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Chapter 840 – Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort


You are a hero!

However, the scene with Baili Hongzhuang just now was obviously not fake.

She was truly ready to give up.

As a prince, he understands too well about conflicts of interest.

First place in the academy exchange competition is real glory, but Baili Hongzhuang was willing to give up her advantage, so it is clear that she does not value fame and fortune much.

Similar to what he had learned previously, the reason why Baili Hongzhuang humiliated Nangong Xiujie was not for herself, but for Dongfang Yu.

It seems that this Baili Hongzhuang is really special.

As Baili Hongzhuang and Gong Shaoqing returned to the Canglan Academy team, Cui Haoyan and others looked at them with emotion and admiration.

“Gong Shaoqing, although I always want to compete with you, this time, I admire you!”

Cui Haoyan immediately gave Gong Shaoqing a thumbs up.

In terms of strength, Gong Shaoqing has always been his rival.

But he really admires Gong Shaoqing’s heart!

“You are our hero!”

Xia Zhiqing also gave a thumbs up.

At this time, all words pale in comparison, but Gong Shaoqing was truly a hero in their hearts.

Liu Qinyue also walked to Gong Shaoqing’s side.

She didn’t say anything, but in her heart Gong Shaoqing has always been a hero, and Gong Shaoqing’s choice today also made her understand how big-hearted this man she has always admired was.

Sensing everyone’s gaze, Gong Shaoqing’s stern face was still cold, “I just don’t want other academies to take advantage of it.”

Having said that, everyone clearly felt that Gong Shaoqing’s cold face was a bit unnatural.

Is this guy feeling embarrassed

In the next moment, everyone looked at each other and smiled, as long as they understood in their hearts, it was enough.

Lu Huaiyan’s eyes also shone with appreciation and gratification.

It is really a blessing that Canglan Academy could have such a group of students who are harmonious and understand the big picture!

Looking at the harmonious atmosphere at Canglan Academy, the expressions of Lu Jingqi and the others couldn’t help but change slightly.

Their eyes rippled with a hint of sarcasm.

“The Canglan Academy cultivators really like to pretend to be generous.

Gong Shaoqing is just pretending to be generous on the outside, but on the inside, he doesn’t know what kind of depression he’s in store for.”

Lu Jingqi sneered coldly.

As cultivators, they all understand how important the platform of the academy exchange competition is, and it is impossible for anyone to give it up.

If Gong Shaoqing hadn’t had to give up because of the situation, he would never have given up.

“God knows why they like to pretend to be so great, isn’t Baili Hongzhuang the same” Lu Jinglin sneered, she had never seen such a generous cultivator.

Xiao Lanmei’s gaze slowly fell on Baili Hongzhuang and the others.

In fact, he had never seen such camaraderie like Baili Hongzhuang’s and the others in other cultivators.

He believed that all the things Baili Hongzhuang and the others did were not fake, because the trust shown amongst the companions could not be faked at all.

It can only be said that the students of Canglan Academy have a kind of cohesion that other academies do not have.

What they value is not benefits, but feelings.

Many people may say that the cultivators of Canglan Academy are too naive, but in fact, this kind of emotion is the most important thing.

So-called benefits are nothing more than cold, empty shells in the end.


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