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Office lady Kei Aikawa turned 28 years old a few days ago and happened to see a certain advertisement as she commuted on a train.

It was for a VR online game called Genesis Omega Online.

Kei usually has no interest in games, but at that time there was something different.

“Is that… Virtumon” she asked.

What was in the advertisement were characters from the anime “Virtual Monsters” that Kei liked when she was a child.

Kei had little interest in anime or games, but she only collects blu-ray boxes and figures from Virtumon (an abbreviation for “Virtual Monsters”).

(Wait a minute, VRMMO means you can play with Virtumon in the game’s world!)

After realizing this, Kei acted quickly.

The following Saturday, she wooed her technologically savvy little sister to buy her a VR console and sign her up for an account.

And after buying her sister a thank you meal, she’s finally returned to play it.

“However, you’re not a VRMMO gamer, are you, Big Sister… Well, the younger ones have a clear advantage, so it’s better not to challenge them to battles or anything like that~”

Said Kei’s little sister.

She had apparently played this game before.

Kei was terribly worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with VR games because her little sister thought Kei wasn’t interested in games at all.

“Fuu, please don’t underestimate me too much.

Even someone like me is good at Rokuyon.”

VR games and normal console games are different genres, but for someone like Kei who isn’t familiar with video games in general, they’re the same to her.

Speaking of Rokuyon, Kei has never beaten her little sister when they play together.

After changing from her casual clothes to casual loungewear, Kei put the VR equipment on her head and turned on the game.

Her little sister did the main unit and internet connection settings, but the game settings are done after logging in.

“Then let’s go, shall we Wait for me, my Virtumons!”

She wondered how long it’s been since she’s been this excited.

With that thought in mind, Kei started the game.


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