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Chapter 1969 In An Instant!

Zektak was a little alarmed by Roan\'s words.

Seeing that, Fleus decided to change the topic.

Alright, shall we go The Temporal Path is right in front of us.

Once we get to the Underworld, we better not think about coming back here for at least a few centuries.

Roan just nodded in response, not insisting on that.

Sure, let\'s go.

With that, Fleus presented his badge at the city\'s exit, the same exit that led to the Temporal Path\'s entrance.

After checking it for a moment, the devils there opened the path and let them pass.

Sure enough, the \'road\' between the Temporal Path and the city was not impacted by the Temporal Path\'s effects.

The only thing the twins\' group had to do was to avoid the devils coming in the opposite direction.

Every single one of them seemed excited, as if coming to the Realm of Gods was the biggest shot they would have in their lives.

Eventually, they stopped in front of what seemed to be a huge spatial gate.

The difference was that it didn\'t connect to another place in the Realm of Gods.

Instead, that was the spatial gate leading into the Temporal Path itself.

Just give it a second, said Fleus as they looked at the spatial gate.

We need to wait for the next batch of devils to appear before we enter it.

Those are the rules.

Rean and Roan nodded and didn\'t ask why that rule was in place.

The spatial gate then flashed with silver light for a moment, and around a thousand devils began to step out.

They all carried the same expressions as the ones the twins\' group saw on the way.

All were expecting to feast on living souls.

Fleus just ignored that before giving the signal.

That\'s it.

Let\'s enter before the next batch gets ready to make the traversal.

Wait... Yet, just a step away from the Temporal Path, a new devil appeared.

He was a High Devil, someone at the Peak Stage of the Elemental Space Realm.

Leave the humans behind.

Then you can go.

Fleus, Orklia, and Zektak\'s expressions turned terrible after that.

Yet, Fleus quickly recovered before pulling his badge out again.

I have permission to use the spatial gates and the Temporal Path.

I\'m bringing them back for my own use.

Hmph! The Devil snorted in response.

Who do you think you\'re fooling here The angels\' dogs would never feast on living souls.

Since you won\'t use them, then I might as well do it myself.

Don\'t think for a moment that the Light Devil Clan is omnipotent just because of an idiotic agreement.>

Light Devil Clan Angels\' dogs Rean and Roan were obviously confused by that.

If Fleus\' group was really connected to the Angels, then why were the devils not attacking Also, what about the part where they didn\'t use living souls

Rean then remembered how the humans themselves seemed to become relieved when they heard the trackers in the bodies of Fleus\' group were eliminated.

\'So it wasn\'t just a coincidence, huh\'

Rean then wondered if he should intervene.

Yet, Roan put a hand on his shoulder and held him back.

At the same time, he spoke to Fleus.

Well, you resolve this problem with the devils.

We\'re going ahead.

By the way, we don\'t have any living souls in our possession.

The devil looked at Rean and Roan and couldn\'t help but laugh in response.

Hahaha! So these guys aren\'t even part of the Light Devil Clan.

Very well, just get out of my face. It was obvious that the devil was a lot more interested in Fleus\' group than anyone else.

As for Roan, he kept the main reason for their journey as the top priority.

They had to get to the Underworld, so Fleus\' problems didn\'t concern him.

Rean narrowed his eyes for a moment, but Roan\'s serious expression made it obvious that he wouldn\'t let Rean get involved with it.

\'The effect of Destiny Attraction.

You should know better than anyone else that this should be the reason why it\'s happening in front of us.

Don\'t get involved and enter the **ing spatial gate.\'

Rean sighed for a moment and nodded after that.

\'Fine, let\'s go.\'

Fleus bitterly smiled in response.

\'Well, **...\' He did travel with the twins for a very simple reason.

He was indeed part of this so-called Light Devil Clan.

When he felt the twins\' Dark Element Affinity, he knew they were not from Fraghal City.

The best thing was that the twins really wanted to go to the Underworld, just like him.

With his Light Devil Clan\'s badge, he expected to make it look like the twins were part of his group.

That should have made it harder for other devils who knew about the Light Devil Clan to cause trouble.

After all, it would be easier to cause trouble for other powers if one messed up with several of their members than just a few, and that was the simple strategy.

Yet, when the twins said that they had nothing to do with the Light Devil Clan, the devil who stopped them understood that things were even better than he initially expected.

From the looks of it, a lot of the devils simply didn\'t like the Light Devil Clan at all.

He was purposely trying to cause trouble for them since he did have the backing of an Elder Devil Clan.

Fleus, Orklia, and Zektak watched as the twins turned around, ready to enter the spatial gate.

It was then that Fleus decided to ask for help through Divine Sense.

\'We must take these humanoids to the Light Devil Clan.

If you help me, I can guarantee huge rewards when you arrive there.

They\'re just too important to us.\'

If Fleus could, he would have made a move to enter the spatial gate already.

However, the devil in front of him had much higher cultivation.

That devil made sure Fleus couldn\'t use his Spatial Powers.

Rean and Roan then disappeared inside the spatial gate...

or most of their body did.

At the very last moment, Rean\'s hand made a grabbing motion.

With that, space bent around Fleus, Orklia, Zektak, and the three humans following them, pulling all of them into the spatial gate in an instant!

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