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“Even a sword he left behind holds such power Astounding.”

The Nine Heavens Deity continued to be surprised after seeing what happened before the palace.

The Descendant Self had countless Proclamation Seals carved onto its blade, making it a unique weapon.

It was her first time seeing such a sword, even if she was the Nine Heavens Deity.

“Senior, arent you going to lend a hand” Qing Feng asked after noticing the Nine Heavens Deitys blank expression.

“Those people in violet robes attack the soul, so I cannot fight them directly.

Besides, do you think that man needs help” The Nine Heavens Deity smiled.

The strength Chu Kuangren showed was astounding, or outrageous even.

Several Prodigies teamed up against him but still could not match his strength.

In fact, they were not even close.

It was the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and his group who needed help.

“I guess youre right.” Qing Feng smiled.

She looked at Chu Kuangren with eyes overflowing with awe.

“A few years apart, and he has grown to such a terrifying level.”

When she first knew Chu Kuangren, she had never seen him use the Duality Rites Immortal Physiques, Green Leaf Sword Vision, and more.

Now, he had mastered every divine ability and Immortal Physique and could use them deftly.

She once heard that Chu Kuangren practiced the Physique Dao, where he cultivated and merged all kinds of Physiques into one.

However, would it work

Qing Feng failed to come up with an answer.

She was certain that the Physique Dao was a dead end for others, but Chu Kuangren might be strong enough to master it.

With that, the battle continued.

The life-death energy clashed with another life-death energy and the Grand Solar energy, causing a blinding explosion of Immortal Sparks.

The blast of the explosion was strong enough to shake the entire planet.

As the Immortal Sparks shadowed the sky, two figures were blasted out from the clouds of dazzling sparks.

They were the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden.

“Damn it! Our strongest attacks still cant lay a scratch on him!”

Blood trifled from the edge of the Eastern Sky Divine Daoists mouth.

Beside him was the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden, but she was in no better condition than him either.

Her beautiful face looked pale and wretched after surviving multiple attacks from the monster.

She stared at Chu Kuangren hovering in the sky, basking in Immortal Sparks, like an Immortal King, and her eyes gleamed.

“My god, Chu Kuangren is powerful! Im afraid out of the Nine Houses, only the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist could be his match.”

“This isnt really a good time to be amazed by his strength,” the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist said with a bitter look.

“Im just expressing my honest thoughts.” The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden chuckled.

Further away, Zhi Yuhan narrowed his eyes coldly and said, “Chu Kuangren, if not even the self-destruct of the God-Trembling Bell can hurt you… how about this!”

His raised hand with Immortal Sparks swirling around his arm and channeled his Soul Dao.

Countless Daoist patterns intertwined in the void and form a massive and ancient shadow of an evil god above him.

The shadow had countless tentacles that resembled a monster octopus.

Its pouty mouth released a strange and eerie low buzz with no rhythm whatsoever, seemingly not from any man or living things; the buzz even carried a frantic intent.

The sky-prides who saw the shadow of the evil god felt their souls shaken.

Their consciousness started to fade, and they started to lose their sanity.

“Soul Technique, Evil God Shadow!”

Following Zhi Yuhans shout, the Evil God Shadow behind him moved its countless tentacles toward Chu Kuangren along with a strange rhythm.

The tentacles were formed purely out of soul energy, so they attacked not the physical body but ones soul.

The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and Great Arbiter Divine Maiden were shocked by the Evil God Shadow.

“As expected of the Violet Eye clan.

This cultivation technique is indeed a strange one.”

“I know, right The Evil God Shadow looks disgusting.”

The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden did not conceal her disgust for the monster.

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren remained still as the tentacles tried to reach him.

Immortal Sparks shimmered and swirled on his body as he watched the tentacles movements.

“Evil God Shadow is no match for my Buddhist Light!”

Then, he sat down with his legs crossed and wore a compassionate look on his face.

Buddhist Light erupted from his back and shed its brilliance across heaven and earth.

The image of an ancient Buddha slowly appeared from the blinding light.

The Buddha looked dignified and compassionate, but it had countless dead souls kneeling around it, listening to its Brachmic chimes.

“This ones from the Buddhist world! The Ksitigarbha!”

The Nine Heavens Deity recognized the ancient Buddha and was more surprised than before.

“He practices cultivation techniques from the Buddhist world too!”

The moment Ksitigarbha Avatar appeared, its divine Brahmic chimes clashed with the strange rhythms from its opponent.

For a moment, the realm was flooded with both the Brahmic chimes and the strange rhythms.

Terrifying energy fluctuations that would tremble ones soul swept across fields, rendering everyone helpless.

Some cultivators even died as soon as they heard the chimes and rhythms.

“Back off!”

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