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Chapter 2485: Even If I, Norma, Starve to Death…

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Norma looked completely stunned.

She even forgot to retract her hand from Mags chest.

“Whats the matter” Mag asked coldly.

Norma retracted her hand as though she was electrocuted.

She quickly covered her face, but her eyes were revealed in the gaps of her fingers.

She said in a panic, “W-why are you not wearing clothes!”

“Im about to take a shower, but I heard the bell.

I thought it was Butler Baussaint,” Mag said matter-of-factly, “Besides, I am wearing clothes.”

Norma shifted her gaze downwards.

Mag was indeed wearing his clothes, but his shirt was open and his firm chest and eight pack abs were revealed.

Those lines and shapes that seemed to be carved out by a knife, were very impactful.


Different from those cheesy young men who just wanted to have bulky muscles, Hades muscles werent that over-the-top.

They were restrained and yet seemed full of power.

He looked slim with clothes on, but muscular when he took his clothes off.

Therefore, Norma didnt expect that Mag, who looked a little weak, actually had such outstanding muscles.

However, on second thoughts, there seemed to be some clues about that on the show.

How could a man, who had swung two metal rods that weighed tens of kilograms over 20,000 times, be a stick man

Mag buttoned up his shirt as he asked, “Have you seen enough”

Norma gulped unconsciously and she immediately said angrily like a bristled lion, “According to the McCarthy Manors employees rule book, all employees have to be properly dressed when they are in the compound! You broke the rules on your very first day!”

“The dormitory is the employees personal space and it isnt in the range of having to dress properly.

This is specified in the employees rule book.

Are you always dressed in your uniform in your bedroom” Mag said with a smile.

He wasnt afraid at all.

“Who decided that I-I will change the employees rule book right now!” Norma wasnt very confident.

Of course, she wasnt going to see what was written in the employees rule book.

She only knew about that one rule vaguely and she just wanted to scare Hades on his first day.

“Do as you please.

Im going to shower.

Please go back.” Mag still looked distant and cold as he prepared to close the door.

Norma felt humiliated.

No man had ever rejected her again and again like him.

Moreover, he was just an employee and a chef.

“Im hungry.

Arent you the special chef I want you to make lunch for me!” Norma ordered.

“My contract will officially start tomorrow, and Im not obligated to provide any service for you today.” Mag shook his head slightly.

Before Norma exploded, he added and said, “But, Ill be preparing lunch for myself later and I can make one for you as well.”

“As well” Norma frowned.

She had never been treated so perfunctorily by a servant before.

This feeling was… so special!

“Hmph, then Ill wait for you in the dining room!” Norma turned around, preparing to walk away.

“Im not going to cook in the main kitchen.

Im going to make something simple in the dormitory.

Come in if you want to eat.” Mag turned around and walked into the room.

“Eat in the dormitory” Norma was shocked.

However, looking at the open door, she hesitated for a moment before she clenched her teeth and decided to go in.

Whats there to be frightened of This is the McCarthy Manor.

Does that fellow dare to do anything to her

This was the first time that Norma had entered an employees dormitory.

Her first impression was that it was cramped.

All the spaces that should be separated, were all crammed together in a small room.

The sofa could only sit one and only one person could stand in the kitchen too.

It was indeed too small.

Mag cooked the rice in the rice cooker first before going to the bathroom with his clothes as he familiarly said, “Take a seat first.

I will have a shower before I start cooking.”

Norma stared at the gradually closing bathrooms door with her mouth wide open.

This fellow actually left her here alone and went to take a shower!

Through the bathrooms blurred glass door, the sounds of running water could be heard.

The weird ambiance made Norma blush and she felt restless and unsettled.

Waiting for a man to cook for her after he showered.

This was the first time that she was doing something like this.

Suddenly, she regretted it.

She shouldnt have come in.

She seemed to have fallen into his trap.

However, she didnt want to leave now.

Didnt it show that she was afraid if she simply left now

A blurred figure could be seen through the blurred glass door.

Norma was reminded of the scene that she saw at the door earlier and she couldnt help but start to imagine how the water began to flow down his firm chest and abs, and then go lower…”


The bathrooms door opened and Mag, who had changed into a new shirt, walked out with a towel around his neck.

He was drying his wet hair when he saw the blushing Norma.

There was a faint fragrance of shower cream in the air and the ambiance was a little seductive.

Norma, who was facing the bathrooms door, got shocked and she quickly shifted her gaze away as she explained, “I-I am not looking… I-I am thinking about something.”

Then, why are you blushing

Mag ignored her and tossed his towel and clothes into the washing machine before he walked straight to the kitchen.

Accurately speaking, it looked more like an open style one person cooking bench than a kitchen.

The single stove, cutting area and sink were all very mini.

It was suitable for one or two people to do some simple cooking.

Mag put on an apron and took out a few ingredients from the fridge.

There was beef, eggs, spring onions, garlic and tomatoes.

Judging from their freshness, they should have been placed in the fridge in the morning.

They were not high-end ingredients, but they were ample.

The rice that was just cooked was firm and not soggy.

It was perfect to be used for fried rice.

Mag began to process the ingredients and started to cook.

Norma was still blushing.

She sat down on the sofa and clicked on her bangle to surf the net, but she was stealing glances at Mag.

He had a straight figure and his side profile was also very distinct.

His lips seemed to be upturned at all times, so he seemed friendly yet like he was mocking something at the same time.

All the chefs in the McCarthy Manor were mostly middle-aged men.

There were also many old grandpas.

Chefs who could be chosen were all experienced chefs.

There were no young and handsome chefs like Mag.

“Hmph! I dont care what he is going to make, I am not going to take a single bite! I want him to know about the treachery of this world!” Norma thought and she had already begun to think about what to say.

He cut the beef into dices and fried it with the spices in the wok.

The beef was removed before the rice and eggs were fried and combined slowly.

Then, the beef was added in again to stir-fry.

Finally, a handful of chopped green onions was scattered all over, stir-fried for a short while before it was plated.

Then, he cooked a pot of tomato and egg soup

Two plates of beef egg fried rice and two bowls of tomato and egg soup, with that a simple lunch was done.

“Lets eat,” Mag placed the fried rice and soup on the dining table and said to Norma.

“Is that the lunch you prepared for me Its so basic… Gulp,” Norma came to the dining table and said disdainfully.

But before she could finish speaking, a rich aroma assaulted her nose, making her gulp and interrupting her speech.

“Smells good…”

Norma stared at the fried rice in front of her with disbelief.

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