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Those few gangsters were always fighting with people outside all year round, their skill were extraordinary.

But for the first time, they encounter across a scene in which they couldn’t beat one guy with three of them.

They fought and fought and wondered how this beautiful little brother who look like a cream baby could fight.

Several people went back and forth, not taking advantage of each other.

Finally the police came over and invited several people in the station.

Jin Sihan received a few punches but those little gangsters didn’t get any benefits.

They were beaten black and blue by Jin Sihan, and were still shouting at the police station.

The policeman made them sit in a row and swept a glance at the young men in front of him.

“Still students”

A row of people nodded their heads.

“Legal age”

The three gangsters nodded while Jin Sihan and Shi Ning shook their heads.

When Jin Sihan saw the other side were nodding, he immediately pointed at the gangsters and said to the police.

“Brother police, they beat up minors.”

The stern gaze of the righteous police brother was like two sharp swords as he looked at the gangsters with another glance.

One of the gangster covered his face and grimaced in pain.

“I say police uncle eh, you open your eyes and take a good look.

This is in the end who beat up who ah, we are seriously more injured!”

His accomplice immediately agreed and nodded their heads.

“That’s right, this kid has death hands, you must not be deceived by this soft appearance of his.”

“Uncle police, we are the victims okay If you don’t believe me, go watch the surveillance and see who made a move first!”

The police officer who took notes gave them a fiercer glare.

“Who is your uncle, I am only thirty years old.

Looking at you, you don’t look like students at all, you almost look like my age!”

Jin Sihan and Shi Ning both have good image that belong to the kind of children who look beautiful and well behaved.

And with two people sitting together, they looked like a man and a woman human dolls inside a glass box looking all beautiful and precious.

Moreover, the police official were also just humans they may say it was all about doing their job but in fact in their heart they were naturally bias.

In addition, Jin Sihan’s sweet mouth compared with the vulgar words from the gangsters only formed a stark contrast.

Making the police unconsciously want to help them.

After understanding the whole thing, and knowing these gangsters were repeat offenders so in accordance with the usual practice, they would be locked up for two days in the institute.

After giving the verdict to those gangsters, the police officer looked at Jin Sihan.

He was not even 16 years old, plus he was a first time offender so the police intended to let him call his family to pick him up.

“You call your family and ask him to come and get you.”

Jin Sihan said with a smile.

“Brother Policeman, I don’t want to trouble my family about this.

I think it’s very good for you handle it.”

The kid was now even more likable, but he couldn’t play favorites.

The police officer said with a stern face.

“No, you can’t go back until your family come to pick you up.

You’re young, in the end your family is still responsible.

They also have to receive criticism and education.”

Jin Sihan sighed.

“Brother, do you really want to inform my family members This matter I suggest you do not make such a big deal.

It’s not good for you either.

I just want to beat them but not so much that I really want to harm them.”

If Jin Shang find out about this, these gangsters won’t be able to live in Yangcheng anymore.

The police officer sucked in a deep breath of cold air.

What happened to this child Just now he was so well mannered.

But why is he talking all big now.

“You talk big, you still dare to mention this inside a police station.

Is your father the police chief or the president of the country ah”

“That’s not it.

My father is Jin Yan and her father is Shi Pingzhan.

If you don’t believe me, you can call up and ask him.”

The police officer looked at him suspiciously and turned his head to make a phone call to someone higher up in the bureau.

Five minutes later, Jin Sihan and Shi Ning were sent home safely by their enthusiastic police brother.

Before they left, the police officer were still giving them a smile.

“It turned out that it was its Mr.

Jin and Miss Shi that we offended.

If you have said it earlier, we would not have to arrest you!”

“Eh, that’s not good.

We still have to go through the legal process.”

The police officer smiled at him and his eyes went back to Shi Ning.

“Miss Shi, I think it’s getting late, you have to go back to the Shi family right Why don’t I give you a ride”

Shi Ning looked at Jin Sihan and thought that he was still sick.

His condition must have gotten worse tonight after such tussle.

This guy refused to go to the hospital so she had to make sure he was okay before going home.

“No need police brother.

I will call my family to pick me up later, I mustn’t affect your work.”

The policeman did not insisted.

“Then I’ll go first, in the future if you encounter such punks again just come to me!”

“Thank you.”

Shi Ning politely said.

After the policeman left, Jin Sihan said to Shi Ning.

“Ningning, what he said is not wrong.

It’s getting late you should go home, I don’t want Brother Chen or Uncle Shi to come to my house to arrest people.”

“I bought all the medicine, I also want to make sure you finished the soup then I can rest assured to leave you.”

“I’ll eat it even if you are not around.”

“Let’s go up first, it just so happens that I have something else I want to talk to you about.”

Seeing her insistence, he couldn’t do anything about it so they re-entered his house again together.


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