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Chapter 12: The Rightful Rewards (Part 2)


It was absurd.

Naturally, an S-ranked party’s earnings were exorbitant.

It was many times more than what priests and lower nobles, as well as some of the less tactful upper nobles, earned.

And this was five years worth.

You could even say, without exaggeration, that this amount was equal to the national budget.


“Is that so”



For the time being, we will properly keep watch over these items.”




Roig was the only one who still had a problem.

While he was shouting, the rest of the party simply sat there and did nothing.

However, he wasn’t able to do anything with Ace and Rei still glaring at him, with the exception of just being noisy.


“If they find it necessary, anyone in the party can purchase what they need and collect it through the guild.”


“Wait; if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better if we just bought directly from Land”


Fade cut into the conversation with a simple question.


“Can you afford it”




Fade looked like he had just taken a hit as Nina-san’s voice fired back at him, pressing for an answer.


“It’s roughly five years worth of all of your earnings combined.

It doesn’t seem likely that you have the money for it at this moment.”


“Hah! Are you **ing with me! Why should we have to pay”


“We can’t afford that.”


Fade could no longer ignore Roig’s words.


“If you use the guild as an intermediary, you can pay later, but if you want to buy them from Land-san, you have to pay him right away.”




“Aghh! Why are you giving up Fade! It’s right in front of us.

We can just take it.”


Roig still didn’t calm down, but Nina-san showed no interest in him and continued speaking.


“So it seems we have decided that these items will stay with the guild for now.

Land-san, we will discuss the final details later.”




“By the way, Land-san has priority rights to everything here.

If he needs a sword, he can choose to keep it.

Of course, the same goes for the armor, staff, robe or any other treasure in the pile.”


“No, don’t worry about it.”


I didn’t know what the standard equipment was for a Necromancer; at the very least, the items here didn’t seem to be a good fit.

I didn’t have any reason to take any of those items.


“These items are probably meant to be a perfect fit for each party member, so I wouldn’t feel very happy taking them.”




These people had joined together to try and kill me.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable using their equipment it or even holding on to it.




“Please wait!”


After we had concluded our talk, it was Quella who cried out.


“Land-san! Please let me leave this party and join you!”




It was a sudden declaration.


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