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The opening of the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm shed its mystical light across the land.

Even the cultivators at the edge of the Golden Continent could see the spatial rift.

It became the center of attention for a while as it attracted almost all the cultivators there.

More and more cultivators gathered at the Luo clan.

“Look, thats the sky-pride from Heavenly One Sect!”

“Thats the cultivators from the Northern Fist Sect! Theyre here as well!”

The Luo Clan Leader welcomed all cultivators into the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm.

Since they were forced to open it up, they might as well make things complicated for all of them.

“Thats the Lin clan and the Wang clan!”

Cultivators from the Eight Golden clans were here as well.

While the Luo clan was surprised by the arrival of the Eight Golden clans, a vast and boundless aura descended from the sky and flooded the realm.

The terrifying aura terrorized many of the sky-prides who wished to enter the secret realm.

Some of them were forced to their knees in fear.

“What a terrifying aura.

Who could it be”

“This energy definitely belongs to the strongest Prodigy.

Wait, I think not even the elites in the older generation possess such energy presence!”

Amidst their terrified expression, a spatial rift opened up in the void.

A transcendental figure in white walked out in a trail of Immortal Sparks, and a boundless domineering aura emanated.

“Its him! Its Chu Kuangren!”

The sky-prides who recognized Chu Kuangren were horrified.

Their eyes widened in fear as they stared at him.

The Luo Clan Leaders eyelids twitched upon his arrival.

“Why is he here”

He originally thought of creating a mess so that Luo Yifeng and company could seize the chance for a better Opportunity of Fortune, but he did not expect it to catch Chu Kuangrens attention.

It was like a shark arriving in a little pond, which was catastrophic to the little fishes within.

He started to regret his decision to keep the entrance open.

However, he knew even if he closed the secret realms entrance, Chu Kuangren would still come here.

“Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm, here I come.”

Chu Kuangren glanced at the Luo Clan Leader but did not speak to him.

He saw the other sky-prides entering the secret realm, so he decided to join them with Shi Ying and the Iceworm Ru Xue.

No one dared to stop him because no one wanted to die.

The Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm was a secret realm similar to the Kunlun Secret Realm.

It was spacious as it was its own dimension.

As soon as he stepped into the secret realm, Chu Kuangren mobilized his Immortal Consciousness to scan the place for Opportunities of Fortune.

There were quite some decent ones, but only less than a handful caught his attention.

“I guess Ill have to search harder.” Chu Kuangren smiled.

He was not in a rush at all.

However, Ru Xue frowned.

“I sensed the presence of my kind.

They seem to be in trouble.”

The iceworms shared a unique connection with one another.

She sensed the presence of other iceworms from Great Frost Dragon Mountain further away, but they seemed weak, seemingly in trouble.

“Go have a look,” Chu Kuangren said.

“Thank you, Master.”

Ru Xue nodded before her figure flashed and disappeared from the spot.

With that, Chu Kuangren continued the exploration of the realm with Shi Ying.

Following the opening of the Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm, sky-prides and Prodigies from all forces came.

As they searched the place for Opportunities of Fortune, they inevitably ran into conflicts with one another, hence fights happened all the time inside the secret realm.

At that moment, an ancient Immortal Herb appeared on a certain mountain peak.

The Immortal Herb was surrounded by dazzling Immortal Sparks.

The sky-prides that sensed its presence came to the mountain peak, eyeing the Immortal Herb with a frantic gaze.

Several stronger presences arrived shortly after.

It was Luo Yifeng and Luo Yan leading the other disciples of the Luo clan.

“The Luo clan claims this Immortal Herb!” Luo Yifeng said as he revealed the aura of a Seventh-grade True Immortal.

The pressuring aura deterred and shocked the other sky-prides in the area.

His energy level was much higher than they thought.

Some sky-prides were not even True Immortal yet and were no match for him, so they wisely stepped back and left the area.

“Way to go, Brother Yifeng! His aura is unmatched!”

“Yeah! With Brother Yifeng leading us, well get something big in this Ninth Heaven Lapis Lazuli Realm!”

The disciples of the Luo clan voiced their admiration and respect for Luo Yifeng, which fueled his pride and confidence.

A Seventh-grade True Immortal was considered rare among the younger generatio.

Thus, he was able to stand proud in front of others.

“Patience, everyone! I will get the Immortal Herb for us!” Luo Yifeng said as he zipped toward the Immortal Herb.

The desire in his eyes was visible.

The Immortal Herb was a decent one as it contained substantial life energy inside it.

It could be considered a treasure for healing and recovery, and although not as good as the Matriarch Rulers Undying Elixir, it was still one of the best Immortal Herbs.

Right before his hands touched the Immortal Herb, a powerful energy fluctuation exploded from the void.


Luo Yifengs eyes widened as the explosion of energy numbed his senses.

He retreated immediately.

A black hole with a terrifying distortion field appeared beside the Immortal Herb.

If he continued forward, the black hole would have ground him into pieces.

“You dodged it Not bad.”

A voice sounded from inside the black hole, which faded and revealed three figures in the void.

It was the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist, Eastern Sky Divine Daoist, and the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden.

“Its you three!”

Luo Yifeng reacted to their arrival with a grim look in his eyes.

He sensed threats from the three of them.

“Havent you three heard of first come, first serve” Luo Yifeng said with his hands behind his back.

“Oh First come, first serve” the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist ridiculed.

“You guys are trying to use that on me Outrageous! Im getting the Immortal Herb, and what can you possibly do about it”

“In that case, it seems like were fighting,” Luo Yifeng said as he revealed an Immortal Sword in his hand.

The disciples of the Luo clan looked forward to the fight.

“I wonder whos stronger Brother Luo or the notorious Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist”

“Hmph! Of course, its our Brother Luo!”

Some of the disciples had absolute confidence in Luo Yifeng but not Luo Yan.

She frowned and telepathically said to Luo Yifeng, “Be careful.

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist is not to be underestimated.

He also has the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden, who are as powerful as him.

Dont push it.

Leave the Immortal Herbs to them and leave.”

“Dont worry, Yaner.

Im not that weak either.” Luo Yifeng smiled confidently.

“Idiot,” the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden mocked him with a contemptuous gaze.

Luo Yifeng reacted bitterly to the brazen mock.

“We shall see how powerful the Divine Daoists from the Immortal Hall are!”

Then, he attacked the Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist.

A fierce fight broke out, but it only took a while for Luo Yifeng to realize the worst.

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist shared the same Seventh-grade True Immortal cultivation base, but he possessed the Chaos Celestial Demon Physique, which made him stronger than Luo Yifeng.

“Black Hole, Massive Distortion!”

The Mountain Ghoul Divine Daoist used his divine ability and caught Luo Yifeng in the black hole.

The terrifying distortion force started to pull Luo Yifengs body apart, and it looked like he would not last for another second.

“Im not his match! The difference in strength is too great!”

Fear filled Luo Yifengs widened eyes.

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