi Ning felt a little strange out by his burning eyes.

“Why are you being so nice to me today”

“That one over there looks pretty fun, let’s go.”

Nan Xiao ignored her on this topic and pulled Shi Ning to the front instead.

Not long after Shi Ning and Nan Xiao left, a tall figure once again appeared in front of the cotton machine stand.

It was a boy who had his hands in his pockets and a black mask on his face.

“Grandpa, can I have two of the cotton candy”

The old man still showed a kind smile.

“We’re sold out today, come back tomorrow.”

The boy asked.

“Even if I pay much”

“No matter how much you offer, it’s not for sale anymore.

My principle is to sale 300 per day, not even less or more can be sold.”

“Then can you teach me how to do it It’s not you who will make it, so it doesn’t count as breaking the principle.”

The boy suddenly said.

The old man looked the boy with amazement, many people came to him just to buy the cotton candy and even offered him with high price.

This was the first time that someone asked him teach them instead.

“For the girl you like”

When the old man asked this to the young boy, the latter’s eyes suddenly raised revealing a pair of extremely beautiful eyes.

Clean and pure, like an unpolluted spring.

The boy hesitated for a few seconds and took off his mask.

He firmly said.



Shi Ning followed Nan Xiao and played another spacewalk.

After the two came down, it was already late.

“Today is so much fun but the time is late, let’s go home.”

“I’ll take you back.”

They then headed out.

That’s when the girl came running towards them.

“Sister, you want to eat cotton candy”

Shi Ning saw the child holding a string of cotton candy, a little bit the same with what she just saw that old man made, but somehow different.

Shi Ning squatted down and touched the little girl’s head.

“Why don’t you eat it.”

The little girl shoved the cotton candy into her hand without saying a word and then ran away.

Shi Ning looked at the cotton candy and murmured.

“I’m too lucky today, I want something and someone will give it to me.”

Nan Xiao frowned.

“Are you being watched by some strange person”

He always felt that things were not so simple.

“If I were alone, I really wouldn’t dare to eat but you are with me.

Even if the traffickers do not dare to lay hands on me, right Probably that child’s parent bought more and was too full so she give it away.”

Nan Xiao was successfully please by her words.

You are with me.

“Eat it.”

He didn’t even notice the doting in his tone.

After the two came out of the amusement park.

Lin Suno took off his mask and looked at the string of cotton candy in his hand.

That day when Nan Xiao and Shi Ning were discussing about the amusement park, Jin Sihan heard it and yelled that he wanted to go too.

Saying he would come with him and Yu Chuyao, so that the group could go together.

Almost in unison everyone agreed.

But both Nan Xiao and Shi Ning said.


He didn’t know what he was thinking at that moment as he was just standing still.

But he  knew he needed to follow them.

What they ride he would also ride.

An amusement park for one person was as boring as one could imagine.

But when he saw her happy smile after receiving the balloon and cotton candy, Lin Suno felt again that it was not as so boring as he thought.

He watched as the two of them exited the amusement park together, and Lin Suno did not follow them anymore.

Precisely why he came, he himself was not sure.

Perhaps he just want to accompany her to the amusement park once even in the shadow.

He looked at the cotton candy in his hand.

Earlier while making the cotton candy he made two of them.

It was originally intended to be one for her and one for Nan Xiao.

But seeing the two walk out talking and laughing, he suddenly didn’t want to.

Nan Xiao has been playing with her all day, and then got the chance to eat cotton candy with her.

No way.

Lin Suno took off his mask, and the people around him made a gasping sounds after seeing his face.

Where did this handsome man came from!

How could anyone dare to let a handsome man come to the amusement park alone, there was no heavenly justice!

He tore of a piece of the cotton candy with his fingers and put it in his mouth.

It was soft and sweet as it immediately melt in his mouth.

He finally threw it in the trash.

“Lin Suno are you sick”

He stared at the cotton candy he had made into a smiley face lying in the pile of garbage, and whispered.

After Shi Ning and Nan Xiao came out of the amusement park, they were about to take a taxi back.


Shi Ning pulled Nan Xiao.

“What’s wrong”

Shi Ning looked ahead.

“I think I see someone I know.”


“You come with me.”

Shi Ning pulled Nan Xiao forward.

Nan Xiao looked at her wary eyes and followed her line of sight forward.

It really seems like he had seen someone he also knew.

They both followed those two all the way into a nearby shopping department store.

Finally they got a good look at the two faces.

It was Jin Shang and Yu Chuyuao.

Nan Xiao frowned.

“Why are they together”

Shi Ning has a heavy expression.

She took out her own phone and found it was out of battery.

Shi Ning turned her head and asked Nan Xiao.

“Did you bring your phone”

“Brought it.”

“Give it to me.”

Nan Xiao then handed his phone.

“What are you going to do

Shi Ning turned on the camera aimed at the two people.

“Taking pictures.”

It was time for some blind person to wash their eyes.


Author has something to say: this chapter is a little love for Suno QAQ

Recognized that Nan Xiao is also cute.

Translator also has something to say: I’m ALLLLLLLLL FOR LIN SUNO BABY FIGHTING!!!!! ☆*:.。.

o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ this sister will make a banner befitting for you !!! fighting!!! (ง •ૅ౪•᷄)ว


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