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After seeing off EnjouP, Johann returned to their guild home.

When she entered the meeting room, Zecca, who wasn’t there earlier, had now arrived.

“Good evening, Johann-san!” Zecca said.

“Yes, good evening,” Johann said.

“Johann-san, is it true that a new member has joined! Moreover, Remma-chan said that he’s a very skilled Production specialist” Zecca asked.

“Yeah, that’s mostly true,” Johann said.

“Huh, why were you looking away just now” Zecca asked.

Johann sat down at their round table while enduring Zecca’s questioning gaze.

Then Kon whispered in her ear:

“Hey, Maou-han. That ‘Pervert’ was your friend, right How’d y’all find people willin’ to party with someone like him”

It’s that sort of look.

Kon must be wondering how EnjouP found the party members to conquer the Dungeon of Ice.

“Did y’all get ‘em with dirtied hands” Kon said.


Rather, the other guys offered to party up with him, you know” Johann said.

“What kind of saint is that, y’all” Kon said.

“Right, right, pay attention! Everyone, look this way!” Donald cried, clapping his hands as he stood in front of the whiteboard.

He had been writing something eagerly for some time, and it seems that he has finally finished.

“Well then, let’s start a countermeasures meeting for the next Event☆,” Donald said.

“Next Event” Johann said.

“…Yeah,” Remma said.

“There was an announcement while Onee-chan was going to the Dungeon of Ice.”

“Hence, I logged in quickly to attend the meeting!” Zecca said.

Johann remembered that Zecca originally said it was impossible because she had an appointment with a friend today.

However, when the Event announcement came, she cut her schedule short and logged in.

“Event announcement……” Johann said.

“Is this the rumored Guild Battle”

“That’s different~☆,” Donald said.

“The Guild Battle will be in three weeks, y’all” Kon said.

“…The next event is the Guild Home Defense Battle,” Remma said.

“Guild Home Defense Battle…” Johann asked, tilting her head.

“Is this an Event to protect this castle”

“That’s right,” Donald said.

“Then for Johann-chan’s sake, I’ll explain the outline of the event again.”

1st Guild Home Defense Battle Event

Event Date

6 days in total, from next Monday to Saturday

Defend your guild home from monster attacks!

During the event period, an orb will be placed in the deepest part of the Guild Home’s Combat Area.

Players must protect this orb from attacking monsters.


There are Regular Raids at 11:00 and 20:00 every day and Random Raids that have no set times.

The duration is about an hour.


If you defeat the attacking monsters, you will accumulate Event Points.

After the Event ends, it can be exchanged for material items.

However, you can’t get experience points by defeating attacking monsters.


At the start of the event, Skill for Guild Defense for all Jobs will be released.


This Event will not be broadcast or streamed.


“So, this is our home battle area☆,” Donald said, pointing at the whiteboard.

It seemed to be what he was writing earlier.

If you look at it, it seems that this meeting room and the rooms assigned to individual members are not subject to the raid.

Only the parts written in the graph become the attack routes of the monsters.

“So the targets are the throne room, the three floors leading up to it, the garden, and the lobby,” Johann said.

“That’s right.

We’ll wait for the monsters here, then beat them up once they come☆,” Donald said, snapping his fingers.

He seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit.

“I can only fight at night, y’all,” Kon said, raising her hand.

Zecca followed suit.

“Me too.

Putting aside the final Saturday, weekdays have tough nights.”

“Well, I can’t do it during the day either, you know…” Donald said.

“… I’m fine with both times, but I don’t think I can protect this place alone,” Remma said

“I-I might not be able to do everything on weekdays…” Johann said.

When was the last time she got home by 8 PM Thinking about that, Johann sighed.

If she’s not careful, she might not even participate in the final raid on Saturday.

Hopefully, there’s a random raid at night with some luck.

“Well, it’s basically impossible except at night.

That’s why the summoned beasts that Johann-chan and Kon-chan gathered will come into play☆,” Donald said.

“Oh, we do have that option!” Johann cried.

Everyone’s faces lit up at Donald’s remarks.

This dark castle, which can accommodate up to 500 monsters, would be able to defend itself even if there was an attack during a time when no one was there.

“… Just set up a Layer Boss in the garden and you’ll win easily,” Remma said.

“I want to let the small fry fight, too, y’all,” Kon said.

“Then we should place a boss in each room…” Zecca said.

“The problem is how far can a summoned beast go without instructions” Kon asked.

“Oh, I want to see the summoned beasts guarding the castle,” Johann said.

“… It’s okay, Onee-chan.

I have recording equipment.

I’ll record it properly and show it to you,” Remma said.

“Really! Thank you, Renma-chan! I love you!”

“… Ehehe”

And everyone talks about this and that.

And then:

On Sunday, the day before the event, everyone gathered to confirm the installation of the Defense Summoned Beasts and the time slots during the event, and they broke for the day.


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