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After taking the picture, Shi Ning did not say a word and just sent it directly to Jin Sihan.

“Why are you sending it to him for”

“Yu Chuyao and Jin Sihan are together.”

Astonishment flashed through Nan Xiao’s gaze.

Shi Ning put away the phone and gave it back to him.

“Isn’t she still after you”

“I have nothing to do with her, don’t misunderstand.”

Nan Xiao hastily cleared his relationship.

Shi Ning glanced at him lightly.

Nan Xiao was afraid that she would not believe him, so he added.

“Really, I don’t have anything for her, and even sometimes I find her a bit annoying.”

“I’m asking is she was still chasing you, not you chasing her.

What are you so nervous about”

Realizing that he seemed to be acting too eagerly, Nan Xiao coughed two times with his hand against his lips.

Since he realized that he liked her, he seemed very reckless and panicky in front of her like a flustered young man.

Nan Xiao divert his attention and looked over Jin Shang and Yu Chuyao’s direction just to see them coming out of the luxury store.

Yu Chuyao has two handbags hanging on her arms, while her other hand was holding Jin Shang’s arm and her pretty face was full of smiles.

“When I think about it that way, it seems like she had such a thing for me too, without saying it explicitly and just hinting at it.”

“You only know now that she has some interest in you So you also have some eye problems.”

Suddenly Shi Ning thinks that Yu Chuyao was also quite miserable, she had been chasing Nan Xiao for so many years but the other party did not even notice her intentions.

“Who cares so much about her”

He hadn’t care at all.

“It’s just that Sihan was bit miserable, it’s not easy for a child to fall in love.

You say, now that his first love have wear him the green hat1 won’t it leave any psychological shadow”

Nan Xiao was worried like an old father.

Shi Ning didn’t think about it so much at first she just wanted to show Jin Sihan the truth quickly.

But now hearing what Nan Xiao had said—

She was silent for moment.

“Am being too direct”

The girlfriend was snatched away by his own brother, it seems that it was not some news that a normal person could accept.

Nan Xiao takes her phone out, Jin Sihan did not message back and they don’t know if he has seen it or not yet.

“After two minutes, it can’t be deleted.”

Shi Ning sighed.

“Forget it, it’s time for him to face it.”

Nan Xiao said.

The next day Shi Ning received a message from Nan Xiao.

“Are you free Come to Xiangnan Yuan private room 201, Sihan is here.”

Xiangnan Yuan was a restaurant, famous for Hunan cuisine.

Shi Ning rushed over after hearing this, and what he saw was Jin Sihan holding a glass of wine, drowning himself with alcohol.

His two brothers, Nan Xiao and Lin Suno each sat beside him.

When Nan Xiao saw her coming, he pointed at Jin Sihan.

“Suno and I can’t talk to him, so you try and talk it out.”

Looking at Jin Sihan who was drinking himself to death, Shi Ning said.

“Do I look like a relationship expert who can do psychological counseling”

She hasn’t experience any romantic relationship and she doesn’t really understand such things.

“You are a girl, you’re better than us.

Before you came here I discussed two ways with Suno, Suno said we would just let him get drunk and sleep.

I was a little direct, I was going to knock him out and throw him back so he wouldn’t come back to us drunk and mad.”

Shi Ning pushed Nan Xiao away over and sat next to Jin Sihan.

“Sihan ah, think about it.”

Jin Sihan looked up drunkenly and his big watery eyes was as clear as a deer.

“Ningning why are you here too”

“I took that photo that Nan Xiao sent to you yesterday, I’m sorry.”

She felt a little guilty seeing him in such a sorry state.

Jin Sihan smiled at her, a smile that was bitter and self-deprecating.

“None of your business, but you were right I’m the one who’s blind.”

Then he poured another glass of wine into his mouth.

“Don’t drink too much, it’s not good for your body.”

Shi Ning advised.

“If you’re not well then you’re not well and no one cares about me anyway.”

After saying that, he continued to drink.

“You are still young and handsome there are countless girls who will like you in the future.

You will be able to find a good girl who will treat you sincerely.”

Shi Ning went on to persuade.

“Why my brother How do you think she can be with my brother”

Jin Sihan simply couldn’t listen to the advice as his mouth just keep on muttering, questioning himself and looking so gloomy.

Shi Ning did not know Jin Shang as a person but these days she also vaguely remembered some things.

Jin Shang and Jin Sihan were just like her and Shi Chen, not from the same mother.

Jin Shang was born from Master Jin’s legitimate wife while Sihan was the illegitimate son of Master Jin from a famous actress, Chen Bi.

After conceiving Sihan, Chen Bi took a break.

She was also considered an independent woman, living alone with Jin Sihan without the slightest intention of relying on the Jin family.

Unfortunately after Sihan’s mother gave birth to Sihan she suffered from postpartum depression and when Sihan was five years old, Chen Bi locked Sihan in his room.

And slit her wrist in the living room by herself.

In the following two days, Chen Bi’s agent found that he could not contact Chen Bi.

She went to her home to look for her.

At the moment she saw Chen Bi’s body, her legs softened.

She immediately ran out and quickly called the police.

When the media reported that scene at that time, it shocked the nation.

The video footage shows a police rushing to Chen Bi’s home to dispose of her body and a police officer was shown holding a child that was known to be locked in his room.

The boy’s eyes were covered by the police uncle but he was crying and whining as if he knew something.

The video of the boy’s face was naturally mosaic in order to protect the child.

The police did not want to reveal any information about the child either.

Everyone only know that the child was Chen Bi illegitimate child but don’t know who the father was.

There were many speculations about the child’s father.

Some people even guess that this was the of Jin Yan, a real estate tycoon in Shiyang City, but before the new spreads out, it died out.

At that time, then internet was not well developed and the matter did not escalate for a long time.


green hat1– an expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend because the phrase sounds similar to the word for cuckold.


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