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Basic Summoned Beast…….……..

1,000 Gold.

Intermediate Summoned Beast…… 50,000 Gold.

Advanced Summoned Beast……… 200,000 Gold.

1,000,0000 Gold for Rares!

In addition, we will also trade for Equipment and various Materials!

Location: Fortified City Central Square

Time: 3 days from now 19:00-24:00

Kon publishes such an ad on the trade forums.

She collects summoning stones with Johann’s assets of 200 million Gold and Kon’s assets of 1 billion Gold.

While removing the Chaos Apocalypse Set so as not to be intimidating, is it okay with such crude pricing That’s what Johann thought, but unexpectedly many people came to the trade.

The players ranged from elementary school players who had just started playing to veteran players who exuded a sense of power.

But, this was exactly what Kon intended.

Beginner and Intermediate level summoning stones naturally pile up as long as you explore the dungeon, regardless of your Job.

They wish they had Summoners among their friends, but Summoners are now an endangered species.

If there is no one to pass it on to, it will not even be worth trading to other players.

There is no demand, after all.

On the other hand, even if you take a Basic summoning stone to a shop run by an NPC, it will earn you 1 Gold for Basic stones and 100 Gold for Intermediate ones.

There are some players who sell them if they want to make even a little money, but there are also many players who keep them, saying, “It’s not worth it.” and “It might be useful later.”

“Besides, they’re excited about the new boss right now, right At times like this, everyone wants money,” Kon said.

There are few people who can clear the Layer Boss in one try.

Although strategy videos and information are abundant these days, due to the characteristics of VR games, there is a big difference in what you can get by watching videos and actually trying to fight.

In other words, you need the practice to execute those plans.

“I think everyone will lose at least once,” Kon said.

“’Oh, if I had that item.’ or ‘I might be able to use that equipment.’, they’ll say.

Then, everyone will need a lot of money.”

That’s where the profit comes in.

Anyone would normally be suspicious if someone would buy off summoning stones that normally wouldn’t fetch such high prices.

But everyone wants to go to the Third Layer quickly.

They don’t want to dive into another dungeon and earn money just because they don’t have enough funds.

They want to prepare countermeasures and equipment quickly and go up to the Third Layer.

“It’s the perfect timing to collect summoned beasts,” Johann said.

“Exactly, y’all,” Kon said.

And the Advanced level summoned beasts that Johann hardly has any of are also bought off, albeit rarely.

Advanced summons can only be obtained by Summoners.

It’s the same with drops and quests.

That’s why the players who sold Advanced Summoned Beasts got it from retiring summoners and their friends.

“I got it when my friend retired… but I’m in money troubles now,” one big-time player said, guilty.

“I hear that y’all,” Kon said.

“Rather than sproutin’ mushrooms in your storage, Mister, it’s definitely better to sell it off.

I’ll keep this for the sake of the new Summoners in the future.”

For the time being, they’re doing this with the story of, “We want to create a guild that supports newbie summoners.”

While handing over the 90 million Gold payment, Kon eases the seller’s guilt.

The player says, “Well, good luck with that,” and leaves.


Then came the next player, an elementary school student who looked somewhat familiar.



Johann finally remembers when she sees the name above his head: Ogre.

He was the leader of the elementary school party that attacked her in the Dungeon of Insects.

(Ah, but this child was trying to stop the others,) Johann thought.

She remembered she shocked them then, so she spoke gently: “Did you bring a summoning stone, too”

“N-No, I did not,” Ogre said, turning a little red.

“I have no business here!”

Then he urges the girl hiding behind him to step forward.

The girl with her long black hair is blushing while burying her face in the Hinadora she holds to her chest.

(What is this cute creature… Hinadora and a little girl is the best combination,) Johann thought.

Then, she waited for the little girl to speak.

“Come on, you need to talk to…” Johann said.

“Wa-Wait… I’m not ready yet,” the girl said.

“Umm…” Johann said.

“This girl saw your last fight, and that’s why she started playing,” Ogre said.

“Ah, umm!” the girl went.

“Ah, little lady, y’all have got a Hinadora~ Then right this way, please,” Kon said, trying to take the girl’s Hinadora.

But, she refuses.

“No, don’t! I want a Chrono Dragon!”


Johann and Kon look at each other.

“I… I… Lady Johann… the thing is, I saw the battle between you and the Pirate King on a video site, and that’s why I started as a Summoner,” the girl said.

“I also wanted to become stronger with Hinadora.”

“By the way, I’m the one who gave her this Hinadora,” Ogre said.

“Wait a minute, what do you mean video site” Johann said.

They don’t look like siblings, so maybe they’re classmates.

Anyway, sometime around Golden Week, it seems that they came to the Second Layer at once.

“But, I couldn’t get Chrono Dragon…” the girl said.

Even during the Virtual Monsters Collaboration Event, Chrono Dragon had an incredibly low drop rate.

Even Johann, who did 30 laps of it, only got 1.

How many people got it in that event where there was little merit for non-Summoners to participate They’ve already bought nearly 3,000 summoning stones today, but only 3 Chrono Dragons are among them.

“Pl-Please take this for one…” the girl said, handing over Virtumon summoning stones.

Six, a mix of Inukoros, Sword Angels, and Meteor Birds.

Perhaps these were also traded for.

“Is, is it no good” the girl said.

“It’s not bad, but… it doesn’t match the value of a Chrono Dragon,” Johann said.

To be honest, Johann was so happy that such a girl appeared and she wanted to start dancing in happiness.

She could have given her a Chrono Dragon for free.

Still, she that it wasn’t a good idea to do something like charity.

“If you’re a Summoner, these kids will definitely help you,” Johann said.

“That’s why you should have them.

If you want to exchange them, I’d like another item instead.

What do you have Something you won’t use yourself, but you think it’s a rare item.”

“Umm… uh,” the girl said.

“This one, I think”

She took out Angol Moa Ore.

It’s not that difficult to get it if you pile up your gold, but this is probably the highest grade item she’s gotten as a drop.

When Johann took it, she gave her a Chrono Dragon in return.

“Ya-Yay!” the girl cheered.

“Take care of it,” Johann said.

“Ye-Yes,” she said.

“I will definitely get a Transcoder and evolve Hinadora into Chrono Dragon!”

“No, you can just summon it normally with the Advanced Summoning Technique, at level 40.

That’s when you’ll learn it,” Johann said.

“Come on, Ogre, let’s go…” the girl said, her hair bouncing as she started pulling Ogre away by the hand.

“What… hold up, I have something to talk to about with them too,” Ogre said.

She seemed timid in front of Johann, but she guesses she’s actually quite a lively child.

“Are you sure about this” Ogre asked.

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the value at all, you know”

“It’s okay,” Johann said.

“How do you say it… it’s like an investment for the future”

“Tha’s right,” Kon said.

“We also wanted to do something like this, so we started this whole operation, y’all”

The two smile.

And then:

Johann and Kon’s joint operation ends successfully.

A total of 30,000 summoning stones were obtained.

With this, Johann succeeded in completing a collection of all summoned beasts except uniques.

Although she can’t use Advanced ones yet, Johann’s ability has increased significantly by obtaining a large amount of Intermediate level summoned beasts that she hadn’t touched until now.

First of all, she has 10 Basic-level Evil Bats with “High-Speed Movement” that add 50 to Agility in total.

This gives her a total of 500 Dexterity stat.

Moving on, she put the Intermediate summoned beasts that can raise stats in her storage.

10 Hot-Blooded Musclers with Strength Enhancement EX that increase her Strength by 100.

10 Gold Slimes with Gold Metal that increase Defense by 100.

10 Magic Gear Death Golems with Magic Release EX that increases Magic Power by 100.

10 Tech Gnomes with Automation that increase Dexterity by 100.

In addition, Johann checked her status after storing summoning stones with usable skills.

Name: Johann Lv: 22

Occupation: Summoner

HP: 30/30

MP: 75/45 ( 30)

Strength: 20 ( 1500)

Defense: 20 ( 1500)

Magic: 20 ( 1500)

Dexterity: 20 ( 500)

Agility: 20 ( 1500)

Head: Chaos Apocalypse Set

Body: Chaos Apocalypse Set

Right Hand: Chaos Apocalypse Set

Left Hand: Chaos Apocalypse Set

Legs: Chaos Apocalypse Set

Accessory: Magic Ring Z



[Beginner Summoning Intermediate] [Shift Change] [Sight Sharing] [Fighting Spirit: Extreme] [Damned Charge]

[Stun Resistance: Small]

By the way, there are no Intermediate class monsters that increase Agility by this much (if Agility increases by 100, they become impossible for normal players to hit, so they don’t exist).

However, even so, Johann has grown into a monster-like spec that has no enemies that could match her.

“Ah well, couldn’t buy them all,” Kon said.

“Let’s just call it good enough, y’all… here, take 10 of each with you.”

“But, is this okay” Johann said.

“To deposit all the collected summoning stones into my account…”

Kon entrusted all the summoning stones collected in this operation to Johann.

“Yeah, I don’t care, ya’ll,” Kon said.

“I trust you, Maou-han.

I’ll return it with credit.

That’s all.”

“I see……”

“Come on, we’re we should be aimin’ for the Third Layer… I’m looking forward to the release of the Guild Home System in mid-May,” Kon said.

“Right… oh, I got a message from Zecca-chan.”

“Oho, y’all did” Kon asked.

“What is it, did she reach the Third Layer”

“Umm…” Johann said.

Zecca said, “Seriously, it’s impossible…”

“It’s like she’s going crazy…” Johann said.

“It looks like she’s having a hard time, yeah” Kon said.

Johann and Kon headed to the Dungeon of Ice again.


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