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[Study until the end of the world]: ! The classmates had even come to claim that this is indeed Gu Ci’s bag! Aaahhhh, does anyone know who this little beauty is Why do I always feel like these two people… seem like… a couple

[Lush grass on the plains]: The little beauty is from the college next door.

I remember that I heard my dormitory sister say she saw their posts today.

Let me go find it first.

If I can find it, I will post it here.

[Study until the end of the world]: That’s great, Lush sister! We will wait for you!


This is the content of the first two screenshots.

Yan Luqing recalled that just now, it was indeed the time when the flow of people on campus was the largest after class.

Gu Ci seemed to have been the focus of attention.

Then, it was normal for her side profile to also be photographed when the two of them walked together.

The only thing that is more embarrassing is… the scene where she was carrying his schoolbag was also photographed!

Yan Luqing gulped her own saliva to suppress her shock, and thought again: But, this could also be considered as half of the plan was completed.

Isn’t the plan to make everyone misunderstand that Gu Ci is not single, and then suffer from the rumors and be ‘ruined’

Next, the person with the nickname ‘Lush grass on the plains’ sent a link to the group, which is the post Yan Luqing saw in the afternoon.

[Study with one heart]: Sure enough.

What should I be called then A person with discerning eyes

[There’s only studying in my heart]: Yours is called insight for CP.

In addition, I learned new words, which are kdl and kswl.

[Endless sea of learning]: The great beauty actually asked the little beauty to carry his backpack kswl, kswl.

[When you see me, please call me to do the experiment report]: I’ve finished reading it.

What I am wondering about is, they are not together yet After I finished reading it, I even wanted to give them a PPT to demonstrate what negative effects will be caused by the two of them not being together.

[I don’t eat melons]: Oh, please, sister!

[Study until the end of the world]: Report, Sister! I am handing you the pen!]

[Lush grass on the plains]: Waiting for your work.


Yan Luqing: “……”

This trend seems to deviate from the imagination

Before she had any other thoughts, Gu Ci’s voice suddenly came to her ear, “What’s the matter”

Yan Luqing looked up at him: “Huh”

“You look…” Gu Ci seemed to observe for a while, and then said accurately, “ashamed and shocked.”

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That’s right.

It was indeed these two emotions that enveloped her.

Yan Luqing locked her mobile phone screen and couldn’t explain the matter to him, so she just vaguely brushed it over with “I saw an indecent news”.

After that, their ordered meal happened to be served and during the meal, Yan Luqing asked him about his campus life in the past two days.

The conversation between the two was quite harmonious.

Just like last time, at the end of the meal, someone came to the table with a movie ticket to recommend movies.

The restaurant still has a joint event with the movie theater, and the ticket price was still 9.9 yuan per second.

There’s only two movies to choose from, one of them is a ghost movie and the other is a comedy romance.

Yan Luqing read the introductory words many times and after she was sure that there would not be any elements of suspense and horror, she chose the latter without hesitation.

A comedy romance can never go wrong!

After all, they had gone through the process once and until they entered the movie theater, both of them were like driving a light carriage on a familiar road.

Only when they arrived at the popcorn seller in front of the ticket check-in, did they stop at the same time.

But in the end, it was still Gu Ci who went to buy it.

Yan Luqing watched him wait beside the counter, and watched him walk towards her again with the popcorn bucket filled to the top in one hand and hand it to her.

She also saw that after Gu Ci turned around, the two young women who were selling the popcorn covered their mouths and looked at Gu Ci and then at her.

Yan Luqing took it over, and the sweet smell once again invaded the tip of her nose: “Thank you.”


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