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Chapter 9: Return Report

The moment we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, all eyes immediately fell on us.

“This is… more attention than I was expecting.”

The gazes that stood out most were those of Nina-san, the guild receptionist, and Fade’s group.

Nina-san came running to meet me at the entrance.

“Land-san! And is that… Rei-chan”

Nina-san is a member of the Cat beastman clan.

She is a pretty popular receptionist who does her job well while usually staying cool, calm and collected, but right now, she looks flustered.

Rei had stopped behind me and she had briefly seen his peculiar form.

However, she couldn’t detect any hostility coming from him, so she ignored him and began to scan my body for any injuries.

“Thank goodness, it really is you.

But your aura is different all of a sudden.

Anyway, please come with me.

I have to know what happened.”

I followed Nina-san as she led the way to the Guild reception desk.

Fade and the others were trying to look away from me the entire time, but as I passed in front of them, he finally called out.

“What H-How are you still alive”

“After you all left me as monster bait, I defeated the five Minotaurs.”

“That’s not possible…”

But then my next words shocked him even more.

“Rei’s dead.”

My partner was dead.

Furthermore, I was meeting face-to-face with the companions who had played a big role in his death.

I could feel my anger building up, even if only in the slightest.

“Oi, who cares about that damn mutt!”

The words coming out of Roig’s mouth were unacceptable, but I simply endured them and made sure not to cause a scene.

It would be useless to say anything to him anyway, so, I choose to ignore that matter instead.

“I’m going to report about what happened to the Guild.”


“Oh, and I also plan on leaving the party.

That’s what you guys decided, right”

I don’t know what those four had reported, but I honestly doubt that they had said anything about using me as bait to escape.

Considering the situation, they may have had no other choice, but it was definitely still poor handling of it all by the party.

In the first place, you shouldn’t even enter a dungeon if there’s a chance someone doesn’t come out alive.

You should be extremely careful in discussing how to protect the most vulnerable person while on the way to the dungeon.

That’s why I would report everything to the guild, without worrying about it.

“Wait Land!”

Fade tried to stop me in a rush, but I ignored him and prompted Nina-san to continue walking.

“Oi, you! Wait a minute.

What kinda attitude is that”

Roig had suddenly stood up and grabbed my arm.

“Don’t start acting all self-important you small fry! You’re just dead weight holding us back.

Oi! Wait, what’s with this strength of yours!”

Roig was surprised, but I also had no idea where it had come from.

Then, that voice echoed in my head once again.

Acquired the Skill 『Superhuman Strength』through absorption of the Minotaur’s ability.

Acquired the Skill 『Superhuman Strength』through absorption of the Minotaur’s ability.Acquired the Skill 『Superhuman Strength』through absorption of the Minotaur’s ability.Acquired the Skill 『Superhuman Strength』through absorption of the Minotaur’s ability.

Acquired the Skill 『Superhuman Strength』through absorption of the Minotaur’s ability.The acquired Skill 『Superhuman Strength』has been upgraded into Extra Skill 『Ultra-Superhuman Strength』

‘Huh! An extra skill!’

I had gotten something that was pretty amazing.

‘But why did I only get it after some time had already passed’

‘Oh well, it has already gotten me out of a troublesome situation.’

As expected, having this extra skill was enough and I couldn’t even be stopped by Roig, the strongest one in the party.

Far from it, it had become as easy as shaking him off whenever I felt like it.


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