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Chapter 790 Ragnar (I)

The Heavenly Primarch attacked with pure and unrestrained fury, attempting to push Ivar and Apex away to chase after Ezequiel, but the Magus and Fallen stood firm. And things only got worse for her as Ziru and Koren joined the fray.

The Infinite Space-Time Supernova Eye and the Eternal Death and Destruction Supernova Eye could not directly fight against Lilet, as she was much stronger than them. Still, firing spells from the sidelines forced the woman to split her focus, helping Apex and Ivar immensely.

Ezequiel chose not to meddle. Bael's last attack destroyed a significant portion of his innards. He might not show it but was severely wounded. It reached the point that he could no longer fully heal and had to prioritize his most significant injuries.

The Supreme Neo-Demon was ready to return to Dis, but he stared at the Realm of Madness before that. His eyes did not reach the eighth layer where one could find the Sky Breakers but the sixth.

In the sixth layer of the Realm of Madness, there was a group of Neo-Demons. They were at the Seed or Rudimentary Form Stage, and a small group of young geniuses led them.

As soon as those Neo-Demons felt Ezequiel's gaze, they all knelt. Their eyes showed awe and worship as they stared at the Supreme of their race. Only one of them stood straight, but no one found it odd.

The one that did not kneel was a beautiful woman with a valiant aura. Numir showed a smile full of love as she stared into the void.

Her love for that man that stood like a divine entity, capable of twisting reality to his wishes, had nothing to do with his power. He saved her life thousands of years ago, and from that moment on, he only showed love and care.

Of course, the fact she earned the heart of the greatest genius of this generation drew immense pride in her, but that was normal. After all, who would not like their partner to be someone that could stand above everything

Ezequiel also showed a tender smile to Numir, but his eyes analyzed everything. It did not take long for him to accurately measure her bloodline force, soul force, and body talent.

'Excellent. Her current talent could allow her to reach Late Rank 8, and if she completed that Samsara Tattoo, there might be a chance to enter Rank 9.'

The Supreme Neo-Demon's smile showed satisfaction as he saw how far Numir had advanced. After some consideration, he opened his mouth and sent a drop of golden blood into her body.

Numir was surprised to see a strange black and white rune around her forehead. She was a little confused as she felt its immense power but did not understand its purpose.

Nevertheless, when Ezequiel's face grew pale, she understood that it cost him a lot to generate that rune, making a feeling of love invade her soul.

Ezequiel focused on the rune, and after making sure the connection was firm, he relaxed. With his power, it would be easy to grant even someone a talent and destiny that could allow them to enter Rank 8, but that was it.

The Equilibrium of Man and World Omega Law was incredibly powerful but did not control forces like causality and much less destiny. The Destiny Karmic Reincarnation Omega Law was better when it came to assisting others.

What the Supreme Neo-Demon did was leave an Emptiness Rune inside Numir. If she found herself in deadly danger one day, the rune would protect her and allow him to teleport next to her immediately.

Unless the attacker were an Extreme Rank 9 life form, the rune would protect Numir enough time for Ezequiel to arrive next to her.

The Supreme Neo-Demon saw the pain and rage Zatiel felt after Sophia's death, and he knew he would not fare better. Having powerful willpower did not mean they could just ignore their feelings. If anything, the stronger their wills, the mightier the love they could feel.

Having handled the crisis and sure that Lilet could not pose any threat to the geniuses inside the Realm of Madness, Ezequiel teleported back to Dis, where he resumed his wanton consumption of the Second Circle of Hell's vitality.

The battle of the Heavenly Primarch against Apex, Ivar, Ziru, and Koren destroyed the void outside the Realm of Madness, but it did not carry on for long. Lilet's wounds were reaching a critical level, hindering her battle power, and forcing her to run.

Of course, Apex, Ivar, Ziru, and Koren would not just let her escape. The Heavenly Primarch was superior to the Infinite Space-Time Supernova Eye in everything except his speed.

Lilet flashed away in an arc of lightning at an incredible speed, but Ziru was able to carry Apex, Ivar, and Koren and hunt her.

The explosions did not take long to vanish from the void around the Realm of Madness. The chances of the Supernovas, Fallen, and Magus killing Lilet were low, but they would definitely harm her to a point where she would no longer be able to pose a threat for a long time.

After Lilet and Bael were taken care of, calm returned to the Prima Universe, with the Justice Primarchs besieging the Leviathan World and Mind Ruler World and the geniuses preparing to take on the two Rank 9 Crazies.

However, it did not last more than a month, as a burst in power emerged from Minauros' origin, and everybody saw how the entire plane began to morph.

The Third Circle of Hell's origin contained a humanoid's True Soul with a soul force that reached Rank 9. However, what shocked the powerhouses the most was how the origin had morphed into an Inner Universe!

Zatiel granted Ragnarok a soul and energy in Rank 9, with a potential that seemed endless, and he was not over. His state of enlightenment carried on as he planned to use the entire landmass to form the body!-

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