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“Kuh…… can’t get any party members, after all,” said the elementary school player, Ogre, as he waited at the entrance to the Dungeon of Ice.

Unlike normal dungeons, once you clear a dungeon to go to the next Layer, you will not be able to enter it again by yourself. 1

Since the notable players had already moved to the Third Layer, Ogre was unable to gather enough strength to defeat Crystal Leo.

“Then why did you leave the guild You really have didn’t think things through,” said Mei, also an elementary school player.

Her Job is Summoner.

Back then, she was the novice player who’d started GOO after being inspired by Johann and received a Chrono Dragon from her.

“Why are you even asking that…” Ogre asked.

“You know I don’t like Cross, right”

“Yes, yes,” Mei said.

“You have a history with him and all that.

Well, I don’t think you’re rivals at all.”

“Why’d you say that!” Ogre yells.

“Looks, talent, income, and ability, you’re not even close to Cross in any of those,” Mei said.

“Guha…” Ogre gasped, doubling over while clutching his heart.

Cross earns an income from video streaming while still in elementary school, and he puts money into his family.

The mothers of Ogre and Cross are so close to each other, that they’re often praised and criticized because of this fact.

That’s probably one of the reasons why the Ogre hates Cross.

“We-Well, despite that I still prefer you to Cross-kun…” Mei said.

“Ah Did you say something” Ogre said.

“Fuhn… it’s nothing,” Mei said.

“Anyway, this is going nowhere fast,” Ogre said.

“We’ll never get to the Third Layer.”

“That’s no good,” Mei said.

“Let’s hurry up and get help from someone who seems strong…”

“Oh my, it’s you guys again!”

Then, they saw a familiar face.

“Kyaaah!” Mei cries.

“It’s you, Johann-sama…!”

Mei stares at Johann with an awestruck expression like looking at a handsome actor, while Ogre chokes, “Uwah.” as his expression falls in fear.

After having removed her Demon King armor set, Johann approaches them while waving.


Johann-san,” Mei said.

“Why are you in a place like this”

At that, Johann looks troubled.

“About that,” she said, “a new member joined my guild, but he hasn’t cleared the Dungeon of Ice yet.

I’m looking for someone to team up with us.”

The two were taken aback by those words.

A player good enough to enter Johann’s guild.

They were sure he must be strong.

“In that case, let’s team up,” Ogre said.


“Yeah, we were just looking for party members to help clear the Dungeon of Ice,” Mei said.

“Oh, is that so What a coincidence,” Johann said.

“Then I’ll call him, so please wait here.”

And with that, Johann leaves.

“Oh Johann-sama… even your back looks so lovely,” Mei swoons.

“Is that so I don’t have a thing for tall women, so I guess I can’t really like her,” Ogre said.

“Stupid, she could be a model with that!” Mei counters.

“I’m sure she must be a model or an actress in real life.

She’s every girl’s dream… ah, she’s back.”

“That was… hmm” Ogre said.

“Am I imagining something, or is there something weird behind her”

“It’s not just your imagination… what is tha… hiii,” Mei squeals.

“No way, that can’t be the new member of her guild…” Ogre said.

Johann returns with EnjouP, an older man dressed in an idol costume and smiling at the elementary school students.

Sweat ran down their backs like a waterfall.

“Oh my, are you both elementary school players” EnjouP said.

“That’s nice.

My daughter’s about your age, too.

Well, I’ll have to work hard now.”

And he does a pose that seems to put his fighting spirit into.

Every time EnjouP flexed his muscles, the idol outfit that already looks to be on the edge of tearing apart seems to start coming apart before their eyes, which is terrible for the heart.

“A daughter in elementary school… seriously” Ogre said.

“Oh, Daughter-san, I feel so sorry for you…” Mei whimpers.

“This person is EnjouP.

He’s exactly what he looks like,” Johann said.

“And now, these two are Ogre-kun and Mei-chan.”

“Ogre-kun and Mei-chan… I’ve got it memorized,” EnjouP said.

“Now, let’s challenge this dungeon.”

The three shook hands, formed a party, and dived into Dungeon of Ice.

Then, as the elementary school students were pale-faced, Johann bowed 90 degrees to them. 2


And then, she apologized from the bottom of her heart.

FootnotesThis is a hilariously bad game decision, even with the Unique clear conditions.

If going a second time already disqualifies you from getting it, why limit it If there’s a rare item you don’t want to be farmed, just make it part of the clear conditions that new players can get it.

This game really seems to be running almost entirely on its technical qualities with what you can do, rather than how well it’s designed or balanced.This angle of this bow is almost as sorry as sorry gets, it’s just short of throwing yourself to the ground and pressing your head against the floor as the ultimate show of begging for forgiveness.-

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