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Translated by: Parfait


Shi Ning said seriously, “I don’t have a man.

Are you tying the wrong person”


Chu Yingjie raised his wrist.“See this scar”


Shi Ning looked and saw a circle of deep tooth marks.


“Dog bite”


Chu Yingjie roared at her: “It was you who bit it! I’m glad you know that you’re a dog, too.

I’ve never seen a woman bite so hard.”


Shi Ning: “……”


The original owner’s fighter power was really strong.


 When he said this, it triggered the memory of this body, and Shi Ning finally remembered who this person was.


Then when she thought about Gao Min and the others telling her that Nan Xiao was going to fight with the South school’s boss today.

It was probably this boss who’s standing in front of her.


People who have experienced life and death…this kind of scene would not scare her.


Shi Ning: “Then you still caught the wrong person.

Nan Xiao and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend.”


Chu Yingjie raised his hand: “Not lovers even when you bit me like this for him”


Shi Ning: “…”


She didn’t seem convincing.


She said again: “Then please loosen this up.

Can I still run away with so many of you” 


“That’s not good.

I’m afraid you’ll go crazy.” Chu Yingjie obviously had a shadow over what happened that day.


Shi Ning sighed.


“Hey, what do you guys arrest me for Nan Xiao won’t care.

The person he cares about is…” 


It was Tong Lu, the female lead in this novel world.

Only she was worthy of having a hero save her, a beauty.


And Shi Ning was just a female supporting character who was not even worthy to be in the eyes of the male lead.


“Who does he care about” Chu Yingjie asked her again.


“No one.”


Tong Lu didn’t do anything wrong, there was no need to push her out.


Before long, Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan brought a few people over.


Nan Xiao didn’t study much, but he was good at school fighting.

He could fight ten people at once.

If it weren’t for Chu Yingjie who troubled him every day, Nan Xiao would not even bother with him.


“Boss, four or five of them only came here, meanwhile we are a dozen.

Does he look down on us” Some of Chu Yingjie’s younger brothers said.


Immediately another younger brother answered him: “As far as Nan Xiao’s abnormal skills are concerned, no matter how many of us are…”


He didn’t finish his words, because after receiving the death glare of their boss, he shut his mouth.


“Don’t let your motivation down! We are different today! You forgot that Nan Xiao’s girlfriend is still in our hands!”


“Yes, yes! Such a beautiful girl, I don’t believe Nan Xiao can bear to see her bullied.”


Chu Yingjie said to Shi Ning: “Don’t blame me, Nan Xiao broke one of my brother’s legs last time, so I have to avenge him.

Don’t worry, we won’t really hurt you.

When Nan Xiao comes, you will shout a few times, the more miserable the better.

As long as you cooperate obediently, and when we get rid of him, we will let you go.”


Nan Xiao and the others had already arrived in front of them.


Jin Sihan: “Hey, why is Shi Ning here”


“Ahhh, boss!”


Gao Min, who followed Nan Xiao, shouted worriedly after seeing Shi Ning fall into the enemy’s claws.


Nan Xiao looked at them and remembered that these people were Shi Ning’s minions, and they followed behind her every day.


He glanced at Shi Ning who was tied up in front of him, and said, “You did not go together Why is she not with you”


Gao Min looked at Nan Xiao with a weeping face as she mentioned her sadness. 


“Because the boss said that our support club is disbanded, and we should not call her boss in the future.”


Nan Xiao asked.

“What kind of support club”


Gao Min: “Your support club! The boss set it up specifically for you to support you!”


She said to the other sisters behind her.

“Come sisters, shout our slogan.”


Several girls stood in line, clapped their hands, twisted their waists, while shouting loudly: “Nan Xiao! Nan Xiao! Yang Chuan belongs to our Almighty Nan Xiao.”



The slogan was really showy.


“Don’t shout.” Nan Xiao found them too noisy and called them to shut up.


This was the first time he noticed that Shi Ning had organized a support club for him behind his back.

It seemed that he had heard this slogan before, but didn’t care.


Thinking of Shi Ning’s cold look towards him during the morning, Nan Xiao’s face was a bit gloomy.


You like me so much.

Why do you pretend


Seeing Nan Xiao looking over, Chu Yingjie pushed Shi Ning: “Shout!”

Shi Ning zipped her mouth.


She didn’t shout.

It was useless to shout.

Nan Xiao didn’t like her, she might as well keep her little dignity.


Nan Xiao was also waiting for Shi Ning to shout to save her.


He remembered that in the classroom, she pretended to be indifferent and made him lose face.

He had to retrieve some of his pride now.


Nan Xiao: “Shout your slogan, and this brother will save you.”


Her slogan says that he is omnipotent and almighty.

Could he not just save her


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