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“This should be fine… and done,” Johann said before she closed her menu screen and then stretched lightly.

“… What’s wrong” asked the person in the gorilla costume beside her, her voice weak and small.

That gorilla was Remma, a beautiful girl who formed a temporary party with Johann at the Idol Stars Collaboration Event.

Johann added her as a friend after that, but Remma seems to have become strangely attached to Johann.

When Johann logs in after work, Remma always sends her a message, joins her, and plays with her.

At that event, Remma showed her cute face, but now she has completely hidden inside the gorilla costume again.

(Even though she’s so cute… it’s a shame,) Johann lamented internally.

Then, she answered Remma’s question.

“I was able to unlock the Skills of my Intermediate Virtumon,” Johann said.

“…Congratulations, Remma said.

“Good job.”

Pleased, Johann said, “Thanks.” then made a suggestion: “Remma-chan, would you like to go to the Event Area together”

“…Event Area You mean Idol Stars” Remma asked.

“Yes,” Johann said.

“Now that I can use 3 Intermediate summoned beast skills each, I want to try them out.”

There’s a limited number of regular zones with bountiful small fry spawn rates, and such places are usually occupied by the major guilds, at that.

In that sense, an event area that only they could enter as a party was valuable.

“… Understood,” Remma said.

“But, Zecca won’t be coming today, will she She said she had some plans she couldn’t tell me about.”

“Plans she couldn’t tell you about… could it be her boyfriend” Johann asked.

“Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Boyfriend!” Remma stammered.

“Zecca is… surprisingly mature… isn’t she” Remma said, blushing bright red.

Just from the possibility that Zecca is going out with her boyfriend late at night, how far are her delusions going

On that note, Zecca is only going out to eat with her family, and she doesn’t even have a boyfriend.

She is also a high school girl.

She must have been a little cheeky and implied it.

Zecca may have wanted her younger friend Remma to act a little more mature.

“Well, let’s have fun together today, shall we” Johann asked.

Johann recalls the previous battle and concludes that with their current strength, even two people can do it.

Even if they failed, they can keep the Cyalium they’d collected up till then, so their efforts won’t be wasted.

“… If Onee-chan says so,” Remma said.

“I’ll go.”

Remma got the item -he wanted on the first day, so there’s no point in doing the Event anymore, but she kindly agreed.

On the other hand, when it comes to Johann, although she has released the Skills of the Intermediate Virtumons she’s been longing for, she has only released a complete set of 1 copy each.

If she got her way, she would have released the skills of the remaining copies of 4 Meteor Birds and 2 Sword Angels, too.

“Well then, let’s go!” Johann cheered.

“…… Oou!!” Remma squeaked.

As Johann moved to the Event Area again, she broke out into a smile from Remma’s adorable cheer.

When the idol song starts, goblins in cheering attire attack, just like last time.

“… Is it okay if I just protect you” Remma asked.

“Yes, please take a look at these cool-looking Virtumons over there,” Johann said, taking out a toy-shaped summoning stone and activating it.

“Summoned beast call! Buster Beetle!!”

From the geometrical magic circle appeared a Hercules beetle-shaped Virtumon with two upper and lower horns, Buster Beetle.

Buster Beetle’s starter Skill was “Beetle Armor”.

It reflects magical spells which inflict Abnormal Statuses.

And the remaining 2 Skills Johann unlocked with her collected materials are both for attacking.

“Come on, let’s use the Skill that we have worked hard to unlock! Buster Beetle, ‘Bug’!!”


From the gaps in Buster Beetle’s carapace, countless small insects rush out and scurry towards the enemy.

The bugs look like female beetles and are small compared to Buster Beetle, somewhere about the size of a Roomba vacuum cleaner.

The insects scurry up to the goblins with cat-like grace, dodging their attacks, then swarming and clinging all over their bodies.

And after that:


The beetles exploded.

The goblins caught in the blast were blown to dust and disappeared while scattering Cyalium everywhere.

“Well” Johann cried.

“How is it, Remma-chan! It’s cool, isn’t it That’s my monster right there!”

She looked back at Remma with excitement but despite the gorilla costume, she could see Remma’s face had gone blue.

It seems she did not like bugs.

“… Yeah… cool… ugh,” Remma gagged.

“Don’t force yourself if you can’t handle insects, Remma-chan!” Johann said.

(I’ll have to keep from using Bug in front of Remma-chan,) Johann said, regaining her composure.

(It’s a good Skill because it consumes less MP.)

Then, she orders it to use another skill.


Between the two giant horns sprouting from Buster Beetle’s head and chest, energy began to build up.

Then, the overflowing power converges as one and blasts towards the goblin horde

“Terror’s Blaster!!”

It was an ultra-powerful non-attribute attack.

You could call it a beam that would instantly disintegrate the goblins on hit, erasing them from existence.

“… Such awesome destructive power,” Remma muttered.

“Right But it’s a little too strong,” Johann said.

“The seats on the right side are gone.”

From around the vanished audience seats, the goblins continue to rush in.

And fast-footed kobolds wearing happi coats also join the battle.

The field has become chaos.

On the other hand, Buster Beetle is still roaring as if it can still fight even though it’s just fired a super powerful move.

It seems to show the difference in rank from the Beginner summon Hinadora, who’d disappear with a single cast of Black Flame.

“I still have some MP left, but… that’s enough for today, good job,” Johann said.

As Buster Beetle disappears, she takes out a new summoning stone.

The goal for today was to experiment with new Skills.

“Summoned beast call—Sword Angel!!”

Johan then summoned Sword Angel.

The well-trained angel wears near-future equipment such as laser beam wings, laser beam shields, and a laser beam mask.

Their appearance was both divine and like that of an ancient warrior.

“… Onee-chan.

The enemies are a bit too many.

I may not be able to protect them like this,” Remma said, glancing at the idols they’re supposed to be guarding.

But Johann wasn’t worried at all.

“Don’t worry, Remma-chan.

Sword Angel… let’s do a big move right from the gate!”

“Understood, my Master,” Sword Angel said, their voice cool and confident.


And now, Sword Angel both hands skyward.

Then, a huge gate appears above.

The gate was made of gold and a shining halo of light, it seemed divine and meant for purifying evil souls.

At that sight, Remma looked up in amazement.

“I will erase the evil souls from this world.

Receive the judgment of the divine—GATE OF THE HEAVENS!!”

With Sword Angel’s shout, the Gates of Judgment open.

And the monsters in the field have their bodies lifted one after another, before being sucked into the other side of the gate and disappear.

“… Amazing,” Remma said.

“So many enemies in an instant… I’m shaking a bit.”

“It’s more amazing than I thought, and I can’t stop getting goosebumps, too…” Johann said.

The gate that sucked in all the enemies disappears.

It looks like an outrageous broken Skill, but in the code of the game, upon Skill activation, all enemies in the range are afflicted with Instant Death, and then the visual effect of sucking them into the gate plays out.

However, the flashy performance is enough to touch the hearts of the two.

“… That’s my Sword Angel,” Johann said.

When the gate completely disappears, the Sword Angel slowly starts disintegrating into particles, starting from their feet.

“I see, this Skill consumes all of their MP,” Johann said.

“It seems the amount of MP at time of activation means a better success rate for Instant Death… huh.”

“… With great power, comes great risk… right” Remma said.

“It’s alright, my Master,” Sword Angel said in their usual cool voice.

“I’m certain we’ll meet again.

So long as you will it.”

And with the cool lines from the anime, Sword Angel disappeared completely.

“That’s amazing,” Johann said.

“They even say the famous line from the anime.”

As one of the most famous scenes among Virtual Monsters fans, Sword Angel activates a life-threatening move! Satisfied with the high accuracy of reproduction, Johann has tears in her eyes.

“That scene made me cry when I was a child,” Johann said.

“I still cry when I see it now.”

“…Sorry to interrupt your moment, Onee-chan. I’m sure they’ll say that line every time they disappear.”


“… There’s a precedent… it seems a bit annoying, isn’t it” Remma said.

“O-Oh, well, I don’t think so, you know Because it’s a direct quote… it’s a moving scene… I don’t get tired of hearing it every time.”

“… Powerful skills have risks…” Remma said.

“Stop it.

Don’t treat such a moving memory and scene (rather, reproduction) like it’s a downside to my Skill!”

“… I understand, Onee-chan. If you want it, it’s cool.”

“S-T-O-P, don’t tease me,” Johann whined.

And now, they moved to the second half of the event.


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